Top 10 old mobile games worth playing on Android in June (2)

By | September 17, 2021

Old mobile games – Lots of great new mobile games that are new or coming soon. But old games sometimes are better than you can remember. And these are great old mobile games that will make you spent your time more than you think. For more information, check out our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 10 old mobile games worth playing on Android in June

3. Evoland 2

Real-time RPG, turn-based RPG, tactical RPG, hack and slash, bullet hell, beat-’em-up, rhythm, side-scrolling shooter, fighter, puzzler, platformer, Metroidvania, and more: Evoland 2 takes basically every classic genre and combines it into one coherent package with the visual stylings of today and the past.

Like colors of the rainbow, these genres shine brighter when standing on their own, but that doesn’t mean you should pass on Evoland 2, especially if you’re a classic RPG fan.

True gems of RPG games

Finally, after nearly 3 years of waiting, Android gamers have been able to get their hands on the unique super product Evoland 2. This is an adventure role-playing game released by Playdigious in the form of buy-2 -play. Adapted based on the original on PC, Evoland 2 will bring players to a vast world with an engaging storyline through battles based on classic pixel graphics.

Great Storyline

The story took around 16 hours to complete and even then there were a few optional collectibles that I didn’t bother getting to 100% the game. They felt like filler. A majority of my time was spent in conversations with characters that often seemed to drag on as they talked about nothing in particular or kept a joke going for far too long. Between scenes, there are often transitions that almost feel tailor made to extend the playtime. For example, when climbing onto a boat, instead of just showing the main character get onto the boat, your party splits up and walks on one at a time.

old mobile games

The story of Evoland 2 is pretty par for the course as far as RPGs go: hero of time meets party members with their own conflicts, and travels through time collecting parts of an item to stop a terrible event from happening. You won’t find anything too impressive, but there are at least a couple of twists to add a bit of flavor to a story we all know.

Best experience

While these levels are parodies or homage to the games of old, I couldn’t help but feel I’d rather be playing most of those games than the levels in Evoland 2. The beat-’em-up level’s mechanics were pretty generic, and the tactical RPG level was tedious, while the Metroidvania and shooter levels were decent, especially the final level that combines the two in an experience unlike any other I’ve played.

You’ll be zipping around in the skies with the option of dropping to the ground when needed; the level was so great I couldn’t help but wonder what an entire game in that style would be like. An optional collectible card game side quest that has you playing what feels like baby’s first Hearthstone is entertaining, but as I’m a Hearthstone addict I wasn’t tempted to finish it when I could just play the real thing instead.

Throughout the entire experience, you’ll be swapping between in-game times which have their own graphical styles that match up with Game Boy, 8-bit, 16-bit, and more modern-day 3D graphics. There isn’t a lot of guidance or hand holding, and you’re free to come and go as you please with the ability to do dungeons in any order starting around the middle of the story. Graphically, Evoland 2 nails the games and systems it is based on, from sleek pixel art to more modern 3D graphics.

old mobile games

Unique feel

For today’s young gamers – who are already familiar with games with beautiful, lifelike graphics, Evoland 2 is probably not a “dish” to taste. But for gamers 8X and early 9X, who have experienced the ups and downs of videogames decades ago, this is not only a game that reminds of childhood but also a “historical witness”. Record the development stages of videogames.

As the sequel to the original Evoland, Evoland 2 still reminds players of the old games. Still revolving around the theme of heroic savior, J-RPG, rough 8-bit graphics, music system… MIDI, the game will surely be quite picky about players in this day and age. However, if you patiently overcome these “backward” points, you will quickly be attracted and attracted by the authentic game quality, do not follow market factors, do not “suck blood”, do not play tricks. cheat,…

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4. Goosebumps HorrorTown

Goosebumps HorrorTown is a horror game genre developed based on the famous Goosebumps series of horror novels by writer R.L. Stine. Experience the thrill and excitement as well as test your bravery in this scary monster town!

The game offers a variety of famous characters and monsters from the original novel, including Slappy – the belly-speaking idiot, Curly – the skeleton, Mummy – the mummy or Murder the Clown – the scary clown. Here, you can perform both human and monster quests. Besides, only humans can explore the map, gather materials, and craft tools to fight monsters, while monsters also have their own special items.

As a monster, you will need to collect a series of scary monsters to scare the game characters, earn items and coins or play as a human, you follow the monsters and find out what is going on. with this town. As you take on both human and monster quests, you’ll unlock new content, grow your town, and explore a variety of goosebumps adventures.

R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” monsters have come to terrify your phone! You choose whether to join or fight Slappy the Dummy in this creepy build simulator! In Goosebumps HorrorTown, you can build a gruesome city full of mystery and fill it with scary undead monsters from the horror book series. The most frightening and demented villains await for you: are you brave enough to face your grisly terrors?

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