Top 10 free image compression apps – Part 1

By | September 17, 2021

Images are the soul of an article, as it makes the content more vivid and easier to understand. Especially, high-quality images can satisfy readers and encourage them to finish reading the content. Ideally your page content should capture the attention of your visitors through stunning photos as soon as they enter the page, and they will then slowly scroll down the page to get the content you want to convey and end up with. ends with actions at the bottom of the page. Therefore, images are very important for a website to gain and keep users’ attention. Many free image compression apps are available on both iOS and Android now.

Pictures taken with a modern high-quality camera are of high definition (large image file), not suitable for use on websites as using it will result in high page load times. In fact, users only get the initial frustration after they visit the page to view the images as it prolongs the page’s load time. Even worse, they won’t wait and exit the page. As a leader in the field of web design, more than anyone we understand the important role of images as well as how page load speed is for a website. So, today’s article we will send you part-1 of the series of the “top 10 free image compression apps” for everyone to refer to below. For more news and information, checkout APK-LIVE.

What is image compression apps?

Image compression is a method by which data is compressed, especially digital images, to reduce transmission value and storage size. With their smaller sizes, the images won’t interfere with your website’s loading speed. There are a number of free image compression apps available that can help people with this.

With the help of these tools, you can definitely add eye-catching and impressive thumbnail content to your website. It can be a great way to engage readers with your brand name while showing a small portion of your personality and further describing your product.

Or if you are using a phone or computer that wants to store a large amount of images, then compressing photos is an optimal choice to save space for your devices.

Top 10 free image compression apps

On the market there are many free image compression apps, free and paid, and in this article we will only focus on free image compression apps, the best free image compression apps today. For more news and more information, you can checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

1. Caesium

free image compression apps - Caesium

Caesium is an easy-to-use image compression tool that can reduce image size by up to 90% without altering the original image quality. You can compress multiple images together using Cesium image compression app. This is arguably the best free image resize app available today.

This can also help you free up more drive space and increase available drive space on your Windows PC. Compressed images are easier to attach to emails and upload to social media platforms.

Only available for Windows operating system, this tool has a very simple and user-friendly interface and even beginners can use it very easily. This is one of the optimal and effective ways to reduce the size of images on a computer that many people choose today.

Link download: Caesium

2. Optimizilla

free image compression apps - Optimizilla

Optimizilla manages to reproduce the excellent quality in your images with the lowest possible file size. And you can compress both JPEG and PNG images with this tool. Optimizilla also has a slider that shows you the before and after versions of your photo. That way, you can preview your image quality before proceeding. With the slider, you can decide how well you want to optimize your images before experiencing any noticeable drop in quality.

This app is great for batch processing. Optimizilla is one of the free image compression apps that allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time and set the compression level for each image separately.

Link download: Optimizilla 

3. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer allows you to upload and compress your photos online. This simple tool works, as the name implies, only works on JPEG files for optimal reduction in jpg sizes.

The great thing about JPEG Optimizer is that it allows you to resize your images before you optimize. Resizing your images will save you even more loading time, and with this online platform you don’t have to split your workflow into two steps.

JPEG Optimizer also lets you choose your own optimization level, allowing you to control the quality of your optimized images. This feature is especially important for photographers. As you will want to find the right point between maintaining quality and saving space.

Link download: Android

4. is a batch image optimizer. With, you can optimize a large number of JPEG, PNG and animated GIF files.

Unlike the other image optimizers on this list, optimizes your files for the lowest size. That is, with you will always get the smallest file size version of the image you import. You can then download each of the compressed images or in .zip format. also allows you to export files to Dropbox or import files from Box, Dropbox or Google drive.

If you are looking for more advanced features, offers a professional version that comes with tons of other perks like the ability to resize images, the ability to import multiple image sources at once, download Unlimited image sizes and more.

The free version lets you compress photo files up to 32 MB each and up to 100 MB photos in total. So really, how well will perform for you depends on the initial size of the image you want to optimize.

5. Photo Compress & Resize

free image compression apps - LIT

Photo Compress & Resize is another free image compression tool to optimize images. You can also use the Image Resize to resize your images for use on your website, in email, or on forums.

Just upload your images online and set the compression level between 1-100. Then download your compressed photo!

You can also use their website to apply visual effects from their gallery during the optimization. These effects include captions, photo effects, borders, reflections, shadows, and rounded corners.

Link download: Android