Top 5 beauty apps you cannot miss in your phone

By | January 11, 2021

Beautiful inspiration not only comes from real people, real things! Smart beauty apps also make a big contribution to the comprehensive beauty journey.

In the digital age, the phone seems to be the “indivisible object” of most of us. In addition to the common communication feature, programmers are constantly improving to suit the increasingly diverse needs of users, from dining, entertainment, entertainment … to beauty. Many beauty applications were born to please the habits and hobbies of refining themselves, making many girls fall in love. Let’s explore the applications “make a storm” in the female community with APK-LIVE!

Reviewty: Cosmetic and skin application

beauty apps - Reviewty

Reviewty offers almost everything “from bottom to top notch” about cosmetics. In particular, you can check the product’s ingredients. Reviewty does not sort ingredients according to the usual list, but orders the EWG (world famous research organization) from the safe – moderate – risk to the skin. A super big plus is that each ingredient has easy-to-understand English definitions and functions, this is the first app to have this function.

Cosmetic reviews on Reviewty are from real users, they actually use and write comments, not hype products. Also, the beauty community of Reviewty is where people upload photos, articles, share questions and advise each other to be more beautiful, choose cosmetics that suit their skin better.

The most interesting is the bonus point. When you use the Reviewty app, all your activities are credited to bonus points and you can exchange them for free cosmetics you like.

In addition, Reviewty also has a livestream function, which is the bridge between the brand / store’s label with the user, promising to be a function to attract a large number of cosmetic followers in the near future.

While providing information and improving knowledge of beauty, cosmetics and skin, and creating opportunities for users to experience free cosmetics, Reviewty is a serious competitor in the field of beauty information apps!

Link download: iOS, Android

MyFitnessPal: Calorie control app

beauty apps

With beautiful skin, you must not forget to take care of your body and health from the inside out. One of the apps with the highest downloads in this segment is MyFitnessPal.

With this app, you absolutely can look up the nutritional rate in the products and foods you use every day. With that as a basis, each of us can build a menu according to the desired number of calories.

MyFitnessPal also supports creating a diary, you just need to enter the quantity and name of the food and dish of the day, the app will calculate the total calories accompanied by the percentage of starch, protein, vitamins… you have consumed.

Another highlight of this app is the pre-scheduling feature, and the reasonable selection of care modes. Helps you to always maintain a steady form and exercise regime. Do not forget to combine with other exercises to bring out the best results.

Link download: android

Daily Workouts

Being beautiful is to be beautiful overall and in a healthy and healthy standard. If so, you should install a practice app for your phone so that whenever you have free time, whether at home or at work, you can open it and practice.

Daily Workouts help you build a workout regimen to increase muscle mass, lose fat, maintain a good shape. Like many other applications, the app guides users to exercise carefully with detailed pictures and videos.

This app helps provide more than 100 exercises with many levels, movements seem simple but highly effective, focusing on muscle development as well as burning body fat.

With Daily Workouts, you can track your own changes, thereby building a suitable exercise plan. The reason for a hot body is the dream of many people!

Link download: Android


beauty apps - Skin deep

Are you worried about your everyday beauty products containing harmful chemicals? But also tired of having to read and look up a variety of complex ingredients in the product … Skin Deep will help you test cosmetics like a real “expert”. You just need to scan the code or enter the product name, Skin Deep will “decrypt” the ingredient list from the data source and make an assessment of the safety of that product.

Skin Deep is like a “pocket” makeup specialist, when it is possible to integrate facial recognition technology to identify skin color, hair shape, hair color, eye color, and skin tone hidden from a photo. From there, the application uses the information from the photo to make suggestions for makeup styles that are suitable for you.

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UV rays are one of the main causes of skin darkening, premature aging … Besides the regular use of sunscreen to protect from outside, the application of Rooti Climate also contributes to the journey of protecting the skin in the sun. . The app will update the air temperature, humidity and UV intensity where you live. From there, help you to have the right prevention method, and protect your beauty face.

However, a question that is often sent out is that many women still have a habit of neglecting drinking water. In order to avoid those inadvertent forgetfulness with negative health consequences. Rooti Climate as a beauty apps will remind you to drink water in the form of lovely graphic sketches. A special feature is that the application has many varieties of plants with cute shapes that change according to their ranks, showing the health of the user.

Link download: Android, iOS


MakeupPlus is a beauty apps on the online community these days. All thanks to its “super magic” makeup ability even for men. In addition to using this application as a means to tease men, women can still use MakeupPlus to “super speed makeup” to their selfies to be more beautiful and sparkling.

Accordingly, just take and upload photos and wait for a few seconds for MakeupPlus to detect faces, you will have a completely new look. In addition, the application also allows users to optionally draw eyebrows, make eyes glitter or squeeze face to get the V-Line mold as desired … So be sure to check this awesome app now

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