Top 8 most popular online dating apps Q2 2021 (1)

By | September 17, 2021

You are a longtime FA and you are looking for someone to date through the internet. Simply put, the following online dating apps will help you find your partner very quickly and safely. Join us to explore these great online dating apps! For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 8 most popular online dating apps Q2 2021


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LOVOO is like a social networking site with tens of millions of regular and permanent visitors. LOVOO’s interface design and functions are very minimalistic but not monotonous. LOVOO’s flair, no complexity is a big plus that makes the application extremely user-friendly and attractive. Hence, finding a lover on this online application is really simple but effective.

The LOVOO lover app is also known for its ability to secure users’ personal information. It only allows others to see your information if you give permission. This is the solution to respect the individual and protect users from ridiculous teasers – which is rampant on a number of other dating sites.

In particular, LOVOO also has Live Radar – a radar-like feature to find out the distance between users. With this feature, users can know who is around, how far away. And that is the opportunity for couples to decide to meet each other in real life.

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2. Twoo

Twoo is an online application that has a huge and frequent online population. This application is also quite user-friendly because it connects to many other popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Viber … And of course, it is also an application with easy-to-use interface and completely free. fees, as long as the user has a network connection.

online dating apps

Twoo is an application to find a lover with a dynamic and comfortable environment to exchange and make friends. You can share interesting information about yourself as well as track other people’s needs to find a mate. It is the creation of this active motivation of Twoo that users are more confident in their love life. Known as a modern and reliable social networking service for friends.

Twoo works quite similar to Facebook, Viber, Zalo … so it’s very easy to use. This dating app has 3 different languages ​​in the world with a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use interface, with an advanced search engine that will help you find someone like you quite easily.

And of course, all user information is completely confidential. Twoo has policies to manage accounts to prevent fraud and fraud. It comes in two versions: free and paid. Each different country will have a change in the premium plan. Users can renew or cancel the package like subscribed to a daily package.

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3. Badoo

Badoo is a highly rated practice dating app with massive downloads. The Badoo dating app as an independent social network, you can search for friends of the opposite sex any time and place on Badoo. The salient feature of the Badoo dating app is that you can filter and search for friends around the area you choose, if you find another like that, just press select and start a chat.

online dating apps

Badoo appeared on the market since 2006 and is also one of the most popular friend applications today with a large number of users. Badoo works as a social network, supports many languages ​​including English, French, German, Chinese … Users can chat, post photos and videos, keep in touch with friends, meet new ones. With a simple design, users easily use the features and make finding suitable subjects more comfortable.

You can use facebook information to set up a profile on Badoo or create a completely new profile. Badoo allows you to automatically match up with people around you or do manual searches depending on your wishes. The App supports multiple languages ​​so you can use the desired language in addition to English.

Badoo is in the Top rated free dating apps today. It is known for a useful feature that you can find friends around in the area, once you two want to meet up for a date just press the button “Want to meet”. Badoo in the iPhone and iPad versions allows users to view the profiles of other users and the list of mutual friends. The interface of this dating app supports multiple languages ​​including rare languages.

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4. Bumble

Bumble is similar to Tinder because it was created by the founder and a former Tinder employee. But there are some changes in this new application. This app is designed with safety in mind and demonstrates the woman’s control. In this dating app, the witch has the right to like or dislike or can send a message to the opposite sex first. When messages are done, women only have 24 hours to text and men have 24 hours to respond if they are really concerned about the woman texting them.

Like a number of other dating apps, Bumble also links up with Facebook to get basic insights from users. It allows users to post 6 images in the introduction. The Bumble app keeps you connected and chatting with friends around the world. If you are lucky, you will meet that person who can make you vibrate. And the two of you can text and chat every day just like you’re dating. You can use Bumble to text or chat or make voice and video calls to easily communicate with friends and relatives. With good video calling quality, the application helps you connect and meet people in remote places easily, you will not miss any chat meeting.

In the Bumble dating app, women have the right to first initiate, they have the right to send messages to the opposite sex first. When the woman is finished texting, the man has 24 hours to reply if they really care about the woman texting her, and the woman has 24 hours to text and the man. If not, the connection between the two will expire. So it’s easier for you to identify your other half.

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Thank you for reading the top part-1 of the most interesting online dating apps in the second quarter of this year. I wish you will soon escape FA life and find the right person for you!