Top 10 best online English learning apps in 2021 – Part 2

By | September 17, 2021

What if you do not know English, or your English is very poor, what to do? If you do not have convenient conditions to meet your teacher, the internet is a useful place to learn and a place to find the best online english learning apps. Like many other skills, learning a language requires some memorization techniques, lots of practice, and learning from your mistakes.

It’s also helpful if a friend or family member learns and practices with you. On the other hand, with the apps and tools available online, you don’t need a study companion anymore. Learning English online is the choice of many busy people today. Here are the nominee of “Best online English learning apps in 2021” – Part 2

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Why do you want to learn English?

Before starting or returning to learning English, ask yourself a question. Why do I want to learn English? Is it because you want it, or is it because someone else wants you? Like every decision in life, learning English must be what you want to do before it can be easier for you. Make up your own questions and find answer before starting to learning through online English learning apps.

Top 10 best online English learning apps in 2021

6. Rosetta Stone

Cost: from 7.49 USD / month
Source: iOS / Android
Key features: learn English through the available lesson route
Suitable for: intermediate or above students or you want to try your hand at learning entirely in English

online english learning apps

Rosetta Stone is an English learning app that is quite popular in the community of online English learners. This app is designed according to many different levels to meet the needs of many different classmates.

The difference in this app is that all explanations of vocabulary and grammar are provided entirely in English. This helps learners get acquainted with English directly, not through translation. For some learners, this is a more effective and natural way to learn.

To do that, this app designs the most basic vocabulary lessons before going to exercises with long phrases and sentences. If you want to try learning English without relying on your native language then this is an interesting app for you. However, perhaps learning only in English is also a pretty big obstacle for those who are just starting to learn English, so you should consider taking a trial before you pay!

7. Duolingo

Cost: free, with advertising. Plus version without advertising: 9.99 USD / month
Support: iOS / Android
Main features: learn vocabulary by topic, learn basic grammar
Suitable for: beginners who want to get acquainted with English

online english learning apps

Duolingo is not only an online English learning app, it also provides lessons for other languages ​​such as French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and many more. more in the future.

Duolingo is designed to help beginners learn English quickly get used to the language. In each lesson, Duolingo teaches you new words of popular everyday topics like education, school, science etc. In each lesson there are many types of exercises for you to do. For example, you might have to choose the vocabulary corresponding to the picture, you might have to translate the English sentence into , or you might have to type the sentence you just heard.

With such a variety of exercises, you may be able to begin to understand basic vocabulary, speak simple English sentences, read English articles, and listen to some basic English phrases in a short time.

In addition, after taking some lessons, Duolingo will let you check your recently learned knowledge to help you remember more effectively.

However, this English learning app also has a slightly big minus point, that is, it does not help learners learn English grammar effectively, because most learners have to draw grammar points for themselves.

8. Busuu

Cost: free or 21 USD / month
Support: Website / iOS / Android
Key features: English lessons are prepared, then practice communicating with native speakers through speaking and writing
Suitable for: those who love learning English through communication practice

Busuu offers its learners a number of free theory and practice lessons. However, in advanced lessons and requires more practice, you have to pay to learn.

Busuu is designed based on the CEFR language framework. Each lesson has some important vocabulary, a conversation lesson, a writing practice session, a lesson test, and the special thing is that you can practice with native speakers.

Chatting or talking with native speakers will help you correct mistakes and speed up the learning process. You can also join a community of fellow learners to discuss learning related issues.

With all of these sections, you can practice listening, speaking, and writing. a balanced way to learn English. If you enjoy talking to people and you want to improve your speaking English and have enough money then Busuu could be a great English app for you.

9. FluentU

Cost: Free, $ 8 / month, $ 18 / year
Support: Website / iOS
Main features: learn English through videos and pictures
Suitable for: those who love learning English through videos and pictures

FluentU is an english learning app that learns English through watching videos. In the video there are subtitles for the video dialogue. The subtitle of the video is special in that when you click on a word you do not understand it will interact with the image or explanation of that word.

Common vocabulary and standard expressions on videos will help learners come closer to the language. After the lessons, there are often small quizzes to help us consolidate knowledge of the vocabulary just learned.

However, this app also has a weakness that is not very clear grammar instructions that learners often have to draw out.

Learners who tend to be more receptive to information when listening or seeing pictures, this is a pretty good choice for learning English online. However, be careful, don’t be too engrossed in watching the video but forget to learn!

10. Memrise

Cost: free,
Support: iOS, android
Main feature: learn English through small exercises

online english learning apps

The focus of this English learning app is to aim at reinforcing vocabulary for learners through vocabulary sets that have been created by Memrise itself or contributed by users. This app is intended for learners at all levels from beginner to advanced.

For many English learners, vocabulary is the hardest part. And the highlight of this English learning app is that it offers some funny or creative ways to help learners remember vocabulary easier.

Vocabulary recording will also be enhanced through a variety of exercises that combine skills such as word memorization, meaning memory, listening and speaking. The review also takes place quite often during the learning process.

One strong point and also the risk that Memrise’s weakness is that the user-generated vocabulary sets are of unstable quality. Some are good but some are a bit poor, so the best learners are to refer to Memrise’s vocabulary collections to ensure the quality.