Top 6 best music streaming apps for iOS in 2021

By | September 17, 2021

With so many choices, which music streaming apps is right for you? For years the music streaming apps dominated the scene. Some let you listen for free, others charge a premium. A major factor in choosing a music streaming apps is the availability of content. We’ve got a list of the best music streaming apps for iPhone and why each one matters. Here are the top 6 best music streaming apps on iOS that you should consult. For more information, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Apple Music

music streaming apps - Apple

Apple launched its own music streaming service, Apple Music, in June 2015. You’ll get custom playlists managed according to your personal preferences based on past listening activities. your. You’ll also have access to Beats 1, a worldwide radio station 24 hours a day with popular performances revolving around their favorite hits. It has everything you want in a music service and looks great too.

Apple Music gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire Apple Music library. All without ads and available straight from your Android device, iPhone, iPad or Mac or PC. Try it out today.

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YouTube Music and Google Play Music

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Google’s recent changes to YouTube Red turn its services into multiple layers. First, YouTube Music, includes official albums and thousands of artist playlists and radio stations. There are also hundreds of live performances, official music videos and covers available right at your fingertips.

You can take advantage of the ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free. Or, for $ 10 a month, you can upgrade to YouTube Music Premium, which includes background listening (you don’t have to open the app to keep playing the video) and download it offline. Plus, without ads, of course.

Google Play Music subscribers will know that YouTube Red comes with their subs. When YouTube Red switches to YouTube Music, Google Play Music subscribers automatically have access to YouTube Music Premium. Google will eventually replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music Premium, but not before the company figured out how to include the possibility of subscribers to upload their personal music collection.

If you’re also a fan of YouTube native content, you can get an extra $ 2 off your regular subscription price to upgrade to YouTube Premium, including everything you get with YouTube Music Premium, plus that original movie and TV show.

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Remember when Kanye West said his new album, “Pablo’s Life,” would never be on Apple? That’s because it’s an exclusive release on Jay-Z’s online music service, TIDAL. This relatively new service makes a name for itself in the world of media with exclusive content, superstar curated listings, and first artist compensation. It is also full of new and popular music video content.

You can stream MP3 quality songs for $ 10 per month, or upgrade to premium Fidelity for lighter CD-quality songs. Managed plays are heavily focused on hip-hop, R&B and soul music, but TIDAL has access to a wide range of genres. It’s not quite as powerful as Apple Music or Spotify but has the potential. Some popular character hilarious playlists include favorites from Jay Z, Beyoncé, Macklemore, and others.

Although it covers many genres, if hip-hop, R&B, and soul are your favorite sounds, you’ll love TIDAL. Floors range in price from $ 5 to $ 30 per month (free for the first 30 days).

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Pandora Music

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Pandora is all about music discovery and does it better than most. It aggregates content based on Music’s Genome Project property algorithm. You might like personal playlists crafted by real people, but the lack of human interaction Pandora produces content that you didn’t even know you liked. It is important to press “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” key on all tracks so you can hone your station to match your style.

Pandora offers streaming radio. You can skip a few songs per day for free, or be skipped unlimited with a Plus or premium subscription. The joy lies in the sitting seat listening to music for hours without having to stop and find a new station.

With a subscription to Pandora Plus, you can create personal stations, skip songs, and listen to your favorite stations offline. Pandora’s premium tier focuses more on the streaming music side of things, allowing you to download whatever you want, create playlists, and enjoy high-quality playback. Both paid tiers are with advertisements.

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music streaming apps - Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a great way to discover new indie artists, listen to new tracks from popular musicians, and connect with other music fans. It is also a way for musicians to bring their songs to the world without recording contracts. It is heavily structured with a social aspect. SoundCloud is everything Apple Music wants when it comes to connecting artists with fans.

You can follow your friends and band, add songs to favorites and create playlists. Your followers can also listen to a stream of music you’ve reposted or uploaded on their own. The key to getting the most out of SoundCloud is building a healthy social feed.

You can follow your friends and band, add songs to favorites and create playlists. Your followers can also listen to a stream of music you’ve reposted or uploaded on their own. The key to getting the most out of SoundCloud is building a healthy social feed.

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Amazon Music

If you have Amazon Prime, the Amazon Music app is great. You can choose songs from the company’s large catalog. You can stream music from a variety of genres. Music is recommended for you based on your previous listening activities and there are playlists for all activities, like reading, dinner parties, etc.

You can listen to stations based on themes like “All 80s”, “Classic Rock”, “Baroque” and stations with artists like The Beatles and Bruno Mars. Amazon Music offers a wide selection of music, though it’s not deep enough into some sub-genres. You also get an unlimited number of skips, and it has Alexa built-in for hands-free listening.

If you have Amazon Prime, you definitely want it. Even if you pay for another music service, it’s still worth around simply as it’s included in your membership cost.

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