TOP 7 best spending management apps on Android, iOS

By | September 17, 2021

Managing your expenses is an extremely difficult and complicated job. You often forget, do not have time to record income and expenditure of yourself or your family because of your concerns and work. Please refer to 7 best spending management apps on Android, iOS.

Recently, however, many experts and users accused some money keeping apps of seriously violating personal privacy. It is because they  found some apps secretly sharing data with other big tech company.

If you are concerned that money keeping apps is violate your privacy and personal data, here are the best free and best Zoom alternatives for you. This titles also feature many unique elements in online meeting apps, that will help you have a great meeting online with friends, co-workers when you using on your phone. Here is the of list of Top best spending management apps on Android, iOS. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

TOP 7 best spending management apps on Android, iOS

1. Spendee

spending management apps

Spendee is the same choice as Money Lover when this application owns a very eye-catching, colorful interface.

The application provides you with tools to track daily expenses, divide items such as personal expenses, family expenses, spending on festivals, …

From there give you a more overview of the day, week, month. The spending will be controlled and optimized, helping you to save unnecessary expenses.

Some key features of the Spendee application:

  • Track personal expenses manually or sync securely with bank accounts.
  • Easily set budget goals, schedule expenses, and save
  • Beautiful thu-chi graph.
  • Make a family budget plan.
  • Share wallet with friends and family.
  • Customize your wallet with a variety of currencies, for many purposes: travel, filial piety, buying a car, …

Link download: iOS, Android

2. MISA Money Keeper (MISA)

This is considered as a family expense management book on the phone, extremely convenient for everyone by its Vietnamese interface, simple and easy to use.

MISA allows users to record revenue / expenditure, loan / debt activities to remind users to consider their investments and make payments on time and properly.

In addition, the application also helps users easily track, divide in / out amounts clearly and clearly thanks to intuitive and scientific charts. From there, there is a comparison of revenues / expenditures over each month, quarter and year.

Some key features of the MISA application:

  • Allows users to record full revenues / expenditures quickly and conveniently.
  • Summary of expenses for each specific event or project.
  • Track user’s borrowing / debt activity to remind users the correct and adequate payment milestones when due.
  • Can record, convert the amount of money circulated between accounts, and exchange rates between currencies.
  • Graphical reports, clear and instant expense analysis.

Link download: iOS, Android

3. Home Budget with Sync

spending management apps

Your expenses tracking, bill management, and payment reminders will be helped by Home Budget with Sync.

The spending information is classified and shown through a clear table, helping users to capture their spending. Since then there are more correct spending plans.

Some key features of the Home Budget with Sync app:

  • Record revenue / expenditure information every day.
  • Track changes in card balance, accounts linked with the application, updated continuously.
  • Make a revenue / expenditure report based on the chart.
  • Allows exchange, purchase and sale of goods with others.

Home Budget with Sync is a paid app. However, the app also has a free version for Android: iOS, Android

4. Mint

spending management apps

Mint is a compact personal income and expenditure management application suitable for many different machine configurations.

The application has the ability to link cards, give you information from your account, remind bills, give advice to you. From there to help you manage your spending more reasonably.

Some key features of the Mint app:

  • Allow to record revenues and expenditures by day, week, month.
  • Link your cards, accounts, bill reminders.
  • Automatically classify transactions, display receipts and payments, transactions using intuitive and easy-to-understand charts.
  • Give advice, suggest trends.

Link download: iOS, Android

5. Money Mate

Money Mate in addition to helping you track your daily expenses, the application also helps you to set up future spending plans accordingly. Besides, expenses are clearly shown and easy to see by graphs.

And moreover, you can completely use the application offline without worrying about the internet connection or not. This is a simple and easy to use application.

Some key features of the Money Mate application:

  • Create a deposit plan, set up detailed receipts for savings.
  • Track, calculate daily, weekly expenses, … easily and quickly.
  • Expenditure data is represented by a diverse and easy-to-visualize chart.
  • Can be used without internet.
  • Schedule reminders to take notes, do not miss expenses.

6. Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is an international spending management application that helps you monitor cash flow, bank balance with high security when combining 256-bit SSL encryption and 4-digit PIN.

The data is represented by a visual chart, making it easier for you to track your expenses and expenses.

Some key features of the Pocket Guard application:

  • Record, calculate daily revenues and expenditures.
  • Track cash flow, account balance fluctuations.
  • Invoice reminder every time there is a calendar.
  • High security.

Link download: iOS, Android

7. Money Lover

This is a financial application trusted by many people, reached the Top 5 best applications on Android, Google I / O 2017.

Money Lover gives users simple but effective tools to manage and track spending by day, week, month, quarter, year.

Along with that, the application also links with more than 20 domestic banks, making it easy to track balance fluctuations and transactions on your account. From there set out a more reasonable spending plan.

Some key features of Money Lover app:

  • Keep track of expenses, income, daily bills.
  • Easily make plans to spend the week, month.
  • Viewing financial statements through images makes it easy to grasp information.
  • Feature reminder to pay electricity and water bills.

Above are Top 7 best spending management apps on Android, iOS. In addition, nowadays there are many other tools and companies to make a meeting online apps, you can also refer to such as: Facebook live, Twitter live, … These are all reputable places, but due to the table The ratings are too many, so Kama cannot list them all, if we can see you in another article!