Top 10 cool apps for iPhone can not be ignored in 2021

By | September 17, 2021

On the iPhone there are many great, interesting or special features. And actually you can search on AppStore to download the cool apps you like. But the apps that we wants to introduce below are very useful for everyone’s life.

And APK-LIVE also wants readers to remember one thing. Phones or smartphones serve our lives. It is not forcing us to follow a life we ​​don’t really want. So here are top cool apps for iOS. For more news, information and download link, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 cool apps for iPhone can not be ignored in 2021

1. Bear – note-taking app

Opening this list will be a note-taking app. An app that is perhaps essential for anyone. Whether you are a student, student, employee or a family sponsor. You will need to take note of the important and necessary things.

And Bear is a very compact and cute note-taking app. Support feature is very powerful and flexible. This app is only developed on iOS only.

Bear assists us with taking quick notes, organizing them neatly. You can also easily export to a file for storage elsewhere. Very convenient and necessary.

Link download: here

2.  VSCO – superior photo editing

An app to capture and edit photos with outstanding color quality by available filters. While the filters on the photography app are very popular. The eye-catching ones like VSCO are more difficult.

Because this app allows users to customize a lot of parameters. In addition, only the most used filters with a rating will be selected.

A note for you is that the Free version is quite poor. You should use the premium option or apply for an account from your friends to have beautiful and genuine filters.

Countless effects such as subtle, classical, pink, … make your photos completely transformed. And you do not care about the icons in this app because it does not affect the quality of your photos.

Link download: here

3.  Google Photos – store and manage photos

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Available for a photo capture / editing app, APK-LIVE wants to introduce an app for storing and managing photos. Because of its dominant features.

First, iCloud is limited, and you can’t put all your photos on it. Another reason, Google Photo is very smart and superior to the Photos app on the iPhone a lot.

You will feel like you have a great assistant to organize and manage your photos. The app is very scientific and easy to find. It also saves photos in the cloud (15GB is free from Google Drive).

If you have a photo session at a location, Google Photos will combine the photos of the day into a very interesting short clip.

Link download: here

4. SnapSeed – photo editing, from simple to complex

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SnapSeed is a famous and professional photo editing app from Google. Initially, this is a paid app. But now all features are free.

This app is full of photo editing features, from simple to complex. For example, crop, rotate images, change contrast, increase detail intensity, blur fonts …

The added bolder features are dual exposures that allow two images to be mixed together and a blending mode selection that will delight those who love taking photos.

The “Face Shape” feature is a premium customization for portrait photos. You can change the shape of the face., Mouth, taper, eyes, … Help create accents and show off your beauty impressively.

Link download: here

5. Google Calendar – schedule and time management

Another app from Google and finally in this post. Actually, APK-LIVE appreciates it very highly in a meeting or appointment. Simply set the time and it will notify you.

All schedule and time management will be attentive and convenient. Make sure your productivity and your plan will be much more successful.

The specific features that Google Calendar offers are: reminders, shared calendars, real-time events, automatic RSVP support, custom daily goals, and smart scheduling.

Link download: here

6. Meteor – improves Internet connection speed

Internet users all want a fast and stable connection. This free app for iPhone will help you in improving your Internet connection speed.

You just need to press a button to improve Wifi / 4G speed or reduce file download time.

Though free, these apps are free of annoying and annoying ads. Press the ‘Start a test’ button to start and press the performance test button to see the current Internet connection speed.

Link download: here

7. Spotify – the popular music player

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For those who have a hobby of listening to music, Spotify is no stranger. A popular music player around the world. Now comes to your countries, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

You will need to pay to listen to many new songs that are copyrighted. This is a way to support the artist / singer you love.

Link download: here

8. MyFitnessPal – Healthcare App

This is one of the highest rated iOS apps in Apple history . A wellness app, something we think matters to everyone.

Because of the busy life, many of you do not understand that health is a bank account. Having taken out consumption without sending savings into. One fine day, you will have to repay both principal and interest.

MyFitnessPal helps us to track very specific and detailed diet and exercise regimen. It is very important if you are trying to gain weight or lose weight effectively.

Because if you want to gain / lose weight, you have to know how much or how little you eat. And this is calculated in calories consumed and consumed through exercise.

A good app like this also has a paid option that you should consider yourself.

Link download: here

9. Wunderlist – scientific work manager

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An app that is great for anyone with a large workload. Even if you want to raise your salary, want to do more, you should give this app a try.

Wunderlist is very easy to use, it manages the work in the most scientific way. In addition, there are other advanced and advanced features as well. When your work is overwhelming and tiring, think about organizing, adding deadlines and sorting clearly.

This app will prioritize jobs over priority (importance) and deadline. Helps you calmly handle each turn, not messing and forgetting to work.

This iPhone app is completely free. Please download now if you want to improve more.

Link download: here

10. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds – alarm app

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One last app is an alarm app that helps you get up earlier. We all know that getting up early is a good habit. It is a habit of successful people.

However, one of the things that hinders us from getting up early is insomnia and difficulty sleeping. And this app can help you improve that. Relax Melodies have very gentle sound effects, melodies that enter the brain gently.

The sounds will be a music, a lullaby for you to empty nights. Sleep well to welcome an energetic tomorrow.

Link download: here

So that it, this is the list of top 10 cool apps for iOS that you need to download now. For more cool apps, check out our latest apps revirew at APK-LIVE.