List of 10 best horror games for Android in Q1 2021

By | September 17, 2021

Not mentioning the two words “horror” is only the pictures of the movies, you can be intimidated, frizzy just because of the famous horror games with many different themes. . If you have the courage, join us to find out and explore the 10 best horror games for Android in Q1 2021! For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

List of 10 best horror games for Android in Q1 2021

1. Murder Room

horror games for Android

This is a game built on the iOS operating system, in the form of a game that is a puzzle to find hidden objects. It sounds simple, interesting, but in fact is a very scary game, when the player in the game will be trapped inside a large house with a murderer executing 1 person by chainsaw. Whichever choice you make has a large effect on the outcome of the game.

In the game, you will have to quickly find the necessary items to be able to tame this killer, if not, you will be able to imagine that your tragic end in the game is like that. Come on!

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2. Dark Meadow: The Pact

horror games for Android

The beginning of the game is the awakening of the player in the hospital for unknown reasons to lie there. Next, a man comes to warn you of the bloodthirsty monsters lurking. There in the hallway and searching for prey.

This is not only a gore and horror game, but you will experience truly horrifying images in the hospital. You will have to fight and kill monsters for you to have the chance to survived. The game gives players the scare to “stun the heart” and the player obsession up to every moment that can not escape.

3. Eyes: The Horror Game

This is a shooting game but more about adventure, horror, horror than adventure. Because this game describes the process of a thief breaking into an abandoned mansion and finding packages hidden throughout the room and being chased by ghosts around it, leaving the player holding his breath, nervous.

There is only one way to get you out of that place, which is to collect all your pockets and safely go out the front door.

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4. Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land

In terms of form, this is definitely not a real horror game you’re looking for. But in terms of content, this is a real horror game when talking about horrifying experiments right on the human body. Although, at first glance, this game is just like normal RPG adventure games only.

However, this game still gives you horror because of the elements. You will experience sound, color, the extravagance, diversity of the monster genres exuding a look of death, scary.

5. Mystique Series

With the Mystique Series game series, horror fans will surely enjoy creating an abandoned hospital scene, players will have to find difficult puzzles, answer the questions. Ask them in different areas with horror-filled images that haunt the player.

Only can complete all the missions in this game, you will get the chance to exit this game. If not, be prepared for the ghostly things that always appear unexpectedly at any time, always feel the stalking watch, this will be very “horror” if you are not a person. really brave or play at night.

6. Dead Space Android

Set in the world around the 27th century, the game revolves around the journey of an engineer with 4 friends on the way out to space to rescue a spaceship in distress and encounter Monsters are occupying where spaceships are located.

With elements of sound, vivid and clear images, players will be startled by the truthfulness from the smallest sounds to the loud screams of the crowd appearing in the game when being attacked by monsters. devour.

7. The Abandoned School

The game gives players a feeling of extreme fear even though the game’s graphic design does not really stand out and attracts the scene of an abandoned school and a lot of students have been lost.

Players will have to find the mysterious and suspicious here by themselves, find and solve puzzles to uncover the past, and at the same time, you will also have unexpected encounters with the things that you. This surely is one of the best horror games for Android in Q1 2021.

8. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Origins is a horror and puzzle adventure game that focuses on storytelling and investigation. You will play as a pair of investigators. Who need to solve the mysterious death of a girl named Mary and what’s going on with her ghost. The deeper you go, the more surprised and amazed you will be. With all the revelations and clues that will bring you to the truth.

Don’t waste any time! Download the game now and find out all the secrets and puzzles of this case. It will be the hardest and most relevant of your career.

The game belongs to Android and is a game about finding objects with seamless story details. It’s engaging but equally thrilling, heart-pounding along the way. Although the graphics are not very nice, the content and the way of playing like that really bring fear and horror to the players.

Link download: Android

9. Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a hidden loot game created by Alawar Entertainment. This tutorial includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and strategic guidance for completing Twisted Lands: Shadow Town.

In this game, you will play the role of a man or a woman and accidentally stray to the island known as the most terrible and scary in the world. Except for the beach, all other places are haunted, please be very calm and alert to solve the puzzles to be able to escape this game.

10. Into the Dead

Like Temple Run, game Into the Dead is a game about players trying to run away from bloodthirsty zombies. The game brings a dark feeling, and the sound makes you never know when you will be stabbed into those zombies, so it is really scary.

horror games for Android


Design highly focused gameplay with impressive visuals, Metal support, and high-quality sound depicting a terrifying battle against zombies
Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and special abilities to help you survive
Collect loyal dogs as companions to keep you from getting disturbed by the zombies
Missions offer challenges that need to be overcome
Constantly updated to provide new modes, features and content

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So this is “List of 10 best horror games for Android in Q1 2021”. Thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy our news.