Top 10 best action game apps on mobile (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Action games are a good game genre and are played a lot not only on PC or console but also on mobile phones. This game genre often has a very attractive gameplay and brings a lot of experience for the player. In this article, together with the APK-LIVE score through the Top 10 best action games on the phone. These are all good and top-loved games that if you are a fan of action games. It will be hard to ignore. Let’s find out now on Top 10 best action game on mobile.

Top 10 best action game apps on mobile


UNKILLED is a zombie shooting game with 3D graphics beautifully optimized for Android devices. Inheriting the advantages of Dead Trigger seniors, the UNKILLED game has a quite unique shooting style with many attractive situations for players. Still with the familiar gameplay of the FPS series, players will have a perfect interactive perspective when fighting the evil and extremely dangerous zombies.

Your mission in the game is to fight in a land full of zombies, you and your teammates will work together to completely destroy the existence of bloodthirsty zombies on all the streets of New City. York aims to protect innocent people while keeping humanity safe.

Highlights of the game UNKILLED:

Amazing 3D graphics.
Link game screen system.
Diverse zombies.
Military guns are super “terrible”.
The character is designed bravely.
Wide viewing angle for a great experience.
Inheriting the advantages of the games of the same company.
The ability to fight non-stop.
Online score rankings.
The game company refines and updates the new version continuously.

UNKILLED of the game company MADFINGER Games develops and publishes, the game version UNKILLED HD mod money for Android is shared at the blog for free.

Link download: Android

2. Critical Ops

best action game

Critical Ops is one of the best FPS action games on Android phones, this is the first game featuring competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and game modes. This challenging, best game is developed by Critical Force Entertainment, which allows you to download for free from the CHPlay store.

Play the FPS Critical Ops multiplayer shooter game, you will be immersed in a shooter participating in gun battles with terrorist forces, want to be a hero, you can quickly handle the gun, as well as sports. In the game you can keep your life alive at the end of the battle and win.

In Critical Ops, before entering the match, gamers can manually choose for themselves the weapons that best match your team’s preferences or tactics, you can bring weapons from pistols, rifles, automatic rifles, or high-damage aiming rifles …

The most prominent feature of the latest Critical Ops version on android is Team Deathmatch, which allows gamers to join either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists in a familiar 10v10 or 5vs5 form of extremely vivid competition. Here, intense and dramatic gun battles between real-life players will mesmerize anyone, reliving the everlasting image of Counter-Strike directly on Mobile.

Link download: Android

3. Dead Trigger 2

Inherited and improved the quintessence available from Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 has a rushing gameplay, with soulless Zombie rafts coming from all sides, aggressively attacking the loner – players with everything, even when they have lost their arms and legs. Also because of owning such a cruel, wild and bloody “battlefield”, the experience of killing Zombie in the game is eye-catching, hands-on and wilder than ever, reaching the “standard” that a lot games of this genre were not achieved, describing very clearly what the world would be like if a real Zombie disaster occurred.

As for the player, he will have to possess, a flexible pair of legs to escape the “affectionate hugs” of the “friendly resident” of the dead land, a quick brain capable of analyzing. the situation of finding an escape from microscopic gaps in the whole “sea” of Zombie, the courage to sweep through layers of “meat” after another, and even a spirit of generosity to help. friends, even when I do not know myself can withstand it or not.

best action game

New way to do action games

Dead Trigger 2 has illuminated a new path, a new idea for mobile game developers, while it still maintains the above advantages, but owns a gameplay with “depth”? lose nothing from the shooters on Console or PC. And above all, the game achieved a “hegemony” success, without many names enough to “compare”. The first is about “shooting range”, if you’ve tried some games like Zombie Diary, or Gun Girls, … then you will notice a ridiculous thing is a pistol, which can shoot at a distance. Very far, but the damage hasn’t decreased at all. In Dead Trigger 2, if you are too far from the target, even if the player is a marksman, can headshot to hit all 10 bullets in a row, it is still not sure whether to kill the most “leper” zombie. .

Even the weapon system of the game is very “deep”. You will not be able to find two guns that bring each other’s feelings. All the stats, the firing style, and the amount of ammunition of each gun are different. For example, the Desert Eagle can only shoot 7 rounds at a time and has 3 maximum bullets. But the fear of this legendary pistol is its ability to take down a target even at a distance with just one bullet.

Zombies shooting at it finess

For a Shotgun like the SPAS, it was almost impossible to shoot from far away. But the SPAS shines with strong firing force at close range. Or, the Minigun that allows the player to “carefree” with the issue of ammunition. But it gives the character a decent movement speed… Similarly, Dead Trigger 2 possesses a variety of ancillary items such as painkillers, grenades, replacement cartridges, time bombs… This is for players to have more choices in how to use guns, which items are best suited to the goals that the mission sets.

In addition, depending on the type of zombies, the player will think of many different ways to destroy them. Occasionally, bosses will randomly appear. Their characteristics are quite similar to the bosses of Left 4 Dead (a zombie shooting game on PC). You will have to find out which weapon does the most damage to which part. And what is the weak point on the monster’s body.

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