The best men apps on your smartphone (part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

Modern life requires men to always try to develop themselves and there are many applications on the phone that can support that. Instead of surfing Facebook or playing games all day, you can install best men apps introduced by APK-LIVE below to develop yourself better. Here are the part-1 of this series of “best men apps on your smartphone”

The best men apps on your smartphone

1. 7-Minute Workout Challenge

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Everyone knows that if you want to work effectively and stay healthy, daily exercise is essential. However, the busy life with hundreds of thousands of worries makes it difficult for us to maintain this activity regularly. Understanding that, Fitness Guide has released the 7 Minute Workout Challenge application. True to its name, this is an app that offers compelling training challenges within 7 minutes to increase inspiration to exercise and enhance the health of those who use it.

The 7 Minute Workout Challenge is a great exercise app for everyone. With 7 minutes of exercise challenge per day and 7 Minute Workout Challenge, users can quickly have a healthy and balanced body. According to the developers, the exercises in the app, although short-lived, equate to 1 hour of practice outside. It will urge users to complete a series of vigorous exercises, moving continuously, with no minutes of rest but developing the whole body in just 7 minutes.

Before participating in the challenge, the application will guide users to familiarize themselves with the movements, track the results, with mental encouragement. The unlock feature to conquer new achievements is one of the important factors that motivates users to practice more enthusiastically. Many goals are set, such as learning all the exercises in 4 days or exercising 2 times a day … The more achievements you unlock, the more rewarding players will learn.

In addition, the application interface is also quite beautifully designed, simple but no less intuitive. Therefore, anyone can grasp all its features and usage easily. The app also has a handy reminder feature so that users don’t miss out on planned exercises. If the 7 minutes is not suitable for the current fitness, users can increase or decrease the time to exercise. This is one of the best men apps you should download now.

Link download: iOS, Android

2. Duolingo

best men apps

There are many applications to help users learn foreign languages, but quality and especially free applications are almost very rare to meet these criteria. However, Duolingo is one of those few apps. Offering a completely free, ad-free, and free-to-use language course, Duolingo is almost perfect. Not only English, Duolingo also gives users many popular languages ​​around the world to learn such as French, German or Spanish and more. With Duolingo, your language learning will be more flexible, anytime, anywhere.

Duolingo also allows you to actively choose the level of your English skills training, the application will ask if you have learned English yet, or just a novice. If you choose to learn English, the application will give you a simple test to preliminarily assess your level and then give more suitable exercises. Support fully training 4 main skills of language learning, in which listening skill Duolingo is divided into 2 modes including normal listening and slow speed listening to help learners get acquainted gradually and increase their abilities. reflex.

The content of learning in the application is also divided into each lesson. You must complete each lesson before you can move on to the next lesson. Duolingo also helps users track their progress and check themselves if they qualify for the day.

With the motto of learning and playing, Duolingo creates a comfortable learning environment and does not force learners into any framework. The words will repeat many times in many different contexts, this increases the learners’ ability to memorize. In addition, you also have the opportunity to translate actual words into the language you study.

Link download: iOS, Android

3. Evernote

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You are looking for a free software that can help you manage your notes, time and tasks efficiently, and at the same time, it can synchronize between your computer and mobile device. You are wondering and do not know which software to choose? Evernote is probably the software you need. Evernote application will make it easy to create notes on Windows or mobile devices with Evernote installed. Generated notes are stored on Evernote’s Server so you can view information or update notes on any device.

Key features of Evernote:

  • Create and edit notes
  • Sync archive folders
  • Browse and organize notes
  • Search smart notes
  • Highlight the notes content
  • Share notes easily
  • Presenting a variety of notes content
  • Evernote is compatible with many operating systems for Windows computers, MAC and Android phones, iOS, Windows Phone. Alternatively, you can also create notes through Evernote’s Web app.

Link download: iOS, Android

4. My Day

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My Day – the free app to count down the time to events. Now, this application also has a countdown widget for users to follow. This is a countdown timer for birthdays, retirement days, travel trips, graduation dates, wedding dates or other exciting events to come. Set a date for a calendar event, and a countdown timer produces an exact number of days remaining. With My Day, the countdown is now simpler than ever.

My Day is a free app to keep track of events, important dates, birthdays, meetings and other regular events. There are hundreds of time management or task management applications in the mobile world, but My Day still excels thanks to its simple structure and beautiful graphical interface. Users can set up recurring actions and events in the app or add a one-time event to receive notification. Besides, if you check the events before they happen, you will know how much time remains until it happens and after the event, overtime also counts. So, this is not only a timer, it also helps to count down.

With widget support, users do not need to open the application every time they want to add that or check events. You will see them directly on the home screen via widgets included in the application. All events and dates can be set differently with a unique background to differentiate them more easily.

Link download: iOS, Android

5. Calm

Meditation is a way to calm your body, sit still and focus on your breathing. Through many experiments, scientists have proven that meditation has many health benefits, including the ability to reduce stress and exercise memory. If you are planning to meditate but find it difficult to get started, then Calm is a specially recommended app for you.

Start your week by installing Calm on your computer and you’ll see how amazing it can be. Whenever you feel nervous or anxious, turn on Calm, choose a time you want to relax and start listening to soothing sounds to bring your mind to a calm state. It could be the sound of birds singing. With the sound of waves lapping, the sound of running water or any natural sound you want. It become one of the best men apps in both iOS and Android.

Link download: iOS, Android