5 free mapping apps on smartphone you must get now (Part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

Nowadays with the advent of smart mobile phones capable of high-speed internet navigation and navigation. Direction has become easier than ever. To support more and more users, manufacturers have created a variety of mapping apps compatible with different operating systems. In today’s article on APK-LIVE, we will join you to learn some of the best mapping apps – current directions offline. For more information, you can checkout more news and download apps at APK-LIVE.

1. Google Maps

Link download: Android, iOS

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Google Maps is an online map viewer that currently has an extremely large number of users. It is both an online viewing location and available for mobile devices. This map can supports viewing information of places, finding specific directions to each street, street. It can also displaying pictures of all countries and territories in the world.

  • Google Maps tool is used for both PC and mobile platforms to view offline and online maps, support location positioning, directions, find directions, view satellite maps …  This map is extremely rich, with many countries and territories, and specific views to each street, street. Google Maps for mobile also has voice guidance for driving, cycling and walking.
  • Currently, Google Maps has integrated virtual reality technology, which can guide you through the images on the camera of your phone, personalized directions suggestions for you to explore places more easily.
  • Google Maps is Google’s online map viewing service that allows you to view the exact locations of places and find the shortest, fastest routes to where you want to go. It can integrates a rich data warehouse of more than 25 million locations and they are constantly being updated and refreshed. Google Maps also has a diverse map view, many different languages ​​including Vietnamese.

The best apps on the market

Google Maps is the most commonly used navigation and mapping apps today, viewable online so it can be viewed anytime, anywhere on mobile devices. Google Maps has a diverse and flexible map view, a rich data warehouse with more than 25 million locations and they are constantly being updated and refreshed. Using Google Maps is the fastest way to find where you want to go.

Google Maps is currently the most visited online mapping app every day. It’s all thanks to its useful functions in finding any location in the world. User can easy finding the way from one place to another. With Google Maps in hand, you can go wherever you want. You also can monitor traffic information in real time to avoid traffic jams, visit famous tourist destinations. Google Maps helps you a lot more than you can imagine, goodbye to traffic by finding the best route to take, detailed directions to each turn.

With a map in hand, you will visit famous streets to go to restaurants and make easy reservations, or to cafes, shopping places … Google Maps performs many functions More than a map, you can explore Mars, the moon on your computer, use the Satellite and Street View to explore the most famous cities and landmarks on the planet, feel the great works of art best of the world. In addition, Google Map also supports to access My Map and customize the map to your own way.


Google Maps integrates more than 25 million prominent places, famous landmarks, beautiful roads … for users to easily follow and move. This number will continue to increase as the actual number grows to meet user needs.

Google Maps is one of the most free and useful mapping apps released by the world-famous technology company Google. The Google Maps utility that supports hundreds of countries around the world to meet the needs of searching for roads, locating, identify places, restaurants, and attractions quickly and easily wherever you are. If you are in need of a navigation tool, find appropriate travel routes, find places, restaurants, eateries, entertainment areas … Google Maps can completely meet all of them.

This map navigation app is now very popular on the internet. Today, millions of people use Google Maps with the aim of finding the shortest and fastest way to a certain area. Google Map supports voice directions, suitable for drivers who drive cars and motorbikes when participating in traffic.

Main feature of Google Maps:

  • Support for free online map viewing.
  • Diverse map view.
  • Help directions, find travel routes, places.
  • Rich data warehouse with more than 25 million locations and they are constantly being updated and refreshed.
  • Multi-language.
  • Support for mobile versions …

2. Waze GPS

Link download: Android, iOS

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Waze is a navigation and mapping app with traffic situations updated directly by users through the app. It is like a VOV version of traffic but users will share directly, get liked, get points … Waze is popularly used in many fast-driving countries such as the US, Malaysia.

Google Waze should have very good data on roads and maps, even in Vietnam. Waze interface is also easy on the eyes, with high resolution graphics. The more people using Waze, the more the map will be finalized, we will edit the map directly, not rely on suppliers.

Waze is a free app available on both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. With Android, it also supports Android Auto
Live traffic notification is the most prominent feature of Waze. Waze users will participate in the same way as joining a social network but specializing in map updates.

You can login with your new account or use your Facebook account to login. You will be live, rewarded or blocked … like a social network. Therefore,  Waze is the best option for you.

Your contribution will make the map better, for those who join in traffic will avoid crowded roads, accidents … Waze interface is clearly designed, beautiful, with good voice control. , speak slowly, easy to hear. Waze is available for both iOS and Android, and supports Android AutoWaze using Google data so you can search Vietnam for a lot of information.

Thank you for reaching out for part-1 of this series. In part-2, we will see more mapping apps, especially with many features on iOS and android. Please looking forward to it.