Top 12 latest app design trends will explode in 2021

By | September 17, 2021

Do you know that app design is the way every business generates a lot of profit? Currently, 80% of users are currently using mobile applications as a daily habit. So, if you haven’t designed an app for your business yet, get started! And, if you are looking for some future-trend app design that captures user psychology, then please follow the following article.

Start exploring the top 12 app design trends for every business that will explode by 2021. For more information and news, checkout our website at APK-LIVE

1. Unique illustrations and animations

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2D, 3D, large asymmetric, or generic design images – all of which are modern application design. Such images will leave a deep impression on visitors. It is one of the new design trends that creates a welcoming intimacy. Plus, engage them in your app for an enjoyable experience.

Animation and Animation Expert Tips: Study trends and create beautiful images; Keep your white space simple, pleasant, and subtle. Some of the most used-in-apps is Instagram, Canva

2. Color Grid

With the growing trend, the user’s preferences and outlook have also changed. From a simple minimal theme, the demand for striking and eye-catching colors is still trending. Users increasingly prefer bold, striking and attractive tones.
Rub! This is one of the modern UI designs for mobile apps.

Color Grid now most used in photo design apps, such as PicsArt Color

3. Braille style

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Braille is one of the classic and standout mobile app design trends. It reflects your brand personality, communicating the right message to your users.

Most advertising agencies design the interfaces and embossed text to position content in the most splendid way.

It has some good potential in attracting attention in the headline by providing a quintessential touch to your message.

Why use braille: Raise your pitch clearly with your audience. Improve visual impressions with braille fonts. It has a very good chance for conversation

4. App design incorporating Face ID

Currently, facial recognition is a trend of all mobile devices. From the fingerprint scanning and face recognition functions, users can comfortably use their device without remembering their password. In addition, this feature provides users with a very high level of security confidence.

Such mobile app design trends intelligently reduce the urge for the Home button in apps. By introducing sensor identification with seamless connection.

5. Transparent element

Along with the future trend, the year 2021 is expected to be the year of transparent factors. This is one of the best mobile app designs that focuses primarily on communicating UX trends in a color shifting manner.

This Mobile Application Design seems very lightweight. It provides room for a sense of promoting content for your business goals. Hence, with a vivid set of transparent elements, you can enhance your customer experience with the classic app interface. So along with app layout design, app coloration also plays an important role.

6. Blobs, organic shapes and rounded edges

These are the upcoming android app design trends. Blobs is one of them that interacts with users and makes a tech-related impression. The rectangular, square, and cube shapes dominated the game. But to beat the trend, the shapes and circles are balancing the look and feel of the apps.

Why Blobs and Organic Shapes? Because it Provides directional flow for your design. Improved focus to affect the user’s vision. The imperfect shape creates a sharp background to bring out the product.

7. Virtual reality (VR)

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Without a doubt, VR is one of the best app designs that has completely revolutionized mobile app design. It contributes significantly to taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with virtual spaces. This really makes a deep impression on users.

VR has entered almost everything from healthcare and hospitality to logistics and real estate. This was a hit for both android UI design and ios UI design.

Why use VR for the best-designed apps? To make your product more impressive. It really brings the excitement and impression of your users to your brand. At the same time, create trust with virtual interactions.

Some of the most famous apps using VR fully are Pokemon Go. The game that start internet sensational back in 2016.

8. Broken Grids

Have you heard of asymmetrical composition? This is a superlative trend that emphasizes right on the product. It has adopted modern art and become the best android app design for user navigation with smart impression. And, you won’t need to keep everything in a proper network.

What’s unique about Broken Grids? It gives a new and attractive look. It uses text to fill in space gaps. At the same time, it’s simple, unique, and very effective. Try out this UI design and make your mobile app design change!

9. Hand-drawn illustrations

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There’s something really special about hand-drawn illustrations – there’s ‘imperfect’. For the most part, it all becomes the best mobile app design.

Do you know why? Because it reveals more about the human focus and evokes a natural feeling in the user. It always stands out regardless of whether you don’t use any specific tools to design the interface of your app.

Try out this stunning design for an app that inspires and gives your audience an organic touch with an intimate line of colors.

10. Dark background design app interface

This is one of the most immersive and refined mobile ui designs that cover the app with a dark background.

This makes all text, icons, and features visible if you choose colors that contrast perfectly. With that, it adds a sense of sophistication to your project – taking it to the next level.

11. Design an app to navigate data to the user

User-oriented design is often used on Iphone applications. It is strongly connected with data processing algorithms to create a seamless impact on user feedback.

You can find these data-driven designs with a number of ride-hailing, delivery, news feed, e-commerce platforms, or sales apps.

Expert tips for designing data-driven apps? Match typography with images; Keep it simple, clean and interactive. In particular, use easy-to-remember and popular symbols