Top 15 online dating apps on Android and iPhone you may missed (1)

By | September 17, 2021

Online dating apps – Dating is the fastest way to find a life partner. Now, in order to make dating proactive and easier, there are many free online dating apps that are very popular on iPhone and Android. Along APK-LIVE find out the Dating Apps on Android and iPhone you may not know. For more news and information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 15 online dating apps on Android and iPhone you may missed

1. Hinge

This dating app can be considered as one of the safest dating apps you should use.

Hinge will allow you to match friends on the Facebook base of mutual friends. You need to log in via Facebook, update your profile, interests, location and sexual orientation, … Every noon of the day you will be provided with a potential partner. You get people who are serious and responsible for your relationship.

Recently, Hinge has had a few more rigorous changes. Create safety for relationships. Application can find matching pairs. Among those who are looking for similar things. Because it can help users clearly define what they are looking for. As well as a variety of suggestions they can choose from. They include the complete questions in the profile, like ‘what’s the most puzzling thing about me?’.

While the profile view is similar to Tinder, Hinge relies on a separate algorithm to determine coverage. This is one of the most popular online dating apps.

You can download this app here.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

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Coffee Meets Bagel is a cute dating app. Every day at noon you will receive a short list of people nearby that match your interests, choose to join them or ask them to come see you. Like the Bumble app, men will have to wait to be chosen, it also has different rules for the LGBT community.

This application is commonly referred to as CMB. It was developed by three sisters from San Francisco. Just like Hinge, CMB will connect a lot of your friends through your Facebook friends list. Each day it gives you a connection and you have 24 hours to decide whether you like or want to ignore the connection. Chats will open for 8 consecutive days and after that, it is deleted automatically.

You can earn beans for buying more add-ons in the app. Out of all the apps, Coffee Meets Bagel is considered a dating app for serious people who are looking for a lasting relationship.

You can download this app here.

3. PlentyOfFish

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PlentyOfFish (POF) is one of the most popular foreign friends’ apps available today. App has a pretty simple way of pairing for users. When you log in, you will have to fill in a few questions related to work, interests, … POF will use these keywords to find people with similar interests to pair with you.

This is one of the largest and most popular dating apps for English speaking countries. You can’t call it one of the best dating apps for Android and iOS because it lacks depth. It works with very simple interface, you need to fill out your profile and the app will give you a potential opposite sex.

In addition, the app for foreign friends POF also has a special feature called “MeetMe”. It will introduce you to several singles in your area who share some of the same characteristics as you. If you feel like it, you can completely date the other person to an offline date. With 70 million users worldwide, POF is in the top friend making apps. Do not miss the opportunity to make attractive friends by downloading the application via the link below:

There are over 70 million members using this app. PlentyOfFish has some good features like Instagram integration, able to chat with Android and iPhone users.

You can download this app here

4. Happn

Happn is currently the most popular dating app with a beautiful, romantic, simple interface that is also very easy to use. It helps to show profiles of people who passed you on your timeline, and this only happens when you are both using the app. It accurately records the time and place of the two’s last meeting. In addition, you can also view their timeline, send messages or emojis. The current version is completely free.

Happn works similarly to Tinder. If you press the heart button and the other person too, the two of you will start chatting. But the person you like will never know your interests or information until you become friends. There is a cool feature in Happn called “Charm”. Charm can be earned by paying money or by inviting friends. You can send a charm to someone you really want to date. Like Tinder, Happn found people using the app within a radius of 250 meters. You can filter your selection by age, but they may not be perfect.

You can download this app here

5. Find, date & connect with your best match by Zoosk

With millions of members joining every day, surely Zoosk will be a great dating app for everyone. If you want to date and find friends, Zoosk is available. The application allows you to find the best match through the information you provide, as well as minimize the case of harassment by bad actors. So get ready to find love for yourself with Zoosk.

4 main features of the Zoosk application

  • Dating quickly right on the phone

No need to go far, just your smartphone and Zoosk will help you connect and search with people across the country and across different regions for you to comfortably make friends and make new friends. and of course there will be someone who is right for you to date.

  • Texting and video calling to get to know each other better

Zoosk allows connecting with each other by texting or video calling no different from normal social networks. You will easily exchange each other’s information, from which it will be easier to understand each other.

  • Suggest friends with similar interests and closest to you

The smart app automatically scans and finds people with similar interests near you to suggest friends. You can find friends around you to make friends with and you can start a serious relationship for both of you.

  • Manage your personal, account settings

Zoosk’s personal account is also easier to manage than ever. You can easily customize the changes to better match, but still do not affect the usage or loss of any data. Really convenient, right.

Zoosk is a dating app that connects lonely people, looking for a chatty, or even a serious relationship. Here you can text or video call with the people you like at any time. Please download the application to experience now, maybe the other half is also waiting for you.

You can download this app here