6 best PDF reader apps for Android in 2020

By | January 5, 2021

Finding a PDF reader apps that suits your needs is always a pain. In general, there are two main use cases for PDF files.

First, the business PDF reader apps, where you can create forms in PDF format and have people fill it out. Second, is to read e-books. PDF is an easy to access file that works well for reading. Typically, PDF reader apps cater to only one of these two use cases, and on this list we’ve compiled the best Android PDF reader apps for both.

Another type of PDF reading is for entertainment purposes. A lot of people like to turn electronic formats into PDF formats. A collaborative PDF reader apps for reading includes: arranging programs, one reading mode, different modes and similar features. Some of the reading apps on this list include Google Play Book and Moon + Reader. This application is as always supported for other power of the type. This list has PDF reader apps for all two types.

In addition, there is another third type. Types of apps All-in-one supports reading PDF files and many different features. These apps are very convenient to use, and are for those who like to use many functions in one, without having to use multiple apps but want all the functionality. In this list you will see a wide variety of PDF reader apps and what is essential for you.

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Foxit PDF Reader

Price: Free

PDF reader apps - Foxit PDF Reader

We couldn’t start without mentioning the Foxit PDF reader. It is one of the most popular PDF readers, from PC to Mobile platforms. PDF reader offers an all-in-one must-read PDF reader, with simple accessibility and very easy to use. Foxit’s main feature helps PDF files be organized in order for easy access.

In addition, there are a number of support features like ConnectedPDF, which allows your PDF files to support many features such as certificates, passwords, and Microsoft’s RMS’s. These are additional features that make it easier for you to read. Unlike the PC version, this Mobile version integrates many unique features such as dim lights for night reading, save unread points for later reading. Foxit also offers an app specifically for business use, which costs $ 15.99. This version only costs $ 0.99.

You can download this at: Foxit PDF reader

Google PDF Reader

Price: Free

best PDF reader apps

Right next to Foxit PDF reader is the Google PDF Reader. This is a completely free app, build-in for all android phones. Google PDF Reader can integrate a plug-in with Google Drive, to support users to read files directly on Drive without opening another app. Of course, this is not the best PDF reader apps on the market, but it has all the basic essential features. You can completely print, edit, search and copy PDF files completely. 

Google PDF Reader can also function independently without using Google Drive. In addition to the above features, in fact, Google PDF Reader cannot take care of any other special features. But if your usage is simple, you can completely use it in your work.

Link download: Google PDF Reader

Google Play Book

Price: Free

Google play book

Besides Google PDF Reader, Google also offers another reader app, competing directly with the Amazon Kindle. With Google Play Book, you will find and buy good books, published on the Play Store. These titles can be viewed in PDF files easily, with hundreds of thousands of titles available on the platform.

This will definitely be one of the reader apps you can not ignore if you are a fan of the book. Don’t expect this app to help you in business, because this is purely a reading app. You can directly upload the reading files here (PDF, ePUB, ..) and read as normal. In particular, you can also watch on many different platforms through the Drive system. This is a great way to store your massive archive of book content. As mentioned above, this reader app works perfectly with Google Drive, through a plug-in called Google PDF Viewer.

Link download: Google Play Book

Microsoft Word

Price: Free / $ 6.99- $ 9.99 per month

When it comes to reading PDF files, you can’t ignore Microsoft apps, especially Microsoft Word. This is one of the most powerful apps for reading words on both mobile and PC platforms, where you can open all types of files from: docs, PDF, ePUB, … Not only readable, MW also has the ability to create PDF files and stores it in special forms, so you can easily open them on Android or on PC. Of course, Word also has many other supporting features such as content editing, processing, resume building and more.

One point that makes Word App worth using is the ability to read PDF files as ebooks on mobile platforms. With the above features, Word is one of the all-in-one apps you need to have. The free version will support the usual features, while the paid version will add many features for businesses. You can pay from $ 6.99- $ 9.99 per month.

Link download: Microsoft Word

Moon + Reader

Price: Free / $ 4.99 with in-app purchases

Moon+ reader

It will be a mistake, if in this list we forget to mention Moon + Reader. This is considered one of the most popular apps on Android for e-book lovers. In addition, this app has many basic file support features like Word or Google PDF. Moon + Reader also adds some key features such as: support for creating themes, multiple visual options, automatic scroll feature, automatic reading feature, intelligent. paragraphs, dual page mode (for landscape), and more.

Moon + Reader can support major formats like PDF, EPUB, …. Although it cannot support all formats, this is one of the best options for reading apps. The free version of Moon + Reader will support the basic features, but the paid version will cost $ 4.99 with more advanced features.

Link download: Moon+ reader


Price: Free / $ 29.99 with in-app purchases

OfficeSuite is one of the most popular office apps on mobile. It can do a variety of tasks, including: support documents files, spreadsheets, run, and even PDF files. OfficeSuite provides a complete set of tools for users to access key features. This is considered as one of the perfect apps for PDF viewers. If you use the free version, some business features will be removed. Premium version will cost up to $ 29.99 to maintain, a pretty expensive fee.

Link download: Officesuite