8 Android apps that SHOULD NOT be installed on your phone

By | January 6, 2021

Here are 10 Android apps that you should not install in your phone. When making this list, we have tried and tested it on many reviews, along with the reviews of the leading security experts in technology.

These apps are known to affect the security and privacy of users. You should consider carefully before installing them. For more news and updated APK, you can check out our website at APK-LIVE


Android apps - QuickPic

Previously, QuickPic was a user-friendly and easy-to-use photo gallery with clear and regularly updated information. Since then it attracts a large number of users to download and use.

However, after being acquired by Cheetah Mobile – a famous Chinese company in 2015, QuickPic became a harmful app for Android and Android apps. Because this company has already started downloading users’ data to their server. Google Plus users have found evidence when it discovered a bunch of new DNS requests assigned to the app.

The Play Store has completely removed this app at the end of 2018. And in 2018, it was brought back to the Play Store. And now when you enter the Google store you will see a series of applications called QuickPic that are difficult to distinguish which is the original version. It’s best not to install it for safety as there are so many other apps you can use instead for quick photo editing. For example, you can try the Simple Gallery app.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer - Android apps

This is a file manager application that used to be very good and popular, trusted by many users. Of course, that was the story five years ago, and after that the free version of the app was increasingly filled with bloatware and ads. When using it, the notification windows appear and force users to download additional applications that cannot be turned off.

Even worse, CHPlay has removed ES File Explorer in April 2019 for advertising fraud. This application has sneakily clicked on the ads on the device without the user’s knowledge for profit.

Currently, on CHPlay you will see many applications impersonating ES File Explorer exist. Some users still ignore everything and download apps as APK files.

UC Browser

Android apps - UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers in the world. This is the popular Android web browser in China and India. But a lot of scandals occur with this browser because of the issue of tracking users.

Searches requested during access are not encrypted but sent to Yahoo India and Google. The user’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Android ID and Wi-Fi MAC address are also sent to Umeng (an Alibaba analytics tool) without any encryption. Similarly, the location data is sent to the AMAP (Alibaba’s mapping tool).

CH Play warned UC Browser and threatened to remove the app from the Store. Currently, the number of UC Browser users has dropped to a very low level.


Hago - Android app

Hago is one of the sad stories of Android apps gaming. Most gaming enthusiasts know Hago, an application to play games and chat with friends. This app allows users to play and earn real money by joining groups.

By allowing players to make real money, Play Store has warned the app for violating Play Store policy. The user is warned that the application may be viewed as a form of “gambling”. The incident above has raised alarm bells about gambling problems that should not have been. So, you must consider carefully before downloading and playing this game.

Another point, some users have discovered that Hago can track player access. Includes information and personal data theft. This information can then be sold or exchanged for other entities.


Fildo - ANdroid app

Fildo is an online music app, similar to Spotify. It launched on iOS and Android platforms for the first time since 2018, mainly in China and North America. However, this is an illegal music downloader application disguised as a music player.

Fildo has had a close relationship with Netease, a Chinese online entertainment company, for a long time. It uses the backdoor API trick to allow downloading songs from Netease’s server. There are concerns with this application when linked to an unreliable platform because of data collection and privacy issues.

In addition, Fildo was sued for music piracy, the majority of Fildo’s music stores were not copyrighted, and downloaded illegally.

Clean Master

Clean master android apps

Clean Master is the app to help optimize for phones and restore previous files you uninstall.  CH Play has removed Clean Master in 2019, but now the APK file still exists and it is still widely used.  Created by Cheetah Mobile – a company known for its advertising and bloatware. Clean Master is a terrible app with a lot of bugs to run. To put that simple, this app is broken and cannot run at all.

Also, Clean Master also leads to background running in the OS, causing your phone to heat up quickly. Its consequence is that the phone very quickly runs out of battery.

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge is an app advertised as battery saver and fast charging with huge downloads. Nonsense! Such an external application of course doesn’t interfere with the device’s charging speed.

In fact, those are just ridiculous advertisements to entice users to be gentle or believing. And this app is like an ad market with lots of ads that will appear on your lock screen and notification bar when you install.

The Play Store removed this app in April 2019, but ironically, many users still believe and try to download via APK


CLEANit is a popular mobile junk cleaner and is downloaded by many users to their Android devices. But in fact, what this application offers is not as good as what it is advertised.

It doesn’t do anything for the phone other than to create fake trust. Freeing up running apps doesn’t save battery much more. Conversely, clearing RAM leads to more battery usage on the device. Also, CLEANit make others Android apps less active.

Like Clean Master, CLEANit also leads to background running in the OS, causing your phone to heat up quickly. Its consequence is that the phone very quickly runs out of battery.