Top 10 best horror games on Android you must play (1)

By | September 17, 2021

On CH Play nowadays there are many android horror games for you to choose from, but not all games are appreciated. So, APK-LIVE would like to send you the list of the best horror games for Android today!

Top 10 best horror games on Android you must play

1 Limbo

It can be said that Limbo is a very famous game and has a large fan base. Accordingly, you will be immersed in a creepy, blurred space with black and white tones. You will play the role of a boy with the mission to find the lost sister. The journey to be overcome will be full of challenges and dangers, but the boy’s abilities are limited. Therefore, you must use your ingenuity and intelligence to solve the situations in the game. In addition, extremely realistic sound in the game promises to bring you the “heart-pounding” phase at any time.

Limbo has no beginnings with the class of the main characters, no twisty details in places, people who have a clear face. The game simply puts you on the journey of an unknown boy, with no special powers, no power … all that the boy has is just an ordinary, weak body. Ironically, that small image reappears in the middle of the dark land of Limbo, where it is said to be the edge of hell. With death waiting, lurking all over Limbo, the only thing that pushed the boy forward was his missing sister.

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2. Dead Effect 2

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With such a compelling series, it would be flawed if you haven’t played it once. However, if you really miss this game then it should not be too regrettable, currently, Steam is having a huge promotion with this game series. Specifically, with only 28,000 VND you can immediately own Dead Effect 2 copyright. This can be considered a better opportunity to bring this cult game to your collection for a very good price. Dead Effect 2 not only simply brings the bombardment to destroy zombies, but also takes players to other mysterious missions and conspiracies that exist deep in the spaceship certainly even more terrible. death.

Indeed, Dead Effect 2 is the perfect combination of shooting style and horror boldness. Unlike today’s shooters when trying to push gamers into dizzying action sequences, Dead Effect 2 aims to slowly, groping step by step in a dark, horrifying atmosphere. fear, gloom and overcome it all to survive the journey. To buy and download Dead Effect 2 at a discount, you can access the link below the article.

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3. Haunted Clown Circus 3D

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Welcome to Haunted Clown Circus for Android – the first-person survival horror game in the creepy 3D world. Discover what happened in the spooky circus 25 years ago! The story of Haunted Clown Circus for Android starts quite normally. You get an offer to visit a legendary circus but it turns out this will be the scariest trip of your life! Haunted Clown Circus is a very popular horror game on Google Play, in which you play the role of a young character who is trying to understand mysterious events in a circus. But you won’t be alone, as this whole place is full of scary creatures.

From the very beginning, the expedition was unusual: terrible atmosphere, broken lights and insufficient phone battery to make a call. Once trapped in the circus, players can use screens, elevators, Christmas trees and anything else to scare away scary creatures like clowns, rabbits, orangutans, and murderers. other. Can you survive and leave this spooky circus, or will you be like the other guests for the past 25 years – chased and stuck here for the rest of your life?

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4. The Fear: Creepy Scream House

Do not let the game’s rather modest graphic deceive you, The Fear: Creepy Scream House does not need satisfying graphics to make players lose sleep. First, as the name suggests, this is a mini game created with the aim of startling players no more, no less. Just started, gamers are placed behind the wheel of a car on a dark road. Next to it was the laughter of his daughter and wife, but an uneasy atmosphere was evident. After a spooky silhouette causes the driver to win quickly, your family disappears.

In terms of controls, the player uses 2 buttons to interact quite simply, one for travel and one for alternating. During the game there are many jumpscare, scary scenes for these moments so be careful. With that said, The Fear is a short game that builds an element of horror through jumpscare snippets. If you have ever had horror moments with the flash game The House, you will also find similar moments with The Fear: Creepy Scream House.

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5. The Walking Dead: Season One

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Inspired by the work of comic book, series of the same name The Walking Dead by Charlie Adlard. Five parts of the adventure horror games The Walking Dead brings players full of exciting experiences when fighting, surviving and protecting your fellow against zombies. Get the style of point-and-click adventure games on PC. The Walking Dead, however, is more of a relationship orientation and revolves around the outcome of your choices. The Walking Dead is the story of survivors and their encounters with people trying to escape. Meanwhile, the zombies appear everywhere.

In the game you will play as Lee Everett, a former history teacher at a university, unexpectedly accused of murder. He has been given the second chance to live in a world ravaged by zombies. In a place where the undead are lurking, the survivors cannot maintain their safety if they stop! On the way, Lee meets Clemetine, the orphan girl, who saves his life from hell. And this is also a scary game. Although the game’s graphics are comic book style, the game still contains a lot of thrilling, creepy and bloody scenes, and especially even more horror when you use headphones.

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