Top 7 most popular photo editing apps today (part 2)

By | September 17, 2021

To have a beautiful picture posted on Facebook or Instagram is not difficult. Whenever we gather to eat or go out with friends and relatives, we often take pictures to “check-in” on social networks. So, in order to have a sparkling picture to show everyone, it is indispensable for the support of these image editing apps. In this article, let’s learn about the most popular photo editing currently with APK-LIVE! For more information & news, you can alway checkout in our website at APK-LIVE

Top 7 most popular photo editing apps today

4. App Lightroom

In addition to the Photoshop software on the computer, the Adobe also released Lightroom a mobile version to edit color tones, crop photos quickly … Just take the time to get acquainted, when you are fluent, your photos are equally beautiful when use that photoshop.

In Lightroom you can freely make adjustments, if you don’t like it, you can quickly return the image to its original pre-processing state with just one click. Lightroom has a very stylish, beautiful and effective interface for photo editing. It is divided into 5 modules, very easy conversion, less tools, easy to use, higher efficiency in many cases. This make Lightroom become one of the most popular photo editing apps now on iOS.

Multiple photo modes

The most notable is the “authentic HDR” capture mode. It allows users to capture raw images in DNG (a RAW image created by Adobe in 2004) with an extended dynamic range, similar to that done on computers and DSLR cameras, thus creating higher quality images that capture more light information for your editing purposes.

The camera of this app will measure the exposure and make adjustment decisions to achieve the right exposure for each part of the photo. It then captures, combines, and stitches the photos together. The result is a 16-bit RAW file. Unfortunately, this HDR capture feature currently only supports a few Android smartphones. Adobe explains that to achieve RAW images in HDR, Lightroom requires high hardware power to be able to handle it. The list of devices that can use this feature is only Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Link download: iOS

5. Snapseed

It can be said that Snapseed is the most powerful photo editing tool with many tools, but it is not easy to get used to this app. This article will introduce you to all of the tools and filters that Snapseed brings, through which you will understand the basic usage of this app.

popular photo editing

Snapseed tools:

  • Tune Image: The Tune Image tool gives your photos good color and brightness. This is the tool you’ll use most often in Snapseed because it makes your photos look noticeably better.
  • Details: Brings better details to an image, often works well for photos with lots of details, landscapes or cityscapes … Swipe up or down on the image to open the Details tool menu including: Structure and Sharpening. However, you should use Structure, it makes the photo more beautiful and detailed. The Sharpening tool also enhances the detail of an image, but often reduces the overall image quality.
  • Curves: The tool provides a chart, we can create a lot of special photo effects from this tool. However, to use this tool well requires certain skills, it is very difficult for new users to approach Snapseed. I will introduce this tool separately in another article.
  • White Balance: This tool allows to change the color tone of the entire image, turning the image into a warmer or cooler tone.
    Crop, Rotate, Perspective, Expand: These tools help improve the composition of an image. Turn snapshots, amateur shots more balanced in composition, more professional.

Link download: iOS, Android

6. PicsArt

This is an app that is both easy to use and has many features and is also free. In addition to the ability to change eye color, smooth skin, erase acne, … the app also allows collage and “double exposure” style photos. Have fun try using this app.

popular photo editing

More information:

With an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to use editing features, but brings the effects of a professional Photoshop app.

  • Camera: Allows users to take photos and apply a variety of photo effects by upgrading the device’s standard camera.
  • Comprehensive photo editor: Provides the ability to magnify photos, design maket, create collages, insert into photo frames, add borders, decorate with sticker stickers, insert text into photos with special effects , clip art graphics, add photo caption, crop, rotate, adjust image color …
  • Unique photo effects: Use attractive collage effects such as stencil effect, cartoon pictures, sketches, Orton, Lomo, …
  • Painting: draw, decorate with sticker, photo caption, brush art and different typefaces.
  • Share photos: If you want to share photos, you can use the options to share to social networks like Facebook, … or send pictures via SMS and Email as attachments.
  • Live wallpapers: Experience images in fun and attractive colors.
  • Supported languages: English, Japanese, German, Chinese, Polish, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian …

Link download: iOS, Android

7. App Foodie

This apps is for girls who are passionate about food. It is impossible not to download the Foodie app so that every time you go out to eat. You will have beautiful photos to post on social networks, right? The highlight of Foodie is that it allows you to blur the scene while clarifying the subject to make your food stand out and sharper. You will experience one of the most popular photo editing apps that has high rated right now.

Learn about the Foodie app:

  • Over 30 professional quality dynamic filters: Delicious, Positano, Tropical, Picnic, Sweet, Fresh, BBQ, Romantic, Crispy and Chewy.
  • Easy and precise smart guide feature for top-down food photography: Capture the perfect atmosphere and mood when taking food photos from above.
  • Taste your videos with engaging dynamic filters: Capture live videos of your culinary journeys.
  • Fix tasteless scenes into rich masterpieces: Use a variety of filters and detailed edits to give your photos everything from enchanting charm to camera warmth movie.
  • Timer for the perfect moment: Great for taking the selfie you want. Mute option: Activate this when taking selfies or photos of food in quiet restaurants.
  • Share photos on social networks: Easily share to Instagram, LINE, Facebook, KakaoTalk, WeChat, VSCO, Weibo and more!

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