Top 5 tech trends can define future tech in 2021

By | January 17, 2021

Small screen smartphones, apps that increase webcam quality, the rapidly growing mobile e-commerce market, or the explosion of online chat apps are some of the tech trends that could become a reality by 2021.

The future of technology products is often predictable. Especially the next generation of iPhone will be 12s or 13. Or this year’s Goolge smartphone will be the Pixel 6. It is considered a challenge for experts to predict which technology trends will take place in the next 12 months.

In 2020, customers behavior and business models have changed because of the epidemic. According to experts, until the post-Covid world, these changes will still exist, because customers have adapted to new models.

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Smaller screen smartphones

tech trends - smaller screen

After years of big screens becoming the race criteria for global manufacturers, it’s time to say goodbye to giant smartphones. If Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini pioneers this year, then phones that can’t be used with one hand could soon be a thing of the past. Replacing them was the introduction of phones that were comfortable to hold. Also, pocketable and still have all the necessary features and processing power.

Another but more complex approach to achieving the small screen goal is folding phone technology. After initial failures, folding phones from Samsung and Huawei have gradually improved in terms of durability and design. However, many experts still hope to see this technology shrink to the point of small smartphones like the iPhone Mini when closed, then turn into a small tablet when opened.

This trend has led to a lot of App programmed to be suitable for small screen phones. We could see a rapid transformation in the trend of phone ownership in the future.

Better quality webcam

tech trends - better quality cams

Today, most of laptops and mobile user are using webcam. It’s because everyone is “stuck” with online meeting apps. It’s true that laptop and mobile webcams are awful compared to smartphone-equipped selfie cameras. Some expert believed that this trend is assessed to explode in the future. Especially when the majority of phones will have built-in higher quality cameras.

Many laptops today have integrated 720p webcams. With white balance and automatic exposure control, the image they deliver is hard to please. Even Apple’s two new laptops, the MacBook Air and the Pro, although rated as landmark computers with a 10/10 rating, were mercilessly criticized for the webcam too bad.

In addition, cell phones are considered “unfriendly” when chatting on webcam. The display quality of the selfie camera is considered “unattractive”. Because the display quality is only 720p.

Thinness is, of course, an issue. But in 2021, we need to move towards laptops with high quality video chat and webcam experiences. And phones with higher selfie camera capabilities.

AI, robotics, IoT, automation are fast growing


Experts say, 2021 is the year the demand for artificial intelligence increases to a “huge” level. At the same time, AI and industrial automation technology will develop rapidly. When production and supply chains resume operations, the shortage of manpower will become more serious. At that time, AI, robotics, IoT were the solutions to replace humans in manufacturing.

In apps programming, AI and IoT have long been indispensable. Most companies, in particular, are investing more in AI than in the past. Some of the world’s leading programming companies currently building automated AI systems for iOS and Android apps. In particular, one of the top apps using AI technology is names such as Facebook, Google, Amazon …

A number of other prominent tech trends such as blockchain technology have a great potential this year.



The demand for high-speed Internet is growing, along with the development of smart cities, self-driving devices, leading to the need for 5G and 6G networks. This lastest tech trends could actually change the future.

By 2021, corporations and startups will invest heavily in infrastructure development for 5G, as well as build new applications and utilities that take advantage of this connection. 5G will spur the development of smart cities around the globe, supporting self-driving cars, or even unmanned ships.

Some companies like Movandi are working on helping 5G signals travel longer distances, Nido Robotics applying 5G to unmanned devices to explore the seabed, or Seadronix from Korea using 5G to operating self-driving ships.

The rise of “home use” apps

tech trends - home apps

According to App Annie, app users will spend up to 1.3 trillion hours using “at home” categories such as education, streaming, and shopping on the Android platform in 2021. E-commerce (e-commerce Death) has blossomed as people use their mobile devices to shop in the context of social dislocations. Most of consumers aren’t going into a store and shopping anymore, instead using their mobile device for those jobs. Consumer goods shopping apps alone saw 200% growth in the US in February and March 2020.

Plus, the rise of mobile payment options has driven the customer mobile experience. Although Apple Pay has been around since 2014, Google Pay since 2015, and Facebook Pay since late November 2019, these big players are slowly adding new countries to their operating roster. . For example, Australia will have access to Apple Pay and Google Pay only in 2020.

So when people are familiar with online fitness classes, video seminars, and consumer delivery the way they are used to mobile payment methods, we can expect this trend to continue.

Mobile gaming will not stop, but will grow even bigger

Game apps have been the most popular category among active apps in app stores for many years. In 2021, the expansion of 5G networks will allow mobile phones to provide experiences that were previously only possible on Console or PC. This, as well as new habits learned from social exclusion, will lead to the continued development of mobile games as well as other fighting games.

Also, mobile games industry are destiny to archived 20 billions dollar by 2025. It’s growing bigger than ever, thanks to mobile phone are appear everywhere. And for free game apps, this really become a heaven for every games developers.

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