10 latest Android app creation follow latest tech trend (part 2)

By | September 17, 2021

With the outstanding development of science and technology today, you absolutely can have Android app creation on the Android OS. This seems to be only possible for people who have deep knowledge of programming.

However, with the App creation application you can completely own your own application according to your own ideas. Refer to the following top 10 Android App creation apps below to be able to suggest choices for you. So this is Part-2 of the series “10 latest Android app creation follow latest tech trend”. For more news and information, you can check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 latest Android app creation follow latest tech trend

6. Appypie

Price: Free download

This is an application that allows users who do not have basic knowledge of code to create an App in the cloud on the Android platform and some other popular operating systems such as Windows, iOS. You can completely post the application you have made to the Play Store or AppStore.

The whole process of building an App using only drag and drop. You do not need to download or install any other application.

App made by you on Appypie can completely run on many diverse platforms, especially Blackberry. Users can perform the following basic features on this application including sending push notifications, analyzing in real time, monetizing ads and GPS applications to track location.

Your application is also linked to many websites, blogs, audio, radio, … or many other media. Appypie can design an appointment with basic features like One Touch Call and QR codes to embed custom codes and iFrames. This feature is particularly popular among businesses.

Fuch facts: Appy pie is an open source web application originally made by exclusively for Window Phone and other OS. But now, this is exclusively – Appy pie, make for Android users. This tool allows programmers to create an App on the Android operating system.

Download: here

7. Gamesalad

Price: Free download

This platform allows you to design and build apps by yourself on Android, iOS, … All operations are quite simple and do not require too much basic programming knowledge. You just need to drag and drop to be able to perform your own application on Play Store.

The main goal of Gamesalad is to provide a utility application for programmers and to assist those who do not have a deep knowledge of programming to create their own game apps. This application is shared right on your Google account, you just need to visit the website of MIT to enter your account information and execute your idea.

Variety of operational features include character editing, feature design, sound. Not only that, but you can also exchange and learn more experiences creating Android Apps from professional programmers.

Note: This is one of the most famous  game creation app on the market right now. You can download directly from the website, or download via APK. Thank and be sure to check that more.

Download: here

8. Appmakr

Price: Free download

Appmark is an application that allows you to create an App on the Android platform with absolutely no limit on the number of construction products. The applications created have many features such as photo gallery with high quality resolution, push notifications, live updates, online music and video, chat rooms, …

Appmakr interface is quite simple, just drag and drop along with the text to create a mobile application within minutes on AppStore and CHPlay. During operation, you can easily customize, change interface colors, … whenever needed. All steps are performed on the Appmakr dashboard.

You can completely monitor the application through the Dashboard or adjust the interface and operation functions of the App. Content can also be added quite simply using tabs.

Download: here

9.Tera App

Price: Free download

This is a dedicated platform in App creation that makes it possible to make your own App on the Android platform. The operation is quite simple, just drag and drop without requiring any other code.

For you don’t know, Terra app process only needs 3 main steps and many themes are classified separately. You just need to choose a category and a theme that meets your requirements.

Also, by using  Terra App, you can also experience the next generation of analytics for easy app performance monitoring. So, when you see the interface is quite simple with only 2 main steps, drag and drop to bring convenience to the user. Not only that, Como also brings features such as user reviews, RSS feeds, social feeds, custom interfaces, …

All steps are only within 10 minutes simply you have your own perfect App on CH Play or AppStore. Your application is fully integrated with special features such as online sales, product excellence and interaction with customers.

The outstanding advantages of  Terra App deserve to be in the top 10 of the latest quality Android App creation apps on the market. Also, if you want more top app creation, you can checkout part-2 of this series

Download: here

10. React Native

Price: Free download

React Native is among the top 10 latest Android App creation apps developed by Facebook. You can easily create a cross-platform application even on Android and iOS.

Thanks to that, programmers can edit and run the App quickly without spending too much time rebuilding from scratch when wanting to change the original platform. You only need to use JS to develop complete mobile applications. This tool allows users to combine the same native code as Swift, Java, …

Also, React Native can gives users a plugin system for you to easily perform many simple functions. Users can also create app-specific plugins. And with that result, you can easily share more projects with partners, customers and other developers in real time.

So that it. This is the final part of the top 10 latest Android App creation apps that are highly appreciated by many developers for their quality and attractive features that APK-LIVE, a website specializing in downloading apps. karma to you

These are definitely suggestions that you should not ignore when looking for an application to create your own App on the Android operating system platform.