Top 20 cool games to play on iPhone and iPad (Part 2)

By | September 17, 2021

Whether you own any smartphone, the need to play games for entertainment and relaxation is also very high. Especially with models like iPhone or iPad, the iOS ecosystem has never disappointed users when experiencing a game. And the list below Mobile Institute will summarize the top 20 cool games to play until March 2021 on Apple’s OS. For more information, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top 20 cool games to play on iPhone and iPad (Part 2)


The Battle of Polytopia takes the mechanics of Civilization and transforms it into a more accessible mainstream game. But don’t think this is the easy-to-play version of Civilization. The Battle of Polytopia has its own style of play and cute graphics that will take you back to the early life of mobile strategy games. One of many cool games to play.


This game has created a fever with both iOS and Android users for a long time and brought the Pokémo brand back to a huge fan base. The highlight of this game is to force the player to go everywhere and use the bridge on your iPhone or iPad to win Pokémon.

Different types of Pokémon will live in different environments. The game is based on virtual interactions, so players have to open the GPS and network on the phone to locate the playing area in the game.

On the map there will be separate landmarks. As you explore new landmarks, your maps expand. In addition, the number of Pokémon you catch will be increased. Play cool games for fun.

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  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The game is adapted from the most popular PC game in the world Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has optimized experience on touch devices, attracting more than 30 million players. You can do anything with your world by placing or breaking cubes in 3D.

In the game Minecraft, players will combine building or destroying different types of square blocks, in a 3D environment. Players will have 1 avatar, can destroy or build assemblies of square blocks together. Graphics are too bad, yes, it is very light compared to games at the same time. But this is the core that creates the style of Minecraft, the world of Minecraft is created by square blocks.

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Already a fan of light saber, it is hard to ignore the famous game StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic . In the game, you play as an intern Jedi tasked with preventing the Empire faction’s plans.

With high-resolution graphics, sharp details, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has its own scene revolving around a Jedi fainting after his spaceship is attacked, surviving and escape, but this Jedi is straying to a strange, dangerous planet.

Not only do you have to deal with the boss Sith, you also need to help the Jedi escape before the planet is destroyed. Gather warriors and help the other Jedi overcome the challenge and complete the game.

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Oceanhorn 2 launched last year and is an exclusive title on Apple Arcade. The game improves on everything from the first release and is a worthy successor to the Zelda series.

The game will take place a thousand years ago, taking players on a magical journey through the world of Gaia with myths and legends. Where a young Knight has to face a lot of enemies.

Anyone who has played the basic Diablo game will get acquainted very quickly with this game. In the game the user is forced to make a plan to fight each enemy if he does not want to be destroyed. The game uses bright colors, a more fun space.

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  1. CAT QUEST 2

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Cat Quest is a pure adventure game that made a big splash in 2017, especially on iOS and Switch platforms. Just like the beginning of this sequel will let you play in two modes: Solo and Duo.

You will begin your adventure by exploring new lands, destroying harassers along the way to complete the mission and above all get the loot.

In terms of graphics, the game is not much different from the previous version. Still a character building with a fun style, using relatively eye-catching colors, impressing players, especially child gamers.

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For “knowledgeable” experts, the game The Room is a real challenge for them. The original version of this game first appeared on the iPad in 2012 and quickly received the attention of a large number of users. In early 2018, this game officially returned with THE ROOM: OLD SINS, which was released separately on iOS with the story and unfinished content in the previous installment.

The game still retains the previous gloomy colors with the gameplay characteristic of this game. Still the familiar touch and swipe operations on the screen, players can adjust the character’s perspective to check all the objects in the room, search for information, clues …

Not a fun game but for sure The Room will be a game that attracts players with players who like to use their minds and thinking.

  1. FRAMED 2

Framed ‘s success led the LoveShark team to release the second part of this game. The main color of the kernel is only “white and black”, this is a very characteristic point of this game. Not only that, gamers will also get acquainted with the context of the East, continuing to revolve around with the main character.

The game can change some of the context in the game and the player’s task is to affect these frames, which will facilitate the main character. The deeper the plot, the more complex the frames and setting will appear. That is not to mention other small factors like dogs and cats can also affect the position you are about to pass through.


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The game was released in 2012, after 5 years it seemed like this game was abandoned, but earlier this year this game suddenly became hot again. To be fair, Gorogoa is a good game because, according to the developer, everything in the game is changed, even the pictures look by hand.

Gorogoa requires players to zoom or zoom each photo to combine into a perfect photo. If you match the correct character and the surrounding scenery, you will perform the corresponding operations, creating beautiful movements.

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What the Golf? is a funny sports puzzle game exclusively for Apple Arcade. It breaks down the familiar physics and definition of golf, so don’t expect this to be a casual sports simulation game.


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Have you ever played Snowman ‘s Alto’s Adventure game? This game brings a beautiful interface and images, not only that the music in the game also makes many users fall in love.

The wooden forest areas appear everywhere in the character’s life, creating a space full of uncertainty. And in that moment the ruffled boy appeared to begin his journey. The special feature of Where Cards Fall gives us a variety of emotions, joys and sorrows mixed together. Best cool games ever.

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