Top 7 most popular photo editing apps today

By | September 17, 2021

To have a beautiful picture posted on Facebook or Instagram is not difficult. Whenever we gather to eat or go out with friends and relatives, we often take pictures to “check-in” on social networks. So, in order to have a sparkling picture to show everyone, it is indispensable for the support of these image editing apps. In this article, let’s learn about the most popular photo editing apps currently with APK-LIVE! For more information & news, you can alway checkout in our website at APK-LIVE

Top 7 most popular photo editing apps today

1. Enlight

App Enlight is a bit difficult to use, but it is extremely suitable for girls who love art and love creativity. In addition, Enlight also allows you to dub images and create “disappear” photo effects just like Taylor Swift’s “Style” MV. Enlight has many features such as: 20 color filters, the ability to add characters to photos, funny sticker sets, photo background options, collage with over 100 custom layouts, …

Enlight is an editing app. Professional photos for iPhone, so you can turn your photos into very simple collages. Enlight helps you create beautiful, more artistic pictures from the original image, the app comes with many professional photo editing tools such as Reshape, Brushes, and color filters like Analog, BW, BUO. In parallel, the app will save the best image quality for you. Enlight is currently free to download on the Appstore. This is surely one of the popular photo editing apps on iOS now.

Enlight tools featured:

  • Canvas: Supports cropping, adjusting tilt, …
  • Image: Here you can adjust the brightness, contrast, … by choosing Adjust. Then switch to the Tools tab. Adjustment tools will be displayed including: Basic, Details, Color, Split Tone, Curves (Color Graph). Clarity in Image will include tools to edit the sharpness of the image (Sharpen, Clarity), the saturation of the image. Target will be the place to adjust the contrast, saturation of an area, an object on the image.
  • Color Filters Filters include Analog, BW, Duo filters. Choose a filter any and adjust the color bar so that it makes sense. Then switch to Tools to be able to use the tools, if you feel the color of the filter is not really suitable.
  • Tools in the main interface will help you merge 2 photos together properly with Mixer, reshape with Reshape, Heal will help swap image areas, and the last tool is to create photos with Tilt Shift effect. .
  • Artistic, this is the place to create artwork with Elements, Painting, Urban, Sketch.
  • The remaining tools like Brushes, Text, Finalize are pretty common tools in any editing app.
  • It can be said that the free Enlight first version is a good thing for iOS fans.

Link download: iOS

2. Huji Cam

With so many virtual live app options available today, Huji Cam is one of the apps that has its own boldness and is used by many young people. In the style of film cameras from the olden days, Huji Cam can help you automatically create incredibly artistic photos in no time. Handling dreamy film tones in Korean style, Huji Cam’s photo colors are bold and sharp. It come with extremely popular with young people in personality style.

popular photo editing apps

Compared to other similar photography apps, Huji Cam’s vintage colors are presented in a unique way. Without overusing tricks such as blurring photos to create a sense of mystery. Huji Cam produces sharp images, while taking advantage of the sunburn effect with fanciful patches of orange, bringing out a dazzling beauty. but still retains the classic morphology.

Like Kudak Pro, Huji Cam also helps the photographer to capture the classic 90s-style moments. However, a special feature of Huji Cam is that there are many continuous shots that are not required. 24 shots / time. In terms of image, the difference of Huji Cam lies in the blurred part of the four corners, giving viewers a pretty old feel. Besides, the color of the filters in this application is also quite popular. All thanks to the moderate noise and the random filter selection mode.

Link download: iOS, Android

3. Analog film

Analog is a photo editing app with about 400 filters for you to spoil photos with many different styles. The advantage and also the disadvantage of Analog is that it is divided into many small apps so that you can easily find the color of the image, but it is heavy. So, it is best for you to download an Analog Film app for short.

You just need to take a photo, put in the name of any city, choose the right filter (each city will have 10 different filters), your photo will bring the color and spirit of that city. Right!

popular photo editing apps

More information:

With different tastes will suit different apps, you should try the information below to get the most satisfactory photos:

  • Tokyo: For those who like a gentle, poetic image. Suitable for editing photos of the sky, flowers, elegant dishes such as ice cream, cakes, afternoon tea tables.
  • Paris: Suitable for landscapes with high skies, seas and architectural works. The initial color can be a bit “dazzling”, so you can customize it by reducing the saturation and contrast down to be just right.
  • London: The color tone is quite cold, so it is suitable for landscape and lifestyle photography (ie photos with people walking / working / talking …). Food photography is also quite nice, but with background conditions like tables, tablecloths … dark colors like brown, black.
  • Budapest: The girls who like pastel and who follow the gentle and innocent taste will definitely match this filter.
  • Jeju: For photographing natural scenes such as mountains, trees or streets, you should try this filter.
  • Beijing: This filter enhances and pushes the colors quite well, so it can be used well with multicolored photos like a banquet table with all kinds of dishes, #ootd photos with colorful costumes, flatlay photos, fun areas play, bookstores …
  • Portland: The color is quite cold and sad. Suitable for taking pictures of luxury food and photos that need a certain “depth”.
  • Wedding: In a sense, this is like a combination of the Japanese and Korean atmosphere: gentle, distracted. Used similarly to Tokyo, not much different.

Link download: Android