Top 5 best job search apps on mobile you should download now

By | September 17, 2021

Developed information technology makes it easier to connect Employers & Job Seekers through mobile platforms. You just have to have a smartphone with Wifi or 4G / 5G connection. And also download job search apps to your phone to start looking for the desired job. In this article, APK-LIVE will introduce you to the best mobile job search apps for those who are looking for a job. To update more news and see more app downloads, you can check through APK-LIVE.

Top 5 best job search apps on mobile

1. Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search – Job search application for those who do not have a job or are looking for

jobs is now available on Android and iOS. With the advent of Indeed Job Search, job searching is no longer a nightmare for many people anymore. For job seekers, Indeed Job Search is no stranger. This application has reached millions of users across the country and is being used by reputable businesses to find human resources for their companies.

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Just install this application, users will quickly find themselves a job quickly and most securely. This is considered as one of the simplest and most effective job search applications, saving money and time but ensures that users will have a job that best suits themselves. In addition, Indeed Job Search also has a job notification feature on the app, users often receive relevant job information and apply immediately to seize job opportunities.

Indeed Job Search is currently free on mobile, offering users millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job listings. You can search by position, company and position to find a job that suits you. This is one of the best job search apps right now.

Download link: iOS, Android

2. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search helps users find jobs, send quick resumes to reputable addresses and companies. In addition, LinkedIn Job Search also provides great interview tips so that you soon get the job position and desired salary. LinkedIn Job Search provides all the tools you need to help you easily find your dream job or for a recruiter to find your resume.

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LinkedIn Job Search quickly finds career opportunities based on location, wherever you are. It automatically gives suggestions and notifications according to the keyword you are looking for. In addition, users can create a more professional profile on LinkedIn with just a few simple touches to add every position with the company name used to work. Save the work of interest and continue searching according to schedule. Everything on LinkedIn is completely secure, so you can use it with peace of mind without worrying about leaking your personal information with anyone.

LinkedIn is a social network for employers and job seekers quite famous in the world. If you are looking for a new job with a decent salary but don’t know where to start, then downloading LinkedIn Job Search is a wise choice. The application not only provides detailed and reliable information about employers but also helps you to complete an impressive profile in their eyes.

Download link: iOS, Android

3. CareerBuilder

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CareerBuilder America is the world’s largest Employment & Recruitment Network. With advanced technology, a global network of partners and professional customer service, CareerBuilder connects talents with their dream jobs and helps businesses build a talented team.

The CareerBuilder job search and advice app offers easy-to-use experiences, beautiful interface and great career utilities. With many useful features included in a single application, every candidate can easily find a job according to their desired criteria, stay on top of relevant news and career opportunities, and stay connected. recruiters, create profiles in the blink of an eye with just “one touch”.

Download link: iOS, Android

4. JobsGet

Over the past few years, advertisers have pointed out the “mobile first” trend of customers. As they spend twice as much time on mobile devices as compared to other technology devices such. JobGet captures and turns this trend into a competitive advantage in recruitment networks using simple website tools. JobGet is a technology start-up in the field of mobile job hunting and recruiting. Currently, the application has reached more than 150,000 downloads on the Play Store, each held the top 1 position “Trending App” simultaneously on the Play Store and App Store.

Specifically, users wishing to change jobs or find a job access JobGet. The system automatically analyzes the initial data provided by the user such as experience, skills, workplace, desired salary. gender… After combining with other user interactions on the app (hobbies, previous job apps …), the app will filter out a list of suitable jobs from more than 10,000 jobs. available on the system.

After just over a year of bringing job hunting and recruitment applications to the market, JobGet attracts half a million visitors and more than 50,000 monthly applications. In particular, the features of updating CV on mobile and automatic display of job vacancies by position have won many compliments from users on the App store.

Download link: Android

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor launched in mid-June 2017, free on Google Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). After just over 3 months of operation, the system attracted more than 20,000 members to participate with hundreds of seasonal job posts every day. Statistics show that about 95% of posted jobs find a job within 24 hours.

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Glassdoor will help businesses, businesses … find seasonal workers quickly. Being a spectator of gameshow, trying food, hairstyles, placeholder queues, soliciting ceremonies… These are other common jobs posted on Glassdoor – the application platform that connects seasonal workers. all over the world

Unlike apps like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor is a community networking application platform. It can provide the first seasonal job placement service in the North American market. This app is especially useful for students who want to find part-time jobs in their free time. Because the jobs posted on Glassdoor are all seasonal, short-term jobs. You can quickly update all jobs displayed on the actual positioning map according to the installed location.

With a variety of jobs posted every day, you are completely free to choose jobs that suit your own conditions and capabilities. Besides, you can also choose jobs close to your location through location map. In particular, after completing the work on Glassdoor, you also have the right to evaluate the quality of the work and the reputation of the tenant.

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