Top 10 best action game apps on mobile (3)

By | September 17, 2021

Action games are a good game genre and are played a lot not only on PC or console but also on mobile phones. This game genre often has a very attractive gameplay and brings a lot of experience for the player. In this article, together with the APK-LIVE score through the Top 10 best action games on the phone. These are all good and top-loved games that if you are a fan of action game apps. It will be hard to ignore. Let’s find out now on part-3 of  “Top 10 best action game on mobile”.

Top 10 best action game apps on mobile

7. Riptide GP: Renegade

best action game apps

Riptide GP: Renegade is a typical “easy to play but hard to master” style game. The way to control the game is extremely easy, making even those who are not fluent, just through a few races, gamers can control the “armored monster” soaring on the water. However, to have rankings, “number of cheeks” in the game reputation, few people can do it. Moreover, it is very difficult for players to win in the first rounds at the beginning of the race.

Regarding the upgrade system, gamers will have countless options to unlock new vehicles, new skills for characters. Riptide GP: Renegade gives you dozens of car models and characters to customize if you meet certain conditions or perform successful performances on each race. Riptide GP: Renegade allows players to compete against opponents around the world in 8-player online matches, challenging your friends on the paths of death.

You can even play together on the same device in the form of split screen for up to 4 players. Besides, one point is highly appreciated by players is that this game is only paid once and there are no ads or in-game purchases.

Link download: Android

8. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an action role-playing block that many gamers have been waiting for. With the crazy tight guillotine gameplay and epic graphics on mobile, you will be fighting in a very attractive and attractive game story.

Game Darkness Rises (Darkness rise) of the big man Nexon has for gamers to download for free. Or you can click the Download button above and select Download Darkness Rises APK to your device and play now! The downloaded file is about 100 MB and then you need to download another data file about 200 MB.

Considered as an innovative ARPG game, Darkness Rises offers beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay and challenging boss battles, all in the palm of your hand. From Berserker to Wizard, choose your hero from several character classes to suit your playing style. Destroy hordes of demons with a range of powerful skills or unleash them in a battle against other players around the world. Conquer darkness before it dominates you in Darkness Rises.

Link download: Android

9. PUBG Mobile

One of the games that is so famous today with an extremely large number of players and outstanding coverage.

Although it is not the first game with skydiving shooting game on the market, PUBG Mobile has rapidly developed and became one of the top games on mobile. PUBG Mobile – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE is developed based on Unreal Engine 4 technology so players can completely experience beautiful 3D images, with spectacular explosion effects not inferior to men on PC . The game will change a bit in terms of gameplay as well as game modes when focusing on marine aspects and water-based vehicles such as warships, battleships.

Many options and great gameplay

Accordingly, right from the character creation stage, players can feel the content identical to PUBG in this mobile game. The gameplay in PUBG Mobile is almost simulated and does not have much difference from the PC version PUBG, is it just the control method. In the match, gamers will also be dropped from the plane onto the map, which is almost the same design as in PUBG. The battle is fought in a survival style, and players will have to try to survive, as well as defeat all opponents that you encounter.

The highlight of PUBG Mobile comes from the sharp graphics, and can be considered as one of the games with the most beautiful images today on mobile. Gamers can easily feel this through highlights such as grass, house or fire effects. Of course, in addition to the usual third-person shooting style, PUBG Mobile also introduces a driving mechanism, which is also a familiar feature in PUBG. In general, with gamers who have “smoothed out” with PUBG, the experience of Tencent’s new mobile game is quite easy.

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10. Free Fire

Free Fire – Battle Royale (FREE FIRE) is the first survival shooter game that appeared on the market since 2018. And since then, has attracted more than 100 million players. Thereby, the game offers extremely thrilling survival experiences and is full of breathtaking surprises. Specifically, after you parachute from a transport plane to the designated island, right now the war of life and death begins. Here exists only one rule: “hunt or become prey”. Therefore, players must quickly find the necessary weapons and items scattered all over the island to survive and defeat other players.

best action game apps

The salient features of the Free Fire game:

With the open map system, players will be free to move. Explore the vast island with detailed and sharp graphics by shading technology and groundbreaking light technology. This will bring a true experience to the world. every detail.

The diverse weapon system, equipment and means of movement help players unleash their exploration and choose the right strategy to survive. The safe area on the island constantly shrinks forcing players to use all of their skills. Thinking and acumen to hide, find supplies, and surprise enemies with the goal of becoming last survivor.

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So this is our final part of “Top 10 best action game apps on mobile”. Thank you for reading this articles. And if you want to download games form this list, please follow us on our page at APK-LIVE. We have every apk files download ready just for you.