Top 7 Best free mobile games on both iOS and Android in 2020

By | January 12, 2021

In  2020, because of COVID-19, everyone has focused more on free mobile game. So with the database we got, we know which free mobile games are top download, which games have highest play hours,… As part of the COVID-19 pandemic, more or less you will care about games to play at times. 

In this article, we will gather 7 best free mobile games that feel worthy of being the “top game” of 2020. And below that, we will give you our review for each games and download link.

As usual, we focus on free mobile games on the Play Store and App Store only, but if there are “paid games” worth mentioning, we will list them on the list. For more news, checkout our website at APK-Live.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Category: Fighting

Developer: Riot Games

Best free mobile games ios android

Wild Rift, although released at the end of the year, does not deny that this is a very hot free mobile games and deserves to be on the list of mobile games of 2020.

Wild Rift is the main map name in the game based on Summoner Rift of the PC version of League of Legends. We will still have the generals to choose corresponding to the 4 road positions in the game (Top, mid, bot, jungle). The general’s moves are also unchanged on the mobile version, only the gameplay is changed when we have to control with touch on the screen. It can be easier or more difficult if those are not familiar.

We have a team of testers specializing in updating the tips in the game, as well as instructions on how to play the different champions, you should not miss it!

Download link: iOS, Android

Among Us!

Category: Wisdom, action

Developer: InnerSloth

best free mobile games - Among us

Among Us launched from 2018 but until 2020, the game was really successful, with famous streamers, YouTuber playing as a real “Trend”. Among Us plays as a team of crew will be on a spaceship, of which there will be at least one person who is an alien monster (called the Impostor). The crew’s task is not only to do errands on that ship, but also to find out who the “Impostor” is and to eliminate him. It’s like playing “werewolf”, and of course the wolf will also pretend to be a normal person so it can kill more people and survive longer.

Despite major success on PC, Among Us! still attracts a large number of Android and iOS players. This is definitely a great game to play with friends, easy to play and very engaging, and also free.

Link download: iOS, Android

Warface: Global Operations

Category: Fighting, action

Developer: MY COM

best free mobile games

Warface (mobile version) is a fighting-action game worth downloading in 2020, and as far as we can see, this game is even more likeable than COD. Impressive graphics and full of state-of-the-art weapons, I also like the in-game self-shot mode that makes it easier for us to control. As you need to know, in-game purchases will be available. Although this can be annoying for many gamers, but for those who love Warface, this is not too difficult. Warface has also been successful on PC and console platforms. You can also connect the controller to a smartphone device to play.

Download Link: Android / iOS (With In-App Purchases)

Call of Duty: Mobile

Genre: Fighting, Action, Battle Royale

Developer: Tencent Games


best free mobile games

COD Mobile is a game that has brought great attraction in the past year because of its interesting gameplay, shooting, multiple game modes as well as unlocking advanced characters and weapons. For those who have played on the PC version, when switching to the Mobile version, the feeling of shooting and aiming is still quite similar, with better graphics.

I like how COD Mobile has a variety of game modes that make players not bored. The gamers also gradually practice better shooting, so it will be difficult for “newbie”. However, just spending a week to play, we can understand and manage better.

Download Link: Android / iOS (With In-App Purchases)


Category: Tetris

Developer: N3TWORK Inc.

tetris - best free mobile games

This is the best and most beautiful Tetris game today, and this is also the most original game from the 80s. This is also the latest version of the Tetris from the original company with more diverse graphic style with themes. The main point is to level up ranking with other players, with vastly different levels …

Tetris is no stranger because it is the most famous puzzle game in the world, but there are thousands of game apps with similar gameplay, the need to find new games based on the original (genuine) is our point. 

Download Link: Android / iOS (With In-App Purchases)

Teamfight Tatics

Category: Strategy

Developer: Riot Games


If you are a lover of League of Legends, and have a passion for Chess, this is the number one choice for you. Riot Games’ TFT game also launched on the mobile platform, right down to the PC version. Not unfamiliar to pc players, the gameplay based on the generals in League of Legends has been more diverse and more tactical.

Currently, the game is not officially available on the Play Store and App Store, so gamers need to wait a while longer. But if you want to play, then you can download play or download apk file to play directly. 

Download Link: Android / iOS (With In-App Purchases)

Shadowgun War Games

Genre: Role playing, fighting

Developer: MADFINGER Games

Shadowgun War Games is an FPS game developed by Madfinder, honestly it is no different from Overwatch mobile version. We will have 2 different fighting styles, and each match is in teams of 5 vs 5. If you’ve played Overwatch before, then managing controls on the mobile screen should be pretty easy. In terms of visuals Shadowgun did quite well, although it just released one year ago, the characters selection is still quite small. The game has not really been updated much ever since.

The great point of Shadowgun War lies in its high tactics as well as beautiful graphics. The projectile and aiming methods in the game are very real, so it will be a bit difficult to play and requires the player’s skill to understand the character controlling, and to know how to handle (as mentioned, it is still easier, of course. Overwatch).

Download Link: Android / iOS (With In-App Purchases)