Top 10 Best offline mobile games for gamers today (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Over the years, the offline mobile games industry has made great strides, attracting a large number of players through titles like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and most other online mobile games. However, there are still offline games with content and gameplay that are not inferior to the aforementioned games, and still have a certain fan base.

In this article, let’s APK-LIVE take a look at 10 super cool offline mobile games that you may not know yet.

Top 10 Best offline mobile games for gamers today

1. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the journey of five people who thought they were unfamiliar, but for a lofty purpose, joined hands to connect two distant hearts by cold and emotionless battles. They are Emile – a French peasant, who joined the army to find his lost son-in-law but accidentally fell into the hands of the Germans. George – Pilot of the British army, who lied that he knew how to fly an airplane. Freddie – The American soldier desperately stormed the sea of ​​fire with his eyes always on the soul of his deceased wife. Ana – the merciful ambulance girl, always witnessed the tragedy of death. Finally, Karl, the main character in the love separation, whom Emile’s daughter longs to return … They will all carry the mission of bridging the separated love, reuniting young families in the midst of chaos. lost of the western front …

Great replay value

Valiant Hearts The Great War not only leads you through a journey through a series of war-time stories, but also scores players in a variety of puzzles: From training on the field, rescuing teammates, collecting the necessary items to participate in battles, control machines or avoid stray bombs … All puzzles in the game are moderate, not too easy for players to feel no need to brainstorm. But it’s not too difficult to get you stuck in the game for too long.

Join the world of Valiant Hearts The Great War and you have not merely experienced a pure entertainment game. The game will show you the fierce war, the grief of separations, the departed, the people who leave and the many difficulties that reluctant people are forced to participate in the war. meaningless. The game also contains many good sayings, philosophy of life that if you are a person with good English, you should not ignore the storytelling throughout the game screen, such as: “Human life is too long. , and my father has lived his full life. I have no regrets seeing the joy that you bring to me. I hope we will all meet in heaven ”

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2. Life is Strange

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Life is Strange is a 5-part game released by Square Enix on PC / Console since 2015. Since its launch, the game has brought a revolution to the adventure game series. The mobile version of Life is Strange has been introduced by Square Enix since late 2017. Gamers using Android-based smartphones have had to wait more than half a year to experience the official version of Life is Strange. The plot of Life is Strange consists of a total of 5 parts linked together according to certain circumstances, and is changed dynamically based on the decisions that the player makes throughout the game’s storyline. At the same time, take advantage of the ability to “push back time” to change the past, present and future of the characters.

The player will play the role of Max Caulfield. As a young photographer, who recently discovered she herself has the ability to go back in time while trying to save her best friend, Chloe Price. By searching for certain clues, decoding clues to make the right decisions. But, be careful when making decisions because they will affect throughout the game’s storyline. Blending elements of life and mystery, placing the player in the position of a shy young woman with the ability to turn back time, Life is Strange truly brings strange experiences. It is hard to deny that this is one of the most attractive and touching adventure games on the market. Players who like adventure games with many storylines, crossroads for me to decide will surely be satisfied when experiencing Life is Strange.

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3. Oxenfree

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Stepping into Oxenfree, the player will play the role of Alex, a mischievous girl who has just led cousin Jonas and others to a deserted island to attend a party. There, Alex opened a spooky portal that brings a myriad of strange and troublesome things to her friends. Your task is to find a way to fix this, while helping Alex’s friends out of dangers. The story in Oxenfree is quite simple, it can even make you feel a little boring at first. It all started with five young people deciding to board a train to a remote island to party. But an event later happened due to adolescent curiosity, leading to the party quickly becoming an utopian disaster for everyone. Players must find a way to save their friends and escape from the island safely.

Amazing storyline

The experience in Oxenfree is quite similar to other point-and-click adventure games. But, instead of highlighting what can be interacted, a small dot appears above the interactive things. However, the game does not have many puzzles that make it difficult for players like the point-and-click adventure genre. Instead, there are some simple puzzle elements, mainly to pave the way into new areas and collect. some useful widgets. Besides, the game also adds two new mechanics. The first is to tune the radio to find disturbing signals and use the vibrating mechanism on the handle (if any) to interact with supernatural forces. And finally “hand crank” the tape to find the most suitable speed for the track.

Because of such simple gameplay mechanics, you will find it difficult to satisfy with the puzzles in the game. Instead, Oxenfree focuses on storytelling and depicts character through lines. This is also the factor that creates the appeal in the game. But, at the same time is also the weakness of the game. The characters talk to each other throughout the experience, and players must answer those questions. It is like a normal conversation between friends, thereby sharing valuable information about a character’s opinion or outlook.

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