Top 10 best livestream apps on Android – 2021 edition (Part 1)

By | September 17, 2021

Streaming online – also known as Livestream is an inevitable trend today. It is not only a tool for young people, but also the best solution in broadcasting and on the internet, helping people to access an event or information quickly and easily. To be able to Livestream stable and smooth, the support software is extremely important. Here are the best Livestream support apps you can use.

But in this article will bring you a list of best livestream apps on Android that you will not have to pay subcription fee. Here is part-1 of list of Top 10 best livestream apps on Android (2021 edition) today. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Top 10 best livestream apps on Android – 2021 edition

1. Facebook Live

Price: Free download

Live Video is a feature of Facebook, allowing users to record and stream directly to Facebook for friends to follow. This feature was released a few months ago but is limited to celebrities or limited pages only.

Facebook’s Live Video feature was first introduced in early December 2015, when it allowed users to start broadcasting live video back to their surroundings in real time to Facebook. Live video also supports inserting short descriptions and sending video to many people at the same time, or you can limit your friends from watching the video.

In addition, during the video stream, users can see how many people are watching their videos and read other people’s comments on their videos. Currently, it is the most commonly used app for live streaming by celebrities, online sellers & people who go to events. Also, Facebook Live now available on most countries. In some countries such as India, China and others, the livestream is temporarily restricted. If you have livestream needs in some of these countries, you can refer to how to fake IP.

Download link: here

2. Bigo Live

Price: Free download

Bigo Live is a social network just for users to share videos directly to the community. Besides, it also allows you to participate in viewing and discussing videos posted by other users. And most of all, with extremely simple operation, you can completely create your own video live broadcast channel.

With Bigo Live, you can choose to watch live broadcast channels and if you want to switch channels, you can easily do it by sliding the screen up or down. In addition, the application also has a chat frame that allows viewers to chat and send virtual gifts such as flowers, hearts, rings, teddy bears to increase points for the video player account. When you want to share your live video with others, it’s very simple. First, select the camera icon, then set the country where you want to share your video. Next is to enter the title of the video and finally click Go Live, the live stream will begin.

Bigo Live are extremely famous, especially with young audiences who are trying to make Livesteam for selling products. Currently, Bigo Live has more than 10 million users per month.

Download link: here

3. Periscope

Price: Free download

After more than a year of silent development, Periscope was born, this is an application that allows users to stream videos from their phone to Twitter for instant viewing. Periscope has a more special feature for connecting users then other livestream apps such as YouTube or Instagram. Users can used this app to livestream directly to other social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram. Also, users don’t need to worry about paying royalties for livestreams. You can tell your audience 

It is easier than ever to share all your pictures, from eating, attending events, and traveling to Twitter, and the videos can be stored for playback. Another quite interesting feature is that viewers can both watch and tag the screen to send hearts to the video player and can send as many hearts as they want, along with some more interesting features. We can’t start Periscope directly from Twitter yet, as the app developers don’t think it’s too necessary. They want this to be a real place to host what’s going on around the world and do what Twitter used to do.

Download link: here

4. Meerkat

Price: Free download

The Livestream Meerkat application has just been available for free download after a trial period on Android. Ranked 25th on social networking apps in the US, Meerkat is emerging as the live TV app of the future since its launch. This is an application that allows you to stream live video of events, matches, or anything that can be recorded with your mobile device, for anyone with an Internet connection and an account. Twitter.

Your Twitter followers are the same people who can watch these videos. Every time a video is played, your Twitter account sends a tweet to its followers. In addition, you can also watch live videos from others but are not allowed to save after watching. Although the number of Twitter users in other area (like middle east, Africa,…) is not much, with such great features, in the future maybe Meerkat will be posted on Facebook, then this app will be able to create a fever in the internet.

5. TalkTV Live

Price: Free download

TalkTV Live is a live stream application released by a group of VNG products. Since its launch at the end of 2016, TalkTV Live has quickly been enthusiastically received by the community because of its unique content, different quality from similar software in the market. This is also the only livestream app from Vietnam in this list.

Fun Facts: TalkTV is the first Vietnamese apps to goes public in SEA and Europe. Everyone can download and upload video directly from this app. It’s very easy to use and can be share to your friend or family by clicking a button.

This is part-1 of the Top 10 best livestream apps on Android – 2021 edition. If you want to watch out many new apps to download, checkout our website at APK-LIVE. Thank you for reading this, and see you soon.