Top 10 old mobile games worth playing on Android in June (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Old mobile games – Lots of great new mobile games that are new or coming soon. But old games sometimes are better than you can remember. And these are great old mobile games that will make you spent your time more than you think. For more information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 old mobile games worth playing on Android in June


Right from the name of the game AXE.IO, players can immediately think of gameplay related to Axes. Indeed, AXE.IO throws will throw players into a small but extremely fierce battlefield. The player’s task is to try to survive in the end to win.

Thrown into a small battle arena with a squad of other deadly knights, you’ll have to slay them with throwing axes and survive as long as possible if you want to get out alive! With action packed, fast-paced gameplay and brutal combat, AXE IO will have you on the edge of your seat!

Crack the skulls of Enemy Warriors

The controls are easy to master so you can focus more on the important stuff – killing your enemy warriors! Use your left thumb as a joystick to move your character around the battle arena. Aim your throw by making sure the green arrow is pointing towards your enemy and click throw to send a throwing axe hurtling towards your enemy – cracking their skull and killing them in the process.

But unlike PUBG Mobile, or Fortnite Mobile with all modern guns, AXE.IO takes players back to the medieval times, where the Ax was the heaviest weapon. Players will have to skillfully throw the ax accurately to defeat other players and survive as long as possible.

Once you throw an axe – whether you kill your enemy or miss (oops) – you’ll have to pick another one up before you can throw it again. Just run over an axe on the ground to pick it up automatically. Watch your back as throwing axes are flying everywhere! If you die, you collect your rewards and start again from level 1.

The Longer you wait, the better you can kill

When you kill an enemy in the battle arena, they’ll drop gold coins. Steal these coins to earn EXP and level your warrior up. The higher the level, the more throwing axes you can carry at one time. You’ll also get a short burst of berserker rage where you can throw unlimited axes at a rapid pace. Don’t stop throwing!

Players will use the left thumb to control the character to move back and forth in the arena. To throw the ax, the player must point the green arrow at the enemy and click throw to hurl the ax at the opponent’s face to finish them off.

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2. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the 6th installment in Ninja Kiwi’s popular Bloons game series. The context of the game is about the army of Bloons who are invading the city to complete their long-awaited plan. That’s why in Bloons TD 6, you need to build the perfect defense by combining awesome turrets, upgrading them, summoning different heroes and activated abilities, then doing blow up every Bloon in their path.

old mobile games

old mobile games

What is TD6

Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available. Craft your perfect defense from a combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, Heroes, and activated abilities, then pop every last Bloon that comes your way!

Simple rules

The rules of Bloons TD 6 are standard tower defense fare. Creeps travel along the path, and you have to play towers in fixed positions with certain target radii to destroy them, without getting rid of all your lives. Where Bloons TD 6 mixes things up is through having dozens of towers, each with their own upgrade trees, and also some fun units to play with that don’t fit the standard tower defense archetype.

The plane and helicopters can patrol certain parts of the board, and you can set paths and formations for them! Towers of different types come into play, and certain objectives require you to use just those towers, so you want to learn about everything the game has to offer.

Visually, Bloons TD 6 mixes 3D monkey towers with 2D levels and bloons that come in. Due to the top-down view, it actually works pretty well, and the monkeys are animated well enough that they look smooth when the game’s going at fast speed. Many of the enemies just feature visual variations to differentiate between them, such as colors for different power bloons, and decorations to show that they’re camo, but there’s so much on screen that you’ll have to pay close attention to which is which.

Monkey town

Each monkey tower has three upgrade paths, with later paths unlocked by earning more experience for them by using the tower more. You can only have upgrades from two paths, and only one path can go to level three or higher. This means that you can have towers of the same base type, but with wildly different effects. And you will need many of these variations to do well, particularly as the bloons come in different types like ceramic, lead, and camo, which often require specialized upgrades in order to destroy. The camo bloons are particularly nasty, as if you don’t have enough firepower that can detect them, they will utterly wreck your defenses.

And really, everything gets so flooded with action that you’ll have to tell in more general cues what’s on screen and what isn’t. If nothing’s dying, you have a problem.

The rhythm of Bloon TD 6 has the right style of fast and compact but still extremely addictive but does not take much of the player’s time. Besides, in addition to the gameplay, Bloon TD 6 is also the first version to be upgraded to 3D graphics, allowing players to experience colorful and fun new images and effects.

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