Top 5 useful English learning apps on your phone

By | January 9, 2021

Are you a busy person? Do you often have to work on the phone? Do you find yourself unsuitable for traditional English learning? Don’t worry, the following English learning apps can be a very effective English learning solution for you. For more news, you can check at APK-LIVE  for more English learning apps.


Target audience: Basic (Beginner) – Intermediate (Intermediate)

Outstanding features: Rich vocabulary warehouse, the game creates excitement for English learners.

Supported Operating Systems: IOS / Android

English learning apps - Duolingo

Duolingo – the award-winning English learning app “Iphone App of the Year 2013” is a free language learning platform. It offers you English exercises from simple to complex in the form of a game. . You can easily improve your language easily and completely for free with Duolingo English learning app.


Learning in the form of games, beautiful graphics: Turning the content into a game has brought new and effective experiences to the app. When you are studying while you are entertained with listening and speaking challenges, quizzes or answer questions in English in this English learning app.

Language diversity: Besides English, the Duolingo app also provides you with more than 30 languages ​​worldwide.

Diverse exercises: Duolingo English learning app also provides you with a variety of lessons and exercises to help you not be bored during your learning process. my vocabulary as well as my listening skills ..


This lesson in English learning application is designed to force learners to go from easy to difficult, easily causing depression because it’s too easy for those who already have knowledge. Also, you may also have to watch many advertisements while learning if you use the free version.


– Target audience: Basic (Beginner) – Intermediate (Intermediate) – Advanced (Advanced)
– Standout feature: Memrise allows learners to track their own progress.
Supported Operating Systems: IOS / Android
– Cost: Free (regular package). 1 year: 1,349,000 / year (Pro package). Memrise does not allow monthly fees.

English learning apps - Memrise

Memrise is a very popular English learning app dedicated to learning languages. With a wealth of resources contributed by members of the Memrise community. You can hone your vocabulary, join hundreds of courses with clever learning methods. Memrise application is completely free, suitable for all ages to improve their English language skills more effectively.


Interesting, inspirational learning method: Combining communication methods with FUN criteria, ie non-restrictive fun and SCIENCE, is scientific and rational, helping learners remember vocabulary longer. Every Memrise learning class combined with mini-games such as FlashCard, Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank … is extremely interesting to remove boredom. It inspiring you to learn English every day.

User-friendly and easy-to-use interface: The beautiful, cute interface takes the theme of planets and aliens to feel fresh, not boring for learners. In other hand, the content also builds on courses contributed by the users themselves. Therefore, Memrise is very friendly and easy to use with everyone.


The free account has limited features such as allowing users to learn pronunciation, practice listening skills, master grammar. So with simple exercises, it’s easy to make and more suitable for beginners.


Target audience: Basic (Beginner) – Intermediate (Intermediate)
Outstanding features: Online synchronization utility so you can use the same account to use Anki on multiple devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones … They will be continuously linked. Together, all information about you and your homepage on the website will record your learning progress on all those devices.
Supported Operating Systems: IOS / Android
Cost: Free (package used for website). $ 25 / month (package for mobile phone)

English learning app

If you want to improve your English vocabulary scientifically and intelligently, Anki is the solution you are looking for. Anki is a flashcard, visual and pronunciation learning app that can help you learn and memorize hundreds of words a day thanks to its smart repeating mode. The flashcards are called “decks” – vocabulary, you can load built-in “decks”, or even create a “deck” on the topic or field of interest to you.


Personalization: Every time you use an English flashcard, the system will save the results, analyze which words are easy or difficult for you, and design the frequency of words so that you can remember them. every word in the easiest way. You can also create your own English flashcard set with desired words, desired illustration and desired layout and adjust it to suit your learning needs.

Interactivity: You can share and distribute your own flashcards, view and use other people’s flashcards, share ideas, opinions and help each other.


Anki only helps English learners focus on vocabulary, lacks other areas of knowledge. In addition, the interface of Anki application is not beautiful, confusing and difficult to use. A novice account opening will take 1-2 days to get used to it and learn how to use it.


Subjects: Basic (Beginner)
Outstanding feature: Learn vocabulary by topic, can review learned vocabulary.
Supported Operating Systems: IOS / Android
Cost: Free
Drops is one of the most popular English learning apps, that allows users to learn vocabulary from 31 different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese … in vivid ways, helping users. Easily memorize new vocabulary.

English learning apps - Drops

Drops has an interface that supports Vietnamese, so it makes it easy for users in Vietnam to use the application as well as grasp new vocabulary. The Drops English learning app has been selected by Google as “the best app on the Google Play app store for Android in 2018”.


An interesting form of “learning while playing”: Drops is one of many English learning apps that combines learning and playing form, helping you to effectively memorize words, as well as their pronunciation.

Diverse content: Every word are divided into each topic with pictures and difficulty, so you are completely active in choosing the learning content that suits you.
Easy-to-use interface: In addition, the application supports Vietnamese, so the interface is very clear and easy to use.


Drops English learning application does not have the feature to track and evaluate the learning route. Simple knowledge, at a basic level for the beginner.

Learn English Grammar

Target audience: Basic (Beginner) – Intermediate (Intermediate) – Advanced (Advanced)
Featured function: There is a problem solving feature for learners.
Supported Operating Systems: IOS / Android
Cost: Free

Developed by the British Council, this English learning app aime to maximizing the grammar improvement of users. From Beginner to Advanced, the test is arranged in four levels accompanied by dozens of topics. Every exercises to reinforce English grammar from basic to advanced. Add to that the content that helps you practice and test with pictures.


Accuracy of knowledge: This English learning apps is developed by British Council – a leading prestigious unit in English education.

Full-range lessons from beginner to advanced: Both the British and American versions offer questions at four levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced. Each level covers 12 grammar topics, with 20 activities on each topic.


This English learning app door interface is somewhat dry and rigid, so it can be boring in the long-term learning process.