Top 10 best music player apps on Android in early 2021

By | September 17, 2021

Don’t like the currently available streaming music on Spotify? It doesn’t feel like your taste in music. And when it plays, it consumes your mobile data. To cater to your personal “hobby” needs and solve the problem of mobile data, perhaps choosing the  best music player apps on Android right now is the best thing for you.

To do this, you’ll need a good music app, and for your convenience we’ve done the research for you. Here are the Top 15 best music player apps on Android, some apps that you may not have heard of. For more information, you can check out our website at APK-LIVE

Top 10 best music player apps on Android now


Status: Free download

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At first glance, AIMP seems a bit simple. The flat interface design is currently in use, but the AIMP approach feels a bit empty. Perhaps that is its only minus point. The app gets straight to the point: it plays your music and doesn’t get bothered by popups surrounding with other distractions for you.

It handles almost all types of audio files, including lossy and lossless formats, and it comes with a 29-band equalizer, which is rare in music players. It can also mix multichannel files into stereo and / or mono. Overall, if you don’t have interface issues, then it’s a definite choice that won’t disappoint.

Link download: Android


Jet AUDIO - music player apps

JetAudio has both a free and premium (paid) version, but you get so much in the free version that most users won’t even need the latter. The only downside is that the free versions are ad-supported, but they’re not too intrusive, so they’re acceptable.

Here’s what you get: 10-band equalizer with 32 presets, loss and loss assist, effects like reverb and x-bass, playback speed control, auto gain control , etc.

Link download: Android


Status: Free download

n7player has a sleek interface and at this price point where all competing apps have the same set of features, the interface could be the deciding factor. And for that, the n7player makes a solid case. n7player is one of the most downloaded music player apps on Android.

10-band equalizer, volume normalization, gapless playback, these are all great, but the n7player’s real selling point is its nuanced approach to organizing your library. . Nothing is more than a few taps. In addition, the n7player can also gather good songs according to their preferences. The auto-incentive function will recommend good songs for you.

Link download: Android

Neutron Player

Status: Free download

Despite its outdated looks, the Neutron Player is one of the best out there, indeed, if you’re an audiophile, you’ll immediately realize that the audio from this app is of dark quality. multi. It’s professional, one can say. Neutron Player is also an apps that store quality music files. This application has a special music recognition feature, allowing users to distinguish good music.

And that is what sets the Neutron Player apart: it is truly a music player for audiophiles. Of course, you need to connect your device to an appropriate set of speakers to hear the difference. It also comes with all the standard premium features you’d expect.

Link download: Android

GoneMAD Player

Status: Free download (trial)

GoneMAD Player is the perfect music app if you like tinkering and customizing every little detail to your heart’s content. Seriously, it has a built-in theme builder and over 250 options that you can tweak. Or choose from over 1,000 preset themes. In addition, GoneMAD Player also integrates synchronization with different platforms such as iOS, Window, Web …

Other notable features, in addition to standard premium features, include an optimized media library that supports more than 50,000 songs, two shuffle modes, custom actions on line completion wait, custom gestures, and multi-window support on some devices. These factors have made GoneMAD Player become the most popular music player on all Android devices today.

Link download: Android


Status: Free download

best music player apps - PlayerPro

Once again, PlayerPro has all the standard premium music player features, so choosing it comes down to its interface. While most Non-Material apps are bad, PlayerPro’s unique design is both appealing and satisfying to use. PlayerPro’s design offers an enjoyable experience, as users easily check out what songs have already heard. Users can also look up the song’s information, and there is a Karaoke section to listen to music without lyrics.

Special nifty features include importing music history and ratings from a desktop music player, custom smart playlists, voice search and Google Now integration, and add-on plugins free figs. With these significant additional features, PlayerPro has truly become the most special music player you can find on Android today.

Link download: Android


Status: Free download

DoubleTwist has been around for a while (the first we’ve reviewed since 2012) and after all this time it feels a bit outdated in terms of what it has to offer. In terms of features, DoubleTwist does not have too many changes compared to other music applications. DoubleTwist Still has the ability to store external music, and update new music in the app’s list. However, this app still has different features such as: Analyzing music by theme; Sort by user’s preferences.

As a music player it got the job done, at least without any ads, even in the free version, and the interface is pretty nice, but there’s nothing too special about it anymore. . It is still good! It’s just not great anymore. You can experience the best free version on Android.

DoubleTwist Pro is available for $ 8, offering AirSync (syncing your music to your PC over Wi-Fi), AirPlay (streaming to devices like Apple TV or Sonos), and a 10-band equalize.

Link download: Android

Shuttle Player

Status: Free download

Intuitive and lightweight. That’s what separates the Shuttle Player from most other music players. It feels smooth and it runs well on older devices, and while there’s anything special about the interface, it’s easy enough to use.

Free features include a 6-band equalizer with bass boost, distance playback, several theme options, a sleep timer, and a few customizable widgets.

Link download: Android