Best Android games updated on May 2021 (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Mobile games are growing and diverse, so you can’t play each game one by one to choose a satisfactory game? Follow the article below, I will introduce to you the top 10 Best Android games updated on May 2021, chosen by many gamers. For more news and information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Best Android games updated on May 2021

5. Pokemon Cafe Mix

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-play Unlimited Pattern Puzzle that requires the touchscreen to play – this game cannot be played in docked mode. This game has a theme of preparing meals and drinks in a Pokemon cafe, but in reality what you’re really doing is connecting chains of icons that look like the faces of various Pokemon, hoping to move them around on the play field in a way that meets specific clear conditions.

The theming here is cute, but the connection to the gameplay definitely feels a bit forced. I think the hand-painted Pokemon artwork used in the game’s menus and lighthearted story snippets are lovely, and the artwork of different foods is creative and even a bit enticing at times, but then I’m looking at a screen full of Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle heads, and I find myself wishing the game went further with its cafe theme. At the very least, the game keeps an overall pleasant tone with its light music and plucky sound effects.

As for the gameplay, there’s a physics-based element here as the icons you’re connecting are all not only affected by gravity, but the shifting movement of your chain as you connect the icons up. However, this freque ,ntly results in the game feeling like it has less to do with strategy and more to do with swirling the icons around until you hopefully get them in a position you like. It’s not terrible – I can see this being an okay time-waster, but it’s not likely to win over serious Puzzle game fans.

Best Android games updated

Simple and cute

For those wondering about the microtransactions here, players can spend real money to unlock expendable bonus items, as well as in-game currency that gives players extra turns if they fail to meet goals in the limited turn numbers they’re given. Not the worst I’ve seen in free-to-play games by far, but still something to bear in mind when considering the free download, and absolutely a consideration if you were thinking of getting this as a cute free game for your young kid.

In the end, Pokemon Cafe Mix is a lot like the sugary treats served in the game’s establishment – it looks lovely and full of charm, but you can tell the saccharine appearance is just obscuring empty calories. For what it is, it’s fine, but if it wasn’t free-to-play, there wouldn’t be any reason to bother with it.

Great to play

But is this the kind of game where you really want to use slow, methodical play? Eh, it is fifty-fifty. When you first start out you’ll naturally be flying through stages and flinging icons around the playing field willy-nilly, but once you have to start actually thinking through your moves, you’ll become less hasty with your tactics.

As the game increases in difficulty, you’ll start eyeing your abilities more, taking stock of how many icons of each type you have, how many special icons you can create with them, and so on, and so forth. It’s not the most complicated or engaging puzzle game I’ve ever played, but it has a decent amount of content that keeps me coming back for more.

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6. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Arena of Valor Mobile is the number 1 MOBA eSports game in the Asian market. But when Riot announced the existence of the League of Legends: Wild Rift game project. The MOBA game community in general and Arena of Valor in particular were restless. A lot of people pay attention to Riot’s blockbuster partly. Because of the mentality of enjoying the “new breeze”. Partly because of the limitations of the Coalition in the past time (Hack map, terrain bugs and vision). Since the beginning of the year, League of Legends: Wild Rift has entered the Close Beta phase. And it is now welcome more gamers to experience.

Immediately, a large number of gamers around the world found all kinds of ways to register, hoping for luck to receive an approval email to participate in the test from Riot. In fact, a number of reporters of news sites, streamers cum Youtuber Arena of Valor have been on the hands of Riot’s MOBA game. At this point, these lucky players were able to draw their own subjective assessments of League: Wild Rift. The issues raised by them are quite diverse, but it is worth mentioning that Riot commercializes champions.

Many features and champions

The commercialization of generals in popular MOBA games today still includes 3 basic ways. Gamers plow gold to buy champions (gold drops when leveling up, ending the game, completing basic weekly or monthly tasks). It can use champion pieces to change champions forever and the last way is to load cards to buy champions. Of course, in addition to the above ways, the community can receive FREE server-wide champions every time there is an Event.

With League, Wild Rift, Riot has completely applied the mechanism of League of Legends in the release of champions. Exactly, all champions in the game will be sold with Blue Essence, not automatically unlocked as many people mistakenly believe. This means that the generals will not be “accidentally”. Similar to the PC version of League of Legends, gamers will have to plow hoes. Accumulate ingame currency to be able to unlock their favorite champion.


But the downside is immediately obvious. When the amount of Blue Essence that gamers receive after each match is only about 2 units. With several dozen Blue Essences). Meanwhile, the selling price of a series of generals is set at 5500. If calculated carefully, a player will have to spend several weeks to buy the most expensive champions.

When looking at the Tencent version of Arena of Valor. Gamers can get from 30-35 generals after only 1-2 weeks of experience. If in the Garena server, the number of Free generals can be reduced a lot but still fluctuates at 12 – 17 generals. If gamers take advantage of buying champions with preferential gold prices at the beginning.

Indeed, the champion system in League of Legends: Wild Rift is exactly free. Because they are released 100% with Blue Essence, and gamers will not have to spend any cash to buy champions. But to please the community, Riot’s game will still need more reasonable adjustments in the future.