Top 10 most downloaded mobile games in May 2021 (3)

By | September 17, 2021

Most downloaded mobile games – Downloaded mobile games in May – The year 2021 has passed half a year, with the Covid-19 pandemic covering almost the entire year forcing everyone around the world to quarantine. However, the gaming industry has had the opportunity to grow faster than ever, with mobile games being seen as leading the way. In this article, we will list some of the most downloaded mobile games in May 2021 as selected by APK-LIVE. For more information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Note: Only single-player games are included in this list, that’s why gamers won’t see Free Fire, Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor in this.

Top 10 most downloaded mobile games in May 2021

5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

One of the legends of the role-playing game village, has now completed the step on Mobile by fighting Android.

Value comes from classic role-playing games for the current generation of gamers as well as the value that Star Wars lingers in today’s entertainment industry. There, the traces of time have erased many names, stepping through countless illustrious milestones that once represented a transformed era…

And unfortunately, the son of master Bioware, the proud representative of the world role-playing game village – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is among them. Therefore, when this name returns after 11 years on the Mobile platform, it seems to remind the new generation, who have never lived in the world of games, about the true value of the word “role playing game”,

most downloaded mobile games


Star Wars: KOTOR is set 4000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, before the days when galactic fortunes turned at the hands of father and son Skywalker. The story begins when two young Jedi are Malak and Revan – who are disgruntled before the Jedi Council, disobeying orders to join the war with the Mandalorian race.

Revan, with his leadership, tactical mind, and strength beyond measure, soon side with Malak overwhelm the enemy, chasing the Mandalorian army to the edge of the galaxy. But the price they have to pay for their bloodlust is their souls tainted by hatred, forever turning to the Dark Side. Becoming mighty Sith lords, Revan and Malak attempted to annex the Jedi council and the entire Galactic Republic.

But when the war between the two evils was in the fiercest stage, Malak suddenly turned to betray. Borrowed the hand of the Jedi Council to destroy Revan and take command of the Sith legion. Malak now holds all the power in his hands. Launching a general attack on a series of planets, threatening to destroy the peace throughout the universe. In that chaotic time, you will play as a warrior lost between the two sides of the battle line, with no past or memory, no name or name, all that remains is an opaque, blank mind. hollow.

And just like that, you will begin your journey in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, driven by events that determine the fate of the galaxy.. without knowing yourself as the beginning and the end of the universe. for everything.

most downloaded mobile games


Although it is almost 11 years old, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic still brings to Mobile a beautiful graphics on Mobile. There, you can feel the distant future of the galactic future with advanced technology. Where fleets of state-of-the-art battleships roam the cosmic darkness and fierce battle with the shining sword. With rows of layers of lasers cutting across the screen. The faces, physique, and eyes also add a spirit to each character. Whether passers-by or fellow believers, becoming the background for the game’s plot to deepen.

With the sound array, KOTOR also revives the heroic and somewhat mysterious atmosphere of the Star Wars world through familiar tunes. And those are the sounds of gunshots or Lightsabers swinging in the air while killing enemies in an instant

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is considered one of the best mobile games. If not the best star wars game ever made. This is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe. This game takes gamers around the galaxy. Uncovering the secrets of the Star Wars universe, creating an extremely attractive prequel content.

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6. Honkai Impact 3

Enter the world of Valkyrie, fight the mighty Honkai, and cling to survival with Honkai Impact 3. A one-on-one battle between three beautiful female warriors and Lion and Beast Honkai. How long can they resist and is there still a chance to win?

MiHoYo Limited made a big splash when it returned with Honkai Impact 3. This is a continuation of the famous IP brand “Bang Hoa” in China. The game was released in China and Japan not long ago. But thanks to its incredible attraction, the game has been released by miHoYo worldwide, including Southeast Asia. Let’s experience Honkai Impact 3 – the rising star of this already boring ARPG series.


Entering the world of Honkai Impact 3. Players will be able to participate in the journey of 3 beautiful Valkyrie goddesses. With them on their adventures through different lands. And discovering different stories whose ultimate goal is the main goal. is to restore the beauty of the world. Al Chan – your guide in the game will help you not to get lost in that crazy world. Hear Al Chan’s instructions as she guides you through each step of the battle alongside Kiana, Mei, and Bronya.

The player will fight against the enemy until one of the two sides runs out of HP. The person with the last HP will be the winner. It sounds simple, but in order to survive, you need to use skills as well as combos in a reasonable way.

To move more easily in the game, you can use the virtual joystick. When you want to attack an enemy, you need to tap the attack icon in the lower right corner of the screen. And it’s automatically lock the target. In case the enemy is too strong and you want to avoid getting hurt, select the Evade icon to exit. However, you cannot dodge twice in a row and it takes time to cool down.

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