Top 10 dating apps you must download now in 2021 (part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

Dating apps – Are you now FA and need to find your partner? Are you are looking to date but do not know where to find your target. Or simply you want to find friends to chat with, share life experiences. So the following dating apps and websites are going to be the great thing you are looking for. For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 dating apps you must download now in 2021

1. Tinder

famous dating apps - tinder

Tinder is one of the best love finding apps on both iOS and Android. It deserves to be the optimal choice for odd hearts. Tinder is also known for its simplicity. To have a Tinder account, users just need to sync all information available from Facebook. A swipe to the left means that you don’t have someone in your dreams. A swipe to the right shows you already have someone in your heart. When someone interacts with you with a Like button – you are already paired with that person. Dating is simple but full of fun, finding a lover on Tinder makes people much lighter and happier.

Because of the convenience and fastness, user information on Tinder is still quite sketchy, high traffic leads to poor quality of users and app. In addition, Tinder focuses mainly on big cities and operates based on user location, so if users are in suburbs far from the city, it will be difficult to find someone who suits your desires. A small note for you is that the age of using the Tinder app is mostly about 20-30, accounting for more than 70%, so you need to choose a reasonable dating age.

The way the Tinder app works is simple with basic and free features. If you don’t like someone, you just need to slide the screen to the left, if you like the image of someone, want to know details and get acquainted, just slide the screen to the right. Only when both surf and like, can we start chatting. In addition, the app also has more premium packages to help the user’s image show more with many support features such as knowing who has pressed like him.

Link download: iOS, Android

2. Bothlive

dating apps - bothlive

The Bothlive dating app is loved by young people because of many attractive features besides the familiar online dating feature, users can also participate in featured livestreams, live chat and join random dating rooms. very interesting course. In addition, the Bothlive app also owns a unique tasking system, through the daily tasks you will receive corresponding gifts.

The strength of the Bothlive dating app is the extremely high security system. Participants need to update information, images in a detailed and continuous way, so the quality of users on the app is very high and quickly eliminates individuals with bad intentions. Just “flick lightly”, you can meet your dream object. In addition, Bothlive also supports a variety of private functions to help you and your partner share your photos securely and comfortably.

The Livestream feature is a standout feature of the Bothlive app and is completely free. Our millions of passionate, pretty, and passionate idols will bring you a feast beyond your expectations. What kind of idols do you like? Beautiful, talented or come from different countries? All your favorite idols are on BothLive!

Link download: iOS, Android

3. Badoo

dating app - bodoo

Badoo is a highly rated practice dating app with massive downloads. The Badoo dating app as an independent social network, you can search for friends of the opposite sex any time and place on Badoo. The outstanding feature of the Badoo dating app is that you can filter and search for friends around the area you choose, if you find another you like, just press select and start a chat.

Badoo appeared on the market since 2006 and is also one of the most popular friend apps today with a large number of users. Badoo works as a social network, supporting many languages ​​including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. Users can chat, post photos and videos, keep in touch with friends, meet new people.

With a simple design, users are easy to use the features and make finding suitable subjects more comfortable. You can use facebook information to set up a profile on Badoo or create a completely new profile. Badoo allows you to automatically match up with people around you or do manual searches depending on your wishes. App supports multiple languages ​​so you can use the desired language as you want.

Badoo is in the Top rated free dating apps today. It is known for a useful feature that you can find friends around in the area, once you two want to meet up for a date just press the “Want to meet” button. Badoo in the iPhone and iPad versions allows users to view the profiles of other users and the list of mutual friends. The interface of this dating app supports multiple languages .

Link download: iOS, Android

4. OkCupid

dating apps

Okcupid dating app is an extremely interesting app that you should experience when participating in online dating, Okcupid allows users to use various questions available in the system to describe more about personality, department. like by yourself. The okcupid system has up to a thousand detailed questions about each individual, so information on the Okcupid app is considered to be more detailed and superior to any other online dating app.

Besides the advantages of the smart questioning system, Okcupid has the drawback that the app will also use the area detection feature, if you are surrounded by few people using this app, the chance for you to meet Getting the right people will also be pretty much reduced.

The OkCupid app is not randomized, but relies on meticulous calculations and analysis of a lot of data. Such data is highly accurate and authentic, because it is entered by the account holders using OkCupid. It can be said that this app really cares about and respects the individual needs of users. Based on these standards, the person with the identical “profile” will be selected for matching.

This dating app is constantly adding and updating new features. With the unique “Flavors” feature, you can find people who share your interests. OkCupid also offers great messaging tools, Instagram mix and fun quizzes. The version is completely free for everyone.

Link download: iOS, Android

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