The best calling apps for Android in 2021 (Part 1)

By | January 21, 2021

Calling apps are essential for every Android phone out there. Especially with Google Play app store. However, which calling apps you really need to download to your phone? Let’s find out together in Part-1 of this series. You can check out more news at APK-Live


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Calling apps - Skype

It can be said that Skype is one of the most popular video chat apps worldwide for all platforms from iOS, Android and even PC. Skype has more than 11 million downloads and possesses high quality, up to 4.3 stars by user ratings.

Skype’s integration is pretty good when you can sign in with a Microsoft account and Facebook. What’s more, this video chat app also allows you to make group calls with up to 25 people. The quality of the calls is always Skype’s top priority. Video images always give a sharp, realistic quality, clear and clear sound, giving you a good experience when using Skype. You can also text or make regular calls for a small fee.

But Skype is still not a perfect application when it comes up with a few small errors. Some users claim that they are automatically logged out of their account and then unable to log in again. Sometimes, users cannot reply to messages from friends or customers even though the device is still connected to the network.

One more minor minus point is that the application appears quite a lot of ads, making the user experience reduced to a brain. Looks low, Skype is a famous application with a large number of users, call quality is also appreciated, but there are still some minor bugs that have not been fixed by the publisher.

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Another Call Recorder

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Calling apps - ACA

ACR stands for Another Call Recorder (a recording call). This is a free call recording app that is highly appreciated by Android users. It gives you clear recordings, with no blurring or loss of sound. The application has a function to automatically delete old recordings to save space for your device.

However, you can easily restore it when you go to the Trash Can – where your deleted recordings are. During use, this software also allows you to password protect recording files, support recording from any time, not immediately upon receiving a call, storing recording files. to Google Drive.

However, some users still complain that they cannot record the voice from the other end. Some people also experience the problem of being unable to back up recordings. However, the number of people making mistakes due to this application is very small and the majority still appreciate it. This app is rated 4.3 stars by the user.

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Facebook Messenger

Price: Free

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging and calling apps on the planet. Because this application is made to sync with Facebook, it will be very convenient for you to make calls to loved ones. Moreover, the video chat experience on Messenger is also quite good. Comes with video calling function are new stickers, filters and general clip viewing feature to help make calls more entertaining.

The interface of Facebook Messenger is also a strong point that users love extremely in this application. The interface is very simple but eye-catching, moreover it is arranged intelligently making it easy for users to get used to and use.

One more special feature of this application is that you can completely change the nickname, the color of the chats makes them more colorful and entertaining.

However, Messenger also has a few minus points that are not worth it. The optimization of this application is not really good, so it takes a lot of RAM on your phone. Sometimes it even crashes itself onto the home screen, reducing the user experience. This application is quite loved by users when it is scored 4.3 stars on Google Play.

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calling apps - Discord

Discord was originally one of many calling apps for gamers. The app is mainly focused on group chats and calls for gamers. However, recently because of the stability of the calls that Discord brings, this application decided to update more video calling feature. This feature works really well on both computers and phones when the sound quality is clear, clear and there is no lag.

Even so, the Discord app still has small bugs that reduce the user experience. Sometimes, the application always automatically plays the call to the speakerphone. Moreover, there are times when Discord’s server is faulty, making you unable to login. A few users also reflect that the application sometimes bounces itself to the home screen, making the user experience significantly reduced. Overall, this is still the application you should have in your device for stable video calls. Discord is highly rated by users, up to 4.5 stars on Google Play.

Link download: Andoird


Price: Free

Renk was just released last year but has been rated by many and considered it the best call recording app on iOS. Renk is completely free to download and use.

Perhaps Renk is appreciated by users because this application is easy to use, you will be instructed in detail how to record calls. Along with that, the recording quality is high, it has no lag or lag like other recording apps. In addition, Renk can also automatically recognize the conversation in your recording and convert it to text.

Renk has no limit on the recording time per recording nor the number of recordings. However, many users still complain because sometimes Renk does not save recordings after recording.

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TapeACall Pro

Price: Free

It can be said that TapeACall Pro is one of the best call recording apps that can be downloaded on the App Store. TapeACall Pro is rated 4.5 stars by users on the app store. This application has outstanding advantages including easy-to-use interface, familiarity, call recording features always making good recordings, its sound is always clear. Easy sharing is also a plus of TapeACall Pro. You can easily upload them to iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

However, along with the excellent quality of the application is a pretty expensive price: 3.99 USD / month and 19.99 USD / year. Even so, you will still get a 7-day trial before deciding to spend money to stick with TapeACall.
Also you can use TapeACall Lite. With TapeACall Lite version, you will only be able to record limited calls for the first 60 seconds. On the Pro version, you can record without time limit.