The best eye relaxation apps for long working with phone and PC – Part 2

By | September 17, 2021

Your job requires you to work regularly or continuously with computers. If this happens for a long time then your eyes will inevitably be overwhelmed leading to symptoms such as blurred vision, dry eyes, less flexible eyes, headache, insomnia and other related problems to the eyes. However, there are many ways to help you reduce eye strain such as exercise, vitamin supplement, … You all know and do, however, with the modernity of software technology, the relaxation apps on your phone or PC to directly take care of your eyes.

Did you know this yet? In this article, we will bring you the best eye relaxation apps to help you have healthy eyes when working with computers, very useful, right. Here is part-2 of list of Top 11 best best eye relaxation apps. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

The best eye relaxation apps for long working with PC


Price: Free download

Shades is a free utility to control your screen brightness . When installed, Shades is in the Preference section of the system. It runs in the background and when activated, a slider will appear on the desktop. The application then applies a color tint to your screen. If you want to change the color go to the color palette to select it.

It also integrates the map with the time zone and climatic conditions for easy tracking. The screen light changes are taking place slowly, this helps users get used to the changes in brightness. Shades is very easy to install and use, you can find this sofware on Chrome add-on, or many APK download site, like APK-LIVE.


Price: Free download

Calise uses your Webcam to detect the user’s ambient light and then adjusts the brightness of the display . Basically, the app collects information from your surroundings based on the time and possibly the weather to display the most suitable brightness on the screen at that time. Calise works on all Linux versions and surroundings.

This software currently download free for PC, but you need to upgrade to latest version (contained ads). For more information, you can check out the latest post on APK-LIVE.

Eye Reminder – Reminds to take breaks for eyes

Price: Free download

Eye Reminder – Reminds to take breaks for eyes is an online app that reminds you to take a break from time to time. The application comes with two recommendations (Recommendation): 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of work by focusing on an object about 20 feet away (by about 6 m) or 20-20-20 method. or take a 5-minute break every 60 minutes. If these suggestions don’t work, you can set up your own customizations.

Link download: here


Price: Free download

If you have a habit of using your smartphone in the middle of the night or reading social media updates before going to bed, you can use Twilight on your Android device. This tool works similarly to the F.lux app and changes the screen color temperature based on the time of day . The intensity and color can be adjusted according to your preference.

Twilight can maintain the function of your eyes, by every 15 minutes, a small dialog box appears in the middle of the screen asking you to perform a random activity to relax your eyes (looking out the window, blinking repeatedly, closing your eyes , rolling your eyes, looking up, looking down, …). This won’t take too long, cause it only took around 

Link download: here

Eyes Relax

Price: Free download

Eyes Relax is free software, automatically notify users to know about and rest for a few minutes after a long time working with the computer. With the help of this software, users will not forget a short but useful break to ensure the health of their eyes as well as their own. As a result, users will avoid the risks of corneal dryness, nearsightedness, stress, headache and fatigue.

Eyes Relax application allows users to choose the sleep modeafter long or short session, duration of breaks, break types, notification sound and many other settings. Therefore, you will choose for yourself the most effective working and resting time. The program also has the ability to remind the user to look at distant targets in order to recover their eyes.

In addition, Eyes Relax also has a mode to set the control mode for parents . After turning on the mode, the software will automatically lock the screen after a certain period of time that children use the computer. As a result, students will pay more attention to real life without being too attracted to the contents on the computer as well as protect their eyesight.

Link download: here

iCare Eye Test

Price: Free download

Nowadays, with mobile phones and computers popular, high pressure study and lack of eye care methods, the phenomenon of eye damage, vision impairment, nearsightedness is raging without many people. know. Download the iCare Eye Test app – to do your own eye exams, check your eyesight, measure your near-sightedness and know how to take care of your eyes to make sure your eyes are completely normal, or detect illness early for changes in mobile phone, computer behavioral habits and reading distance.

This is indeed a great application that everyone needs to install on their phone and use regularly to ensure eye health.

iCare Eye Test is an application with many functions including the function of examining your eyes. In addition to eye test, iCare Eye Test also has a training program for better eye training. In addition to the eye training functions, the iCare Eye Test also has the ability to remember and manage data, analyze data from eye measurements to give the final assessment of your vision.

Link download: here

So that it. This is the part-2 of series “The best eye relaxation apps for long working with phone & PC”. These apps on PC and Phone is highly appreciated by many users for their quality and attractive features that APK-LIVE, a website specializing in downloading apps.

For more information, please be sure to check out part-2. As we will cover some of the best apps and softwares that you cannot be missed.