11 of the best healthcare apps for Android devices

By | January 13, 2021

Here are 11 of the best healthcare apps available on Android, hopefully with them, it can help you get better.

Today, more of you are getting sick because of the harmful environment, the unhygienic food source, with the risk of disease. Because of that, today’s healthcare apps are increasingly being developed on mobile platforms, so that you can have a better life. Here are the best healthcare apps on Android platform. You can also check news at APK-LIVE

Diabetes Logbook

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Diabetics all want to know or monitor their blood sugar. That’s why Diabetes Logbook is created to help you record and track your health and sugar levels. With this healthcare app you can best track your sugar through log tables, notes. This is one of the best healthcare apps on Android.

Diabetes Logbook is designed to log in quickly. Also, Diabetes Logbook is a free version which is quite useful for those who have diabetes or want to monitor blood sugar.

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Doctor on Demand

healthcare apps - doctor in demand

Doctor on Demand is a healthcare app that allows you to call medical doctors working and practicing in your area. With this app you can know how to fix common diseases such as flu, depression, anxiety, allergies …

This is a pretty good app among healthcare apps, if needed you can be prescribed medication if needed, you can get advice from a doctor quickly. Doctor on Demand will make you feel better with this application.

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healthcare apps - doximity

Doximity is a special healthcare app. This App includes the most professional network of member doctors. And to be clear, according to the developers, there are more than 40% of specialist doctors involved. The above number of doctors can assist users in the prior evaluation of the disease. In addition, users can get advice from doctors about common diseases.

Doximity is developed through both mobile and web platforms, to help patients reach out more. And so it did. With many physicians can use Doximity HIPAA’s free communication tools — secure, electronic fax, custom-curated health news readers and career management. Doximity is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. It is considered one of the best healthcare apps available today.

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Epocrates is the app for better patient health care by providing pertinent information when needed. This application is used in many countries around the world

Epocrates have categories of specialists and doctors, on-demand drug information (including banned drugs), drug identification, medical news … according to reviews Epocrates is one of the pretty good apps to take care of. current health care.

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healthcare apps - runkeeper
Runkeeper Healthcare app Runkeeper is one of those apps that anyone who loves running cannot ignore. In addition to its simple interface, easy-to-use features, and no ads, Runkeeper has the biggest plus point in the free training lessons. You can set goals for each run, faster or longer, and when you’re done running, you can review your progress. In addition, you can share your running results on social networks to get interaction and encouragement from your friends.
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Jio Health

healthcare apps - Jio

Jio Health is the new healthcare app in home healthcare. Besides hotel booking, passenger transportation, or booking via App, Jio Health application brings convenience, flexibility and efficiency, especially for the elderly and young children. You can take care of your health at home without worrying about overload or infectious germs when you go to hospital.

Through the Jio Health app, you can proactively select doctors, make home appointments, whereby doctors can also manage and share medical records, track and answer questions. for the patient during treatment.

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For people with a weight crisis this is probably the perfect application.

MyFitnessPal is a fast and simple to use calorie management app. With the largest food database available today – more than 2,000,000 dishes and growing every day, the app allows you to keep track of key nutrients: calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol … from there there is a choice for me.

In addition, you can share the results of your workouts on social networks to receive interaction and encouragement from your friends.

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Sleep Better

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Sleep is extremely important to everyone. A good night’s sleep will help you regain energy, regenerate brain cells to help your mind feel refreshed and more refined. Sleep Better helps you with that. This is the app that helps track your sleep, dreams, improve your nightly bed habits and wake up the next morning.

Sleep Better offers you a simple and effective way to improve your sleep quality whether you’re suffering from insomnia, or simply want to learn more about sleep performance. In addition, you will know the movement information in your sleep that day. Not only that, movement, sleep, weight, percentage of excess fat, blood pressure, nutrition, body temperature

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Clue – Period Tracker

Sometimes “goldfish brain” makes it extremely difficult for women to remember their menstrual cycle exactly. Fortunately, Clue – Period Tracker – is an extremely useful health application that tracks menstrual cycle and reproductive health in the fastest and most effective way. Cycle tracking for planning outings, picnics or contraception is now more effective than ever.

The advantages of Clue – Period Tracker, in addition to memorizing and showing the time and day of the light, reflect health status (related to endocrine, psychological …). This application is like a useful diary that women cannot ignore.

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Heart Rate Monitor

This is a useful application for people with cardiovascular disease or simply want to track your heart rate. Heart Rate Monitor after being installed will help turn your phone into a heart rate monitor with the same interface as a real-life device.

The app lets you know if your heart is healthy through taking advantage of the camera lens and Flash, takes about 15 seconds to calculate with up to 90% accuracy, supports testing heart rate and comparison with standard figures. You can also set a daily fitness goal to measure your health. Get faster or check your risk of impact, and when set up, you can review your health.

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