Top 20 cool games to play on iPhone and iPad (Part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

Whether you own any smartphone, the need to play games for entertainment and relaxation is also very high. Especially with models like iPhone or iPad, the iOS ecosystem has never disappointed users when experiencing a game. And the list below Mobile Institute will summarize the top 20 cool games to play until March 2021 on Apple’s OS. For more information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 20 cool games to play on iPhone and iPad (Part 1)


Speaking of shooting games on mobile phones in the past. Many experts believe that it cannot grow due to its inability to meet many requirements for smoothness and availability. But no, the PUBG Mobile game proves otherwise.

Born in 2018, this game is 2 years old now and it is attracting millions of people around the world. There are even major tournaments for this game.

PUBG Mobile is built on the latest Unreal Engine 4 platform, providing the best experience. In this version, players still experience what the PC has because the company has brought the best from the PC version to Mobile, there is a difference in the game control mechanism. This one becoming one of the most cool games to play right now on iPad and iPhones.

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Speaking of seniority and popularity, PUBG cannot compete with Call of Duty (COD) on PC. But until recently, this game officially appeared on Mobile.

This game also has a gameplay similar to PUBG when using the first-person perspective through the characters in the game. This game is considered a mini version of the Call of Duty version on PC or Console. With the favorite characters, weapons and maps, along with the familiar game modes from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare versions, this is a true COD fan game.

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In 2018, Fortnite Mobile also officially docked to the App Store, which is seen as a competitor to PUBG Mobile . Due to the impressive game graphics and graphics, it has a limited number of configurations.

If you want to play this game, users need to satisfy two conditions: must update the operating system from iOS 11 or higher, the second is to only support some models including iPhone SE, from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 Pro. Max and iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, Pro and some new products released here.

One thing unique to Fortnite Mobile is the ability to link data platforms, connecting the entire account on the PC, Xbox One, Mac, iOS and Android. About the game mode, this game also supports a lot of different game modes such as: Solo, Duos, Squads, Battle Royale.


Shadowgun Legends is developed by the “father” of famous titles such as Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 and Unkills and other famous FPS titles in the world.

The game is developed in a shooting style and focuses on a cross-platform experience with Madfinger’s sci-fi download and emphasis on MOBA through 5vs5 battles.

Thrilling storyline as the Shadow Gun fights against the aliens. Players can cooperate with their friends to perform hundreds of different missions. In addition, players can combine with their friends to fight other players. Currently, this game is available on the App Store and will be suitable when you experience it on your iPad or iPhone during breaks.

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Brawl Stars is an arena-style shooter with fun gameplay with characters with a bit of animation in the style of developer Supercell . This game has a lot of MOBA penchant for gameplay combined with many different strategies.

The choice of character is entirely up to your style of play. By collecting gold after each match, players can unlock and upgrade equipment and stats to make the Brawlers more powerful. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the number of diverse game modes that Brawl Stars offers. From Bounty – a mode where two teams collect points by destroying opponents, or Smash & Grab – collect all 10 glass balls in front of the opponent to win. There are also challenging and engaging Heist and Showdown modes.

In general, Brawl Stars is a unique and attractive real-time shooter game, good-looking graphics and team play that are suitable for relaxing with friends on weekends. Currently, the game is only released in Canada on the iOS operating system . However, if you are patient then the Android version will be released at a later time.

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If you are a player who loves strategy games then Company of Heroes is the choice for you. But sadly, this game only supports iPad because the company wants to ensure realistic effects like on PC.

Released in 2006, COH (Company of Heroes) is a strategy game based on the 2nd world war. The game vividly recreates the battles of soldiers.

The game will not follow the old RTS game error, players will use point capture mechanism to gain initiative. This mechanism helps players focus on controlling the battlefield without worrying about economics.

Each area will have a separate number of points so it should be noted, they will have vision, the ability to control resources continuously to produce such as tanks or soldiers … Thus the game forces players to have to take advantage of terrain and environment to bring the most obvious tactical advantage.

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the latest installment in the famous goalkeeper series of studio Ironhide. Unlike previous Kingdom Rush versions , Vengeance this time focuses on evil with the return of Vez’nan witches, who instilled phobia and fear in previous installments. But this time, the player will team up with Vez’nan instead of stopping him.

Players will have 8 new types of citadels instead of 8 to fight the evil side. As usual, Kingdom Rush: Vengeanse allows the player to control the heroes to fight with allied towers.

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Not suddenly disappeared but this game becomes HOT, because it is related to disease Plague Inc . is a popular game that simulates the cataclysm that was released in 2012 and an update appeared on Steam in 2016.

According to BBC reports, Plague Inc Mobile version is the leading game on the applications used in China. This heightened interest prompted Ndemic Creations to issue a statement reminding everyone that Plague Inc is just a non-real game.

The company also added that: “ Plague Inc has been released for 8 years, but every time an epidemic occurs, this game attracts players because they want to study how to spread and learn about the complexity of the virus ”.

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One of the most cool games to play in 2017. If you haven’t already, this Fallout series is about the post-apocalypse. Fallout Shelter was originally released in 2015 and recognized by the App Store as the app of the year with more than 200 million downloads.

This game expands the storyline, characters, monsters, and players will find the spots they love in Wasteland of Fallout. In terms of gameplay, in addition to the classic Vault promotion of Fallout Shelter, players can also recruit heroes to take on an adventure team and overcome dangers and explore more new lands.

On this journey, you will visit familiar locations like Red Rocket and Diamond City. You will have to face fierce enemies like mutants, even Deathclaws.

In addition, players can also challenge other players in Combat Zone . If you are confident in your team, do not be afraid to fight players who are high in the rankings.

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