Top 15 online dating apps on Android and iPhone you may missed (3)

By | September 17, 2021

Dating is the fastest way to find a life partner. Now, in order to make dating proactive and easier, there are many free dating apps that are very popular on iPhone and Android. Let’s APK-LIVE find out the online dating apps on Android and iPhone you may not know

Top 15 online dating apps on Android and iPhone you may missed

9. Waplog

Waplog is currently the fastest growing social network with millions of people joining every day. This online dating apps on Android is free to download and works perfectly on Androi version 2.2 or higher. Using Waplog you can share pictures, make friends near and far, chat for free. With Waplog, all your personal information is guaranteed to be safe.

This is a popular application for young people today with the main function of video calling, dating, confiding, finding a lover online. With support tools like sharp video calling with new friends and finding friends around here easily, surely will help users have an enjoyable experience.

5 outstanding features of Waplog app

  • Browse new friends quickly. Waplog helps users find new friends by swiping left of their friends to find suitable people. In each information page, Waplog will provide real pictures and location of that person. Features that help you surf and find new friends very quickly and immediately have basic information about each person.
  • Sharp video call with new friends. Users also easily video calls with new friends with extremely sharp video quality. With this feature, you will clearly see your new friend’s face even through the phone screen.
  • Find friends around here conveniently. With Waplog’s convenient search around feature, you will easily find friends in the Waplog community. This tool helps you find close friends, very convenient for communication and dating.
  • Filters help you find a better match. Waplog provides filtering tools with criteria such as gender, country, province or choose your age gap more or less. This tool helps you quickly find out who you have the right criteria without going through many selective steps.
  • Free, fast and free flirting texting. Waplog supports you to text comfortably and super fast speed so you can flirt, chat for free with the right person. It will helps you talk freely, fast transmission without any cost.

Waplog is a video calling app for dating, confiding and finding lovers online with outstanding features such as finding friends around here quickly, making very sharp video calls and helping you filter to find suitable friends.

You can download this app here

10. Twoo

online dating apps on Android

Twoo is a free dating app so people can connect with friends around them. It has a lot of users, so this app will help you find friends quickly and expand your relationship.

This is a modern and reliable social networking service for friends. Twoo works quite similar to Facebook, Viber, Zalo … so it’s very easy to use. This dating app has 3 different languages ​​in the world with a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use interface, with an advanced search engine that will help you find someone like you quite easily.

And of course, all user information is completely confidential. Twoo has two free and paid versions. Depending on the country, there will be the most suitable version as well as the premium plan. You can renew or cancel the package like subscribing to a daily plan.

5 main features of  Twoo

  • It helps people connect to chat with each other. If you have an account, you will be able to make chat friends with many new friends and among them there will be people with beautiful faces, stylish personalities waiting for you to connect. With Twoo you absolutely can find many suitable subjects for you.
  • It helps you to make new friends. This app allows users to make friends everywhere, share photos and meet new friends. As long as you have account, you can meet friends everywhere without having to go far
  • Restricts the use of virtual profiles. Creating accounts on Twoo is real profiles, this avoids the use of virtual profiles. Moreover, the Twoo application proactively removes virtual accounts, so you are completely assured of making friends with everyone, not annoying when some virtual nick is created for other purposes.
  • Highly personalized. Depending on your mood, if you want to find a funny conversation, or you want to find a soulmate to share all the joys and sorrows in life. You want to energize a happier life. Or do you think you want to date and get married … All the needs you want to look for Twoo have those features, your job is spoiled for choice, right?
  • Twoo for users to feel comfortable to use. When participating in this app, it does not give too many rules. You just need to respect the rules set by the community. If violated, your account will be locked. You can find general Twoo terms of use and privacy policy.

You can download this app here

11. Crush

Crush is another dating app that is gaining popularity and is sure to make a splash in 2019.

online dating apps on Android

It puts most of the control in the hands of the ladies, by giving them the power to make decisions. Users scan through profiles just like Tinder. The only difference is that the girls ask a question, the boys have to answer. And if she likes the answer, she can unlock the subject and start talking. If not, the two consider it unsuitable. The Crush is very similar to Bumble, but the girls’ control is even higher.

Revealing to you about Crush software as well as other dating applications to get such perfect software for users to use, it is certainly designed software from companies that designed to create apps. used as such.

“Crush” is making it easier for you to find your next date in this very dynamic world. Here, you can create your personal profile and mention all your interest in order to find your most likely match. We are not a hookup culture, we are trying to help people connect in long-terms. Bring your cool attitude at “Crush” and this will become the first app you will open on a daily basis because it is joyful, fun, and a great- safe networking app.

“Your next matchy date is only one swipe away.”

Swipe right to look for a crush, and left to go to the next. When in doubt, swipe right, take a chance and find out if it was worth it. The other person on the other side of the screen is waiting for your right swipe. After every crush, you will get a popup notification to let you know who is your potential date. In “Crush” you might match with the person you never had the guts to take a step towards them.

You can download this app here