Top 3 most popular music apps available on Android

By | January 23, 2021

Listening to music is a basic and essential need of many people. It is a hobby that helps us to release stress, help us feel more comfortable and relaxed. Nowadays, by using music apps, it’s easier to everyone to enjoy great music.

At this point, learning and choosing the best and highest rated music apps will bring the most comfortable entertainment moments for each person. This is the top 3 most popular music apps available on Android. For more news, check out our website at APK-LIVE

Pulsar Music Player

Status: Free download

best music apps

Not only brings relaxation with quality music, but this software is also appreciated right from the interface itself. Creating a music player with a beautiful interface, perfect aesthetics, Pulsar Music Player is more trusted and chosen by many people. With Pulsar Music Player users can freely browse music by folder, genre, artist, or album, … that they desire. This software possesses many necessary features to meet the needs of the user.

In addition, with many additional options, there is support for listening to music via, or the support to automatically download music, or edit music tags on demand, or store more bulk, smart playlist mode and convenience, … All the features that the Pulsar Music Player app owns, helping each person’s participation in listening to music meet in the best way. With useful software, this quality will surely bring every Android device user the most enjoyable experience and satisfaction.

With Pulsar Music Player each can refer between two versions as free or premium. For the free version we have the most basic options provided, which are very easy to use. Moreover, with a certain small cost when using Pulsar Music Player, the use of equalizer tuner, or expand, increase reverb, or bass, … are supported to the maximum level, bringing effect. results used are much higher.

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Price: Free to download

Spotify is a digital music, podcast and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world. As with all streaming services and mainstream music apps, you can use Spotify easily using the search box.

Simply type the name of the song / artist / album you want to listen to in the search box above the app and click on the result you want. If you want to see more clearly, click the button “Show all Results” below will take you to a full search page with more details. Perhaps Spotify’s biggest plus is the quality of the music.

With the Premium package, all tracks are in Ogg Vorbis format at 320 kps. It provides a music experience at the smoothest level without mixing noise like some other music apps. Moreover, Spotify’s interface is also a plus point eye-catching black and blue color as well as all functions are arranged very intelligently to help new users easily get acquainted and use. However, if you only use the free account, the app will keep appearing ads while you listen to music.

Perhaps that is how Spotify “hooked the wallet” to make you have to upgrade to the Premium version for $ 5 / month. Some users even complained that their app sometimes crashes the music itself, causing the user experience to drag down. Overall, though, this is still a pretty good app with a very high 4.8-star rating on the App Store. With the great features and quality that it brings, Spotify absolutely deserves to be downloaded to your device

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Price: Free to download

best music apps

SoundCloud is an online platform that specializes in music and sound, which they claim to be one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world. Officially in operation in 2008, SoundCloud serves many people with many different purposes. Some people use it to store music and audio, others find it a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts.

In addition, SoundCloud also acts as a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and listen to their opinions about the songs they have just posted. SoundCloud is an open platform. Some audio streaming and hosting services have strict terms of use, creating complex barriers between users and their content. As for SoundCloud, they are always looking for ways to optimize and make sharing and streaming audio easy and transparent.

Lots of features

SoundCloud owns a lot of useful features, especially the smartly designed playlist function. When listening to a favorite music, you can press the 3 dots on it to add it to any playlist. Plus, you can create as many playlists as you want. Leave them public after for other users to enjoy, or keep them private for only you to use.

Adding a rather special feature is also developed by SoundCloud which is highly appreciated by users. When you don’t have the time or the patience to carefully select the tracks you want in a private playlist, you can simply tap the 3-dot mark on any track you want to let the app play a station with the music is similar. And you can always access the most recent stations from the profile.

With SoundCloud you can also follow other users to discover many interesting music. When you click on the username, you’ll be taken to their profile to see what they’re posting and the playlist they have. You can follow them like you would on any other social network. Also with the tracks they post or share will show up in your feed.

Experience the best way

In order to experience SoundCloud in the most perfect way with all the features and especially no ads, you must upgrade your account for a certain fee. You can upgrade to SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go + accounts for $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 monthly respectively.

It is quite a pity that SoundCloud also encountered a few unnecessary errors, especially during the login process. Some users reported that they were unable to log into the app. Others complain that the cumbersome registration and login steps take time. Overall, this is still a music player with an open platform and great quality. That is why this app is very popular with Android users. The SoundCloud rating is quite high up to 4.5 stars on Google Play.

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