Top 5 best iOS games for strategy gamers (PC to Mobile)

By | December 26, 2020

When the age of PC Strategy gaming declined, it’s time for mobile strategy games to shine.  On the list of “best iOS games” in recent years, many titles came from strategy categories.

In recent years, strategy games have shifted towards iOS due to the downfall of PC gaming, and now we are living in a golden age of mobile games, especially strategy games. Within a few months, a series of “remasters” strategy games have landed on the iOS, creating a “shockwave” throughout the gaming community. From the new “triple A” titles like Civilization VI, which launched right after the PC version, to the remaster version of “Company of Heroes”.

Every game has a unique style and gameplay, but they all bring joy and excitement to players. With that being said, here are the top 5 best iOS games that port from PC. For more games news, check out our website site at apk-live.

Top 5 best iOS games for strategy player


Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy

Developer: 2K

5 best ios games for strategy player - Civilization 6

Wait no longer, cause the awards winning – classic 4x game has come to your mobile, and better than ever. Civ VI is the only game in the series to have been officially released on mobile phone. The game is only available on iOS, with a full expansion – “Gathering Storm” released one year after.  One of the coolest things about this version on iOS, is that it can play cross-platform.  

Civ VI will take you to the role of one of the world greatest leaders from every civilization. Throughout 6,000 years in history, from 4,000 B.C to 2,050 A.D, your job is to keep the empire alive throughout every turn. Moreover, you can build an empire, make monuments, establish great ideology and religions, advance further in technologies and become the dominant force in the diplomatic table.

The addicted turn-based system, with 4X strategy mechanics, have made Civilization VI become one of the best iOS games right now. The base game is currently free-to-play for 40 turns. After that, you have to purchase the game for 19.99$

Link: iOS


Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy, Building

Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd

5 best ios games for strategy player - Tropico

Firstly, as a dictator – or – El Presidente of your own Island nation in Caribbean, your job is to keep the nation happy, grow and stop any revolution from happening. Secondly, this game brings you 15 campaign islands, with specific goals to complete. Thirdly, there is a sandbox mode that lets you take charge and rule your country however you see fit.

You can command every citizen, managing every aspect of life within your island, from education, economy to military. You can build farms and roads, train soldiers or teachers, setting wages for laborer or negotiating trade deals with other countries (just remember, you are in the middle of the Cold Wars). Make sure your citizens are happy living in your tiny island, by managing the politics carefully, and they will help you crack down any rebellions.

Bringing the best experience from the PC version, You will love every moment in this game. From the amazing Caribbean theme music, with 3D environments and colorful buildings in the 60s-70s, to the camera controls and friendly menu navigation. Tropico is a great strategy-building game for you to play in free time. You can download the game from iOS for 11,99$

Link: iOS

Company of Heroes

Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy

Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd

5 best iOS games for strategy gamer - Company - Company of Heroes

Thanks to Feral Interactive, the Awards-winning Strategy game finally came to iOS (iPad). Originally released on PC in 2006, the game follows campaigns from 2 forces: Nazis vs Allies from World Wars 2. Players will control one of the two forces, in real time strategy combat gameplay to win ultimate victory. 

The gameplay system has been adapted for touchscreen with two control options.  Feral Interactive have done a really good job at porting PC game to Mobile recently, and this game proves it. Company of Heroes is suitable to play on big screens like iPad. It can be played in the latest version of iOS 14.0, with everything mostly intact from the original.  Minus few issues holding it back like combat bugs and graphics.

If you’ve never played or heard of Company of Heroes, it is widely considered one of the best real time strategy games of all time. And now it has arrived on iOS. You can download the game from iOS for 13,99$

Link: iOS


Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy, Tactics

Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions surely one of the best turn-based strategy game ever made. 

Follow the turn-based battle systems from FF Tactics series, you’ll be taking over a squad of characters and battling on grid-based maps, in story driven style campaigns. As you play through, you can upgrade your characters, equip weapons, change jobs and prepare perfect tactics for your squad to win the battle.

This version of the game on iOS port is based on the PSP version. Therefore, the game’s story becomes thicker, with high replay value. The update on graphics is a plus for this version as well.

On the newest version of iOS, performance works flawlessly, but the text can be difficult to read sometimes. It looks and plays better on an iPhone XS, 11 and the newest 11. But the game still lacks 2K and 4K support, so the graphics are still blurry in some areas, especially in combat. You’ll likely still experience some slowdown during more complicated bits.

iPad Pro is probably the best experience for gamers, but remember it’s yet to come with HD resolution. So, for those who want to play in HD, you should wait for more update from Square Enix in future.

You can download the game from iOS for 13,99$

Link: iOS

Rome: Total War

Available on: iOS

Category: Strategy, Wars

Developer: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive

Rome total wars

A true classic of strategy game now fit in your pocket. Rome: TW is a strategy game that take place during the Roman period, from 270 BCE to 14 CE. You will become leader in one of three great noble families of Rome. Your job is to managing provinces, expand the Roman republic by marching forwards into deep forest, to the northern border. Prepare your loyal army as you become the head of the legions, and try to bring glory to Roman Republic (and soon, Empire).

Total War players will be familiar with sim-style managing cities, where you must manage the growth of your noble line. Each decision will affect the diplomacy, politics, economics and development of your whole faction. Also, players will engage in real time battles against other civilizations, empires and resistance forces.

Previously an iPad exclusive, Rome: TW now received an update to support iPhones (work well with IP 11 and upcoming 12), complete with a reworked interface and control scheme. You will immerse yourself in the world of Rome, spend hours on combat mechanics and try to conquer new land.  Waiting no longer, cause the game has been updated to iOS 14. And now, you can download it for 9,99$

Link: iOS