Top 12 best free cooking apps on smartphone you should get now

By | September 17, 2021

Are you a culinary lover but do not have much time to attend courses? Or simply you want to prepare a nutritious meal for your family. Then try to use the best free cooking apps today that APK-LIVE introduces below to be a great housewife! This is just the part-1 of this series, so please looking out for more.

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Top 12 best free cooking apps on smartphone you should get now

1. Kitchen Stories:

best cooking apps

Today, Kitchen Stories is considered to be one of the clearest and easiest to use free cooking apps. With this app, you can find eye-catching illustrated, delicious recipes, step-by-step instructions through photos, watch cooking videos, … and it’s completely free. . This is also a home cooking program with leading culinary experts with many new recipes that you have never seen in any application. Alternatively, users can use Kitchen Stories, which links iDevice’s mobile device to the Apple Watch watch to discover new and free recipes each week.

Other features of Kitchen Stories:

  • Automatically add ingredients to shopping list, stored in the reminder so users prepare to go shopping and cook dinner.
    Collect and save favorite recipes.
  • Use a unit converter.
  • Save comments to a notebook in Kitchen Stories for each recipe.

Join the Kitchen Stories Family community and make friends with a global food lover.
Interface languages: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. The application is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Link download: Android

2. Tastemade:

As a leading culinary app that is the top favorite in the world, Tastemade brings exciting experiences for those who love to cook. This application brings together thousands of recipes with very vivid visual instructions and video to help you easily grasp how to cook the recipes quickly.

With Tastemade, forget your cookbook and try cooking with inspiration from the delicious desserts you’ve ever dreamed of making or the sure-impressive appetizers and recipes. Eat a tempting meal that’s easy to make. From the best lunch recipes to the after-meal drinks and cocktails, the Tastemakers have made videos of incredibly detailed recipes. Look up and then save your favorites for later use.

Therefore, immediately download Tastemade to your mobile device and show your cooking skills with special delicious dishes to treat your loved one!

Link download: Android

3. Cooky – Cook deliciously every day:

best cooking apps

Cooky – Cook every day is a cooking app that best supports your daily cooking and housework to make it easier with extremely useful kitchen recipes and tips. useful. Possessing more than 17,000 recipes and detailed steps with specific illustrations, Cooky – Cook well every day always has what you need and is a reliable companion that can help you in time.

Cooky has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with bundled features such as Collection, Favorites and Shopping List to give users the optimum. In particular, Shopping List is considered the most prominent and most convenient feature of Cooky, because it allows users to mark the ingredients that need to be purchased, purchased or available before going to the market, just adding recipes. waiting list.

In addition, this feature also helps determine how many ingredients to buy for how many servings. If you want to experience the great things that this application brings, then try to download and try it, make sure its cool features not only make you happy but also make you love watching.

In addition, Cooky is also a community for those who love to cook can freely post their recipes and share them via Facebook, Google+.

Link download: Android , iOS

4. Cookpad:

Cookpad is an app to find and share recipes like a community of people who love to cook. Up to this point, Cookpad owns a collection of more than 13,000 delicious, nutritious, cheap, easy-to-use recipes and the number is constantly increasing every day. With this app, users can post recipes with illustrated pictures and save their favorite recipes. The interesting thing is that every recipe posted on Cookpad has a unique story behind it. It can be the secret pride of a professional chef, a family secret that has been cherished and passed on to the next generation, a simple dish that is successfully cooked after countless failures or just. simply the result of an accidental discovery. And no matter what food you’re looking for, Cookpad strives to deliver what you need.

In addition, Cookpad also supports a feature that allows users to share recipes on social networking sites. Currently, Cookpad has supported  any languages interface, optimized for both smartphones and tablets, and there are also quite a few international users who have participated in submitting food preparation to this community.

Link download: Android

5. Yummly Recipes:

best cooking apps

Among the countless new cooking applications that appear recently, Yummly Recipes Lite is definitely one of the applications that will definitely make you want to explore. With Yummly Recipes, you can search for recipes from many famous cooking websites, such as Allrecipes, Food52 or Epicurious … and one thing especially Yummly Recipes Lite knows you like What and what not to like.

From there, the application will give you suggestions of daily dishes. Because you have given your favorite taste information, Yummly Recipes Lite is sure to bring you the food you love.

Link download: Android

6. Cookbook

Cookbook recipes is one of the best cooking software. The application allows users to search by ingredients. You can search for recipes with the ingredients you have in the refrigerator. Or exactly that is the suggestion of cooking the dishes that you have available. In addition, Cookbook also allows you to create smart food lists and shopping lists. The plan for important party will be recorded by Cookbook and remind you to prepare ingredients on time. In addition to the daily menus, you can also find special diet menus.

Besides, if you are a fan of European dishes, the application is very suitable for you. You can download food and use it without an online connection. Currently this application has 48,000 downloads and received many positive comments.

Link download: Android