Top 13 best free android mobile games on February (part 2)

By | September 17, 2021

As we all know the free android mobile games are not completely free to play, most free games will limit the time and plays in the game by a certain amount of time to limit the gaming. If gamers do not want to wait, they have to pay to play more games, this form is also known as freemium.

But in this article will bring you a list of free android games that you will not have to pay extra. Here is part-2 of list of 15 best free android mobile games today. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Top 13 best free android mobile games on February

7. EA Sports game

Price: Free

free android mobile games

EA has a marketplace specializing in sports games. They are the only developer to launch annually for most sports, including Madden NFL Overdrive, FIFA Soccer, NBA Live Mobile, EA Sports UFC and others. These games all have very similar elements. You can play real sports and there is a simulator in all of these games.

The graphics and controls in the game are very good. However, EA sports games have heavy-duty selling elements known as freemium. That caused a disappointment for many players and it made it difficult to put EA games on the roster. Unfortunately, EA is the only developer that makes games for sports so it’s obvious that they are on the list. There are a few soccer games (Dream League Soccer) and Motorsport (Motorsport Manager Mobile 3) that are really good. EA also has some popular freemium games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Hero that people seem to really enjoy.

Download: EA

8. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Price: Free

free android mobile games

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is perhaps the best Final Fantasy-themed freemium game on the market. It features tons of elements from the original game, including town exploration and dungeon exploration, hidden treasures, secret dungeons, and tons of legends.

Gameplay is very simple to learn but you will need to calculate carefully to defeat bosses and tough opponents. You can often get rewarded for daily logins, and the additional daily quests, quests, and activities keep the game fresh. This is as good as it is for freemium titles.

If this game isn’t for you, but you love Final Fantasy, you can also try Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This is a set of aggressive freemium games from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Download: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

9. Hearthstone

Price: Free

free android mobile games

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a duel game in which you unlock cards, build decks, then duel with other players using the decks you build. You can build a lot of decks and Blizzard has been pretty good with regular updates rolling out to add lots of new cards and content. You can also sign in to your account on a mobile device or on a PC, which is a really cool highlight.

If you don’t want to face real players in real-time PvP combat, you can always take down some bots to practice. It’s playable for free, making it easy and accessible for all players to try. It is definitely one of the best free Android games out there.

Download: Hearthstone

10. HQ Trivia

Price: Free

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HQ Trivia is a puzzle game. It is a live game show where all players compete at the same time. There is a server that stores questions and people respond in real time. There are 12 questions per round with ten seconds timer per question. The rest of the people behind the 12 questions will split the prize money. Did we mention that it has real money? It’s definitely something unique in today’s mobile gaming world.

Games take place at 9pm EST every day with 3 hours of EST games on weekdays. That means there are 12 games per week. You will download the game for free and there is no in-app purchase in the game. The developer is working on a gamehow style game in 2019.

Download HQ Trivia

11. Pocket City

Price: Free

free android mobile games

Pocket City is one of the best games of 2018 and it is natural to make it on this list. This game is very similar to the old SimCity games. You build a city, create infrastructure, make sure people have enough work and play, and even monitor the impact of the environment. Players also get missions for exp and unlockable buildings as you play. The game has a surprising dimension to it, and you can generate reports on the happiness of your citizens. The in-game control mechanism is a surprise for a mobile game, and it has a lot of content.

The free version is a bit smaller than its premium version, but both versions play very well. The free version contains ads. They’re not a big deal, but it’s one to watch out for. This is a great game.
Download: Pocket City

12. Pokemon Go

Price: Free

Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game of 2016. Actually, it’s the biggest game ever. Although its popularity has decreased a bit, the game is still an option for those who want to play the game for free. Players can explore the real world around them while catching Pokemon, beating gyms, and searching for Pokestops.

New additions include legendary Pokemon, battles, trainer battles, and more. You can even trade Pokemon in the game now. The game continues to grow far beyond what many remember. When it finally ends, it will become one of the best and most iconic mobile games ever.

Download: Pokemon Go

13. Vainglory

Price: Free

Vainglory is probably the best MOBA game available on Android. The game has a high frame rate, unlimited free play and solid connection. You can team up with people and face off against other teams just like you see in all other MOBA games.

There are also decent graphics, more than 25 heroes to unlock and play with, and you can play against bots if you want. It is one of the best free Android games out there.

Download: Vainglory

If the article misses any great free Android game, please comment for the gamers to experience.

So that it, this is the list of top 13 android mobile games you should experience now. For more news, check out APK-LIVE.