Top 15 best brain games to help you training your brain (Part-3)

By | September 17, 2021

Playing the game is not simply a recreational pastime, entertainment , but also a way to help training your brain, improve IQ. We will help you list down 15 best brain games to help you learn and play – play, learn, develop yourself in the happiest time. For more information, news and link apk download apps, you can checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 15 best brain games to help you training your brain (Part-3)

11. Flow Free

training your brain

Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!

Free play through hundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Free gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play is up to you. So, give Flow Free a try, and experience “mind like water”!

This is a game with more than 100 million installs of Big Duck Games LLC. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound, simple but addictive gameplay, the game is gradually being loved by many players.

Each level of Flow Free has a grid table containing 3 or more pairs of dots of the same color on it. The player has the task of drawing a line from dot to dot with the same color as it. The gameplay is very simple, but with a pair of colored dots the player can only use one link. The game will gradually increase the difficulty and will have suggestions for you.

Intellectual Flow Free game helps you to improve your calculation and judgment.

Link download: Android

12. Classic Sudoku

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Brain Sudoku is a free puzzle game with over 10 million downloads. With 5000 puzzles for you, every day you can training your brain and kill smart time.

Classic Sudoku is a logic-based number puzzle game that involves placing 1 to 9-digit numbers in each box, but each number can only appear once in each row, per column. and each small box. If you find it too difficult, do not worry when you play Sudoku game you will have a guide.

Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe, the hosts of Cracking The Cryptic, have assembled a most extraordinary collection of sudoku puzzles. The sudokus in the game cover a wide range of difficulty with something for everyone – and also require an incredible range of techniques to solve them efficiently! Each of these special puzzles had to qualify for inclusion in the game by passing our rigorous play-testing – a test that NO other sudoku game on the market would pass. This play-testing ensures that a human being has actually thought about the journey you, the solver, will go on as you work through the puzzle. No computer testing here!

Great gameplay

Indeed our more advanced puzzles have been carefully designed to showcase some of the diabolical techniques in an intuitive way with the aim of helping solvers UNDERSTAND the patterns involved.

In Cracking The Cryptic’s games, players start with zero stars and earn stars by solving puzzles. The more puzzles you solve, the more stars you earn and the more puzzles you get to play. Only the most dedicated (and cleverest) sudoku players will finish all the puzzles!

Featured authors include (obviously) Simon and Mark but also some other authors who have produced popular puzzles on the channel!

Mark and Simon have both represented the UK many times in the World Sudoku Championship and you can find more of their puzzles (and lots of others) on the internet’s biggest sudoku channel, Cracking The Cryptic.

With an intuitive interface, with a dark mode to protect the eyes of the player, this game both helps you kill time and helps you train your brain, logical thinking and have a good memory.

Link download: Android

13. Find The Differences

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There are similarities between the two pictures, but the game Find The Differences – The Detective iseven more interesting when the differences are to assist the detective in solving the case.

The task of the player is to find the differences between the two pictures, then mark X. For each screen, the player has only 1 minute 58 seconds, when choosing the wrong point the player will be subtracted from the time. There are a total of 20 cases with increasing difficulty with level, requiring players to be very careful and observant to win.

All levels are included. This game is completely free and don’t need any extra download. Spot the difference anywhere you are. Play without an internet connection.

Find the difference 750 + is a free puzzle game also known as “Difference finding” where you have to find five differences between two images otherwise identical. This is a popular observation game like Hidden Object game that won’t let you stop playing!

The game does not require you to brainstorm much, but with higher levels with more detailed pictures, the game will train you to have a keen eye and a good memory.

Link download: Android

14. Brain Out

This is a puzzle game with a high brain hacking feature with extremely surprising answers, so Brain Out  is downloaded and played by many young people together.

Brain Out is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky training your brain teasers and different riddles testing challenge your mind. It evaluates your logical think ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity. Do not answer the quests in the ordinary way if you don’t want to be tricked.

The solution subverts normal thinking is the most interesting thing in this trivia game. We bring you a different game experience with creative thinking and absurd solution.

The game interface is easy on the eyes with seemingly simple questions, but its answers will surprise you. The way to play this game is to answer the puzzles, but do not answer in the usual way of thinking.

This is a game that helps you train both IQ and logical thinking, reflexes, memory and creativity. And it will be more fun to play with friends to share answers and practice IQ.

Link download: Android