9 free home gym apps for Android in 2021

By | September 17, 2021

You are quite busy in life, do not have time to go to the gym but want to practice in a methodical way, with a schedule. Perhaps your solution now is to find free home gym apps. So what apps can meet those needs for free? Today I will help you to solve that difficult problem and now with APK-LIVE find out the top free home gym apps.

The top 9 free home gym apps

1. Pro Fitness

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If you want to have a standard body, build yourself a table exercise then Pro Fitness is a perfect choice for you. This is one of the best free home gym apps. Because the app helps you build a good exercise regimen as well as lose weight and tighten muscles. In addition, it also tracks your exercises, will give you the most accurate analysis of your body.

In this app there are detailed instructions for pictures and each video for each article. Depending on each person’s goals, there will be different courses to help learners achieve their goals. In addition, the app also has the function to track exercise progress and schedule reminders. For a free gym app that has such. I think you should immediately download it to your phone to start practicing.

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2. Wp Gym App

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In this free home gym app, there will be a roadmap of 500 exercises for trainees. From basic to difficult, you can choose the right exercises for your body to practice. The App also measures your muscle fatigue, how long it will take for your muscles to recover. Track your weight, calculate excess fat and give BMI for each person. From there, it will build you a very scientific practice routine. Why do new gyms suffer muscle pain? Because you don’t workout like Gym WP told you to!

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3. Sworkit Lite

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As its name implies – Sworkit Lite is one of the best free daily home gym apps. This is a very useful mobile manager application. Like your coach. It integrates many functions together and contains many exercises. Those who want to have a beautiful standard body, then downloading this app to your phone to experience is what you should do. How to build a weight loss gym schedule.

There are not only gyms in the app, but also articles related to yoga, pilates, muscle stretches … Your job is to open up video tutorials and follow. In the app there will be a calendar to remind you to continue training, or if you need a break. Feeling reminded you will be more motivated to exercise each day.

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4. Gym Guider Offline

The strong point of this application is that you can use it even without internet. Whether your phone operating system iOS or Android can use it. One dissatisfaction with this app is that it has just over 100 exercises. Although the majority of exercises will fulfill your needs, many are probably better than they are. Exercises mainly on chest, bucket, shoulder, back, waist, calf, abdomen, … With this application you can apply exercises in times of power failure indoors without internet.

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5. Daily workouts – Practice every day

Daily Workouts – Daily Workouts is a very smart home gym app. It is also very useful like other videos, this application also has video tutorials for you to practice. The videos in the app are recognized by coaches. So when you practice, it will definitely achieve high results if you work hard. This is an app for both men and women. Don’t be afraid of the exercises that won’t suit me.

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6. Nike Training Club – A club for women

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Nike Training Club is one of the gym apps exclusively for women. To start practicing, download the app right away to your phone and choose for yourself the exercises that are in your goal. Reduce belly fat, reduce thigh fat, or help slim waist. For each of its goals, the app will provide you with instructional videos. Your job at this time is to persistently practice only.

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7. Female Fitness

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Female Fitness is a home gym application that a lot of people use, especially for women. The reason it is used so much is due to the quickness of each of its exercises. Every day you only take 7 minutes to practice, but get the toned body you dreamed of. Female Fitness exercises will burn all the excess fat in your abdomen, buttocks, and waist area.
You will become more confident after a period of practice. In the app there is also a section tracking your weight, measuring your calories burned each day. You will know these stats to help you motivate to exercise more regularly.
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8. Lose Belly Fat in 30 Day

If you are rushing to do your gym, Lose Belly Fat in 30 Day is a home gym app that meets your needs. It only takes you 10 minutes a day to practice. After a month you will get back in shape. This is a very useful quick slimming app for you.

In addition to practice, the app also helps you build a more suitable diet. Each exercise of Lose Belly Fat in 30 Day you can practice anywhere without using too cumbersome machines. Try to download and apply your workout and coment your results below this article.

9. Women Workouts

For postpartum sisters. The body will go downhill miserably, to get back in shape as a girl is probably extremely difficult. You are also pretty confident with that figure when you go to the gym. But rest assured because the Women Workouts app is one of the home gym apps for pregnant women.

The app contains 180 exercises, will help your whole body work again. Your muscles will become firmer after a period of practice. Exercises are high calorie burning so you must be patient. If you want your body to look beautiful again, then practice hard.

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To have a better body, in addition to training, you should also choose the right diet. Limit greasy, high-fat foods. Eat more foods such as fruits and vegetables. In addition to bare-handed exercises, you should also refer to exercises that use gym equipment to quickly increase the efficiency of getting back a standard body.