Top 4 best video editing apps for your mobile

By | September 17, 2021

In an age dominated by visual content, a compelling video can help drive success for your brand. But creating beautiful video content is only possible with the help of editing programs. Whether Instagram stories, Facebook ads or a YouTube product, using the best video editing apps available will make your brand look attractive and professional.

Most of these free online video editing apps are beginner-friendly. So, even if you are just starting out, you can make a quick video using these online video editing tools. If you are an experienced video editor, then consider which online video editing apps in the list below is the best.

While some of the online video editing apps listed below offer free trial versions, if you need to download videos, you may need to upgrade your free plan to the paid version. And some of the free versions will leave a watermark on your video footage in 480p quality. So pay attention to it before you dive into video staging in these apps. For more news, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Video editing apps for phones

Editing videos on your phone is now easier than ever with video editing apps support. These apps are integrated editing tools, not inferior to the Software on the computer. Check out our list of best free video editing apps for phones currently used by a lot of users.

1. VivaVideo

best video editing apps - VivaVideo

This is an app for both android and iOS. With simple, easy steps. This is a very hot application that is late for you to use today with multi-functions such as merging photos into video, making videos from photos or merging videos together. In addition, you can create titles and motion effects for each of those videos. In addition, VivaVivideo also possesses advanced features when recording video such as slow-motion effects, or fast-motion recording with fast-motion.

How to cut video on phone with VivaVideo VivaVideo is a simple video collage app, you can use it to record videos like other video recording apps. The video recording we will not guide because this is the most basic step already. Here we will guide you how to cut video on this software. For the implementation process in android is similar to iOS. So we will only guide on one operating system is Android offline.

Step 1:

On the vivavideo editing apps, click edit to select the video to edit, upload the video online

Step 2:

Adjust the beginning and end of the video accordingly

Step 3:

Click the scissors icon to cut

So you have completed the video cut step on VivaVideo. This is considered one of the leading apps in mobile video editing. The free version is currently available on both iOS and Android.

2. Videoshow

best video editing apps - Videoshow

VideoShow is a video editor for iOS and Android mobile devices that makes it easy to merge, crop, split, reverse, rotate, convert, and compress videos. You can remove and change the video background, use fast motion or slow motion, add filters, transitions, sound effects, and live voiceover to your training videos. However, there is a downside is that the free version when exporting videos will be quite fuzzy.

How to edit on this software is also quite simple. If you are familiar with the usage of Premiere Pro software, the usage of Videoshow is similar. We have easy-to-use controls in the menu panel. In addition, Videoshow also provides special sample themes, allowing us to edit photos more professionally.

The latest update of Video allows us to edit videos for the Tik Tok platform. Short videos can add effects easily through editing software. Videoshow is currently allowing users to download for free. However, if you want to use more special features, you can switch to the Pro package. Cost: In addition to the free version there is also a Pro version, which costs $ 29.99.

The free version is currently available on both iOS and Android

3. IMovie

This is an iOS-only video editing app with a streamlined design and intuitive editing options. It allows you to turn your photos and clips into 4k training videos. The app has features like video trim, split screen, audio editing, creative video filters, and pre-made transition gallery. One of its notable qualities is that you can start editing your training videos on your iPhone or iPad, then finish it on your Mac.

IMovie is much more special than other video editing apps. Because this is an app available in the iphone, you will immediately take advantage of its most powerful features. Although there are not many sample themes to choose from, users will still export the file with high quality. Another factor, IMovie, allows you to add any audio, available on your device. IMovie’s audio filter is the most powerful weapon, allowing you to create videos at the highest quality.

If you are worried about transferring data between iPhone and other devices, then please don’t worry. Because all the data on the iPhone can be easily transferred to other devices of the same type such as iPad or Macbook. The app is completely free and can be downloaded directly through the App Store.

4. KineMaster

Kine master

KineMaster is a professional-grade video editing app for Android. It has powerful tools like video layouts, blend modes, color key combinations, dubbing, speed control, special effects, 3D transitions, subtitles, and more. You can share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and other platforms right from the app. Like Videoshow, the free version of this software when exporting videos is also quite fuzzy. User and share video after edit directly to Social Media, like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

KineMaster is one of the most influence video editing apps available now on Android and iOS. You can download this game for free on both iOS and android Play Store.

Cost: The Premium version costs $ 39.99 / year.

Above is a summary of the best video editing apps that we want to introduce to you. Are you using one of the above? Or if you are using another apps, you can share it with us.