Best new updated games on Android in 2021 (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Best new updated games – Mobile games are growing and diverse, so you can’t play each game one by one to choose a satisfactory game? Follow the article below, I will introduce to you the top 10 Best new updated games on Android in 2021, chosen by many gamers. For more news and information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Best new updated games on Android in 2021

3. Among US

Among Us is a funny co-op multiplayer game with an “obnoxious” cartoon-style graphic style, requiring interaction between players to find the “hidden person”. The game is being called by the boardgame community with the name: “Werewolf version of the universe”.

Although not new in terms of release time and gameplay mechanics, Among Us suddenly became popular recently. Notably, this game is nothing new in terms of ideas compared to many names with the same formula of the board game “Wolf”. The game is like a shortened version of the gameplay concept of Project Winter or Secret Neighbor. That I used to play or you can say the opposite. In it, a group of 4 to 10 players must both find a way to survive and find out who the killer is on the spaceship “internal and external”.

The biggest difference is that developer Innersloth’s game has simple 2D graphics. That take advantage of dark colors, and has a funny, if not stupid, character design. The game does not have survival mechanics like Project Winter. But it only revolves around the goal of two randomly selected player objects: Crewmate and Impostor. On one side is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, always looking for ways to “kill” others and then “teach me” to blame everyone. The goal of the remaining players is to find the truth of the hidden villain.

Many interesting modes

Crewmates as you can imagine are regular players. The main task is to perform the repair of the spaceship. You can done it through simple and varied mini-games, but only in the initial few plays. They only revolve around simple tasks such as wiring or putting items in place within a certain time, etc. The problem is, this is the time when Crewmate is almost unable to perceive what is going on. going around. Player cannot find which is the “bad people”.

Even after being murdered by the Impostor, the late Crewmate member’s experience continues with the small, limited privilege of not being able to interact with other players. But in most cases, these “victims” often leave the game and leave the burden of “work house” for the surviving Crewmates. In contrast, Impostors are sheep-class villains with a passion for throwing stones in secret. It creating chaos by destroying spaceships and creating a “closed room crime” scene to increase suspicion among players.

While the Impostor cannot perform the repair of the spacecraft through the minigames. He can use the hiding places designed specifically for this character for the “fire to the hands” plan. The problem is, Crewmates are not accessible for these places. The Crewmates cannot find who the Impostor is disguised among the players. It help creating a feeling of mutual suspicion. Suspicion grows every time a new victim among the Crewmates is shot by a hidden killer.

Best new updated games

Interesting experiment

After all, Among Us offers a dramatic and interesting “turning-traitor” experience with simple, easy-to-play gameplay mechanics and a relatively short duration of each game. This is a very remarkable name if you have a group of friends to play with for the purpose of relaxing and having fun in the midst of social distancing because of Covid-19. However, the experience also has many less exciting risks when playing with strangers that you should consider.

Among Us is available for PC (Windows), Android and iOS.

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4. Legends of Runeterra

The Legend of Runeterra is so expected by gamers. It promising as a new breeze for the tactical card game series in the North American market. No wonder The eagerness to experience the super strategic card game from Riot Games has made the presence in the North American market of this game considered a success in many ways.

Referring to this success, first of all, the contribution from the graphics platform of the Legend of Runeterra must be mentioned. Right from the first moments when entering the game, players have experienced vivid and bright graphics. The interface of the game is simple but is just enough to impress players of the standard CCG game.  Main house (Nexus), main house HP, Mana, cards as well as playable field. divided into 2 factions are easy to distinguish.

Best new updated games

Familiar appearance

And the appearance of League of Legends generals is one of the highlights of the Legend of Runeterra game. Just a few minutes after “entering the game”, players will quickly “reunited” with familiar faces like Twisted Fate, Gangplank, even “national generals” like Lee Sin or Yasuo. The images of these generals when turned into cards are generally very carefully cared for, as vivid as when in League of Legends.

And sweet breakfast for the party of graphics – gameplay is the sound, but more specifically the melodies that resonate in the ears when experiencing the Legend of Runeterra game. Full range of emotions from pristine, heroic, tense to bursting in victory. This is supported by the “top of the top” soundtrack that this card game brings to gamers. Especially with the recent appearance of 5 K/DA muses in Legends of Runeterra, gamers are free to choose ranked flying music!

A game worth paying attention to

Tactics conquer the hearts of the “hardcore” followers of the tactical card game series. With a system of more than 500 cards from 8 lands to the present. Players can freely create unique decks and tactics to fight and become a Legend.

The Legend of Runeterra game is a “must-try”.  Whether you are a fan of League of Legends or a fan of the tactical card game series. The combination of graphics, sound and gameplay has created an irresistible Legend of Runeterra. Then why not try it for yourself today?

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