Best Android games updated on May 2021 (3)

By | September 17, 2021

Android games updated on May – Mobile games are growing and diverse, so you can’t play each game one by one to choose a satisfactory game? Follow the article below, I will introduce to you the top 10 Best Android games updated on May 2021, chosen by many gamers. For more news and information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Best Android games updated on May 2021

9. Call Of Duty Mobile

In the first week of Call of Duty: Mobile’s launch, according to reputable statistical reports, the number of players by platform with iOS accounted for about 56% and Android accounted for 44%.

The region with the highest game download volume is the United States with about 17.3 million downloads. Next is India with 13.7 million downloads. And 7.1 million downloads of Tencent’s shooter came from Brazilian gamers.

In terms of revenue, the game’s first week revenue was around $17.7 million, surpassing Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile. In particular, the US is the country with the largest amount of spending on games.

Take a look at some of the above figures to see how the success of the FPS Call of Duty: Mobile game launch really created an earthquake in the international mobile game village. Many reputable news sites have timely reviews before the attraction of this game. Those are all fair and objective evaluations based on experience based on the index, but cannot be achieved through the above numbers. Let’s see what IGN has to say.

The interface is not really optimized

“Mark” Call of Duty is no stranger to many players when becoming a legend in the FPS game village. But the name Call of Duty: Mobile may make a difference on mobile. This product represents a concerted effort by Activision with its franchisees (Tencent and Garena) to make a mark in the highly competitive mobile market.

You will not find a campaign in the game. But the multiplayer modes including the battle royale mode will bring that familiar feeling. What’s on offer is impressive, but the controls are iffy, and its free-to-play nature does remind you of its microtransactions often, even if they’re easy to overlook.

Android games updated on May

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the movement may not be suitable for the left virtual control when it is more or less difficult to manipulate. But aiming and shooting is quite good. Vivid movements such as climbing through the window, bending over and throwing grenades really exceed many people’s expectations by the realism.

In addition, the function keys on the game screen are at a redundant level, hindering the ability to manipulate multiple fingers. It makes the interface unsightly and difficult to handle. Meanwhile, the Call of Duty: Mobile version does not support Bluetooth controllers.

The battle royale mode makes an impression

The battle royale mode is definitely the most impressive game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile with many people. This battle mode is like a miniature version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout with many vehicle options, bells and whistles.

You can play in third or first person (these two have separate views to ensure fairness). Battle has a smaller map with matches with shorter duration than games with similar modes such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules of Surival…

In-game spending

Gamers can buy COD points with real money to upgrade guns and buy different skins. Upgrading unlocks new accessories for guns that gradually improve stats such as accuracy, damage according to personal preferences.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a pre-branded game. The mobile version meets the needs of fans who want to play more conveniently on mobile. However, the big limitation of the current game is that it does not support Bluetooth controller.

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10. PUBG Mobile

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) was so famous in the worldwide gaming community. But it was not long before the Mobile version of this game was officially released. Even though it was only the Chinese version. Therefore, PUBG Mobile is currently the name that gamers are looking forward to even though it has just been released, but it has immediately caused a fever not only because of its graphics and gameplay that is no different from its senior on PC but also great. It’s even better when this game is released completely for free.

Android games updated on May

New version arise

PUBG Mobile is preparing to launch its 2.0 version. Called PUBG: New State, this is the version that is expected to compete fairly in terms of graphics with Free Fire in the near future. The special thing is that this will be a version not released by Tencent. The team that developed and released version 2.0 are PUBG Studio and KRAFTON.

PUBG Mobile 2 is a version set in the future, specifically 2051. Thousands of gamers have been registered early to test this game on Android. Global gamers will need a little more time to be able to experience this fascinating game. PUBG Mobile 1 version will continue to be used, most likely to be released in parallel with version 2.

The expected time to launch PUBG Mobile test version will be around the end of this March. The configuration to play PUBG Mobile 2 will most likely be for smart phones running at least Android 6, RAM levels ranging from 2-3 GB or more. This is a configuration that will help gamers experience the best graphics scene, competing directly with rival Free Fire in this regard.

Success this year

2020 is really a successful year for both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. If Free Fire is highly appreciated for its creativity and tournament organization despite the complicated situation of COVID-19. PUBG Mobile is the top-grossing game in Mobile games. PUBG Mobile is the mobile version developed from the PC version of this game.

With a simpler gameplay than PC, PUBG Mobile is always focused on user experience to continue to develop more about the game. According to the promotion of the development team, PUBG: New State will bring the most realistic survival experience. Players can find on the mobile platform, which will even surpass the current PUBG Mobile.

And when I got my hands on PUBG Mobile, APK-LIVE couldn’t believe that this was a mobile game product. PUBG’s high level of detail, immersive sound, and inherently engaging gameplay make this game perfect. Maybe, this game will make it difficult for some devices with low configuration. Or if you set the highest configuration, the phone will be quite hot and consume battery. However, playing a completely free official PUBG game is not too expensive for some people.