The best video editing apps in 2020 for iOS

By | December 29, 2020

Video editing apps have been a great tool for every Youtuber and Video editors in recent years. You don’t need to have a powerful PC to edit 60 fps or 2K, because it can all be working on your tiny iPhone or iPad Pro, which delivers a phenomenal quality. From social media videos, to creating full commercials MV, you will be surprised by what video editing apps could do.

Most apps available on iOS and Android, but for this list, we will focus on iOS only. All apps from this list will be available for iPhone and iPad. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues, because most apps have been updated to iOS 14.0 now. Many of them can be working cross-platform, using PC software and apps at the same time. This could make them very useful and flexible.

The best video editing apps offer lots of powerful features, in a simple, easy-to-use interface on a small touchscreen. The current trend is to use many photo editing apps on iPhone and iPad, due to its convenience and reasonable price. However, on the Apps Store today, there exist many apps with many different purposes and uses. Users are easily “overwhelmed” in that pile of apps, so our list will help you filter out which apps are the best fit for you.

If you are interested in which video editing apps suit your needs and work, here is a list of the best  apps available on the Apps Store today. For more information, you could check out our website at apk-live.

List of Best video editing apps on iOS in 2020

Adobe Premiere Rush 

best video editing apps - Adobe

There is no doubt that Adobe Premiere Rush IS the Best Video Editing Apps in the iOS to date. The powerful cross-platform app can generate the best Video quality for you, from Youtube Video to Commercial Video. 

The strongest point in Adobe Premiere Rush, is that you don’t need to learn too much to use. You don’t have to embrace the knowledge of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition to use Rush (although this would help you through a lot). But instead, you can work right away from this easy-to-use app. Many new features like quick upload to social media (Youtube, Instagram and Facebook), or automatically process to edit specific aspect ratio, to fit the required for every platform.

Convenience and accessibility is what makes Adobe Premiere Rush unique and special for every editor. Whatever your level of skill and experience, all can easily work on this app. You can download this app here today.

GoPro App

best video editing apps - GoPro

GoPro App is easily one of our favorite apps now. Designed to fit with the GoPro Camera, which records up to 4K video, and widely used by Blogger and Youtuber. In the last 2 years, users of GoPro App  have worked on different apps, one for remotely controlling your GoPro device, and one for editing. But now, these two have been combined in one app only. So you can now record video and editing directly without any separation.

From the first glance, you might see this app has a very simple interface. But don’t let that trick you to think it does not have any features. In fact,  GoPro App can do many things like: automatically import footages, and sync your clips to music very easily; add photos, titles and time lapse sequences, incorporate graphs based on stats of your movements,.. and so much more than this. One of key features in GoPro is the Horizon Levelling editor. It can weaks the angle of your scene to correct things if your camera wasn’t mounted in line with the horizon. This one could help you through editing some high-action sequence, like driving or running.

Sharing your photos and videos once they’re ready is easy, with direct uploads to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, or the option to share via text or email. This video editing app is free, but if you take out a GoPro Plus subscription you get access to extra soundtracks and you can auto upload photos and videos to the cloud for editing anywhere.

Also, you now can share your clips and photo directly without moving to another app. The upload feature will recommend you to post on your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or even Tik Tok. This app is free for download, but it comes with a subscription fee if you want to access cloud servers, which helps you to edit and upload videos everywhere. You can download today here.



The basic in-device iMovie might be the solution to editing video for you. This free app included in every iPhone, iPad and Mac contains many new features that are needed for your editing. Remember that this app is best for a beginner, who wants to start editing video using the app. Some basic features like adding titles, music, voices and photos will be included, but it is not working like a feature-rich device.

iMovie is much easier to pick up and use. It supports 4K on modern Apple devices, and integrates beautifully with the Apple ecosystem. Every clip you made can be saved on iCloud and streamed directly to Apple TV, or other device too.

In late 2020, Apple finally updated the iMovie app to sync with iOS 14, which added many new features. Some are more useful to Vloggers like adding three new filters, Comic, Comic Mono and Ink. New Soundtracks free to use is also a big plus in this update.


Filmmaker Pro

best video editing apps - Filmaker Pro

Tired of video editing apps for amateurs? Then Filmmaker Pro is the perfect choice for you. This pro-level app will become the tool you need to pro-editing through your iPhone. Filmmaker Pro combines with 30 filters, 17 transitions and Audiometer assisted voiceovers, and supported by more than 200 different fonts for your text overlays. These features help create one of the best editing apps on iOS to date

With Filmmaker Pro, you don’t need to worry about uploading high-quality clips online, because this one was packed with cloud networks (including iCloud, GG Cloud, MS Cloud Service,..). And like many on this list, this app is free download, but comes with paid subscription fee to open full features. The paid-version will remove watermarks and support every cloud system. Filmmaker Pro is now supporting iOS 14, you can download today at iOS.