Top 9 most promising mobile games in 2021

By | September 17, 2021

The year 2020 has ended with many famous game names, and many spectacular parties and exciting events have taken place. A series of blockbuster games were announced, making many gamers excited and happy. Revealing famous talents such as Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, League of Legends and a series of other young games appeared. In this article, APK-LIVE will continue to introduce to you the top 9 most promising mobile games in 2021 that deserve the most attention.

Top 9 most promising mobile games in 2021

1. FAU-G (Game nCore)

This Android mobile game was officially released in the Indian market to replace the PUBG Mobile game, which was banned by this country’s authorities. This is one of the most promising mobile games on the market.

Publisher NCore Games revealed the new release of FAU-G (short for Fearless and United-Guards), which bears similarities with PUBG Mobile, hopes to help players in this country experience. The game features combat similar to PUBG.

This new game is part of the Atma Nirbhar architecture designed to encourage “self-sufficiency” in the South Asian gas nation’s game development industry.

Link download: Android

2. Devil May Cry Mobile (Yunchang Game)

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The famous action role-playing game series is available on mobile version by a game company from China.

The game is fan favorite because it has an adaptation of the original series with multi-style tactical combat. Classic characters will also reappear along with the attack tools and effects stickers.
According to the news we recorded, I received, the game opened Final Closed for iOS on February 8. Participating players need to fill out a questionnaire to have a chance to be selected to play.

All native developments will limit the number of players participating in the test on a “vacant” platform. The known number is only 10,000 gamers.

3. Total War: Elysium (SEGA)

Total War: Elysium is one of the most promising mobile games in years. Developed by Creative Assembly (specializing in the collectible card game genre) in conjunction with SEGA.

The developers said that this game was produced to target players who love card collection and strategy.

The new release has a historical theme and allows players to go head-to-head through PvP activities. Cards based on various historical figures such as famous generals and warriors.

Currently, this Android mobile game is still in limited testing phase, but you can register through the official website. Official launch time will be announced later.

4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – THE SITH LORDS (Aspyr)

This role-playing game is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – THE SITH LORDS provides an immersive experience in the Star Wars universe.

The game was officially launched and is available on Android. When the game was launched, the community of players responded and appreciated.

The game tells a story that took place 4000 years ago. The player controls the Jedi knight and performs a series of actions to upgrade the character’s power.

Link download: iOS

5. Pokémon Unite (TiMi)

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The game will test in the Canadian market first and for gamers over 16 years old, the age group can participate in the Beta game. You will be using an Android device and visiting the Pokémon Unite page in the Google Play store to sign up.

To experience this game well, gamers’ smartphones need at least 3 GB of RAM and have Android version 5.0 or higher. The beta test and the game are both open for free.

Pokémon Unite is a game developed by Tencent under the franchise from The Pokemon Company. You will need to coordinate with your teammates to fight the enemy team in a traditional MOBA game format.

Link download: Android

6. Seven Knights 2

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South Korea NetMarble finally announced the sequel to the online role-playing game Seven Knights. Currently gamers can enter the experience, there is only one small problem that the Korean language barrier is not small. If you want the full experience, you will probably have to wait quite a long time.

Seven Knights 2 includes characters from the first version, with hundreds of characters so you can freely collect your heroes. Embody the characters to embark on an immersive adventure for yourself. Do quests that NPC set, participate in side quests, or merchant transactions in the game. There is no shortage of epic boss battles.

7. MIR 4

Perhaps mentioning the name MIR 4 if you do not want to ignore the blockbuster game project of 2021. The game has failed in its debut at the ChinaJoy 2016 event until now. The complete version of the game has now been announced. Owning many unique features and activities in the game are very diverse. The character development system and the strength levels of the characters are now more refined than before. Experience the world of MIR 4 fighting a series of high difficulty bosses, bringing rare equipment rewards to the side.

The role-playing mobile game MIR 4 also gives gamers simple activities in daily jobs such as fishing, exploiting rare resources, making therapeutic drugs, … The game will now immerse you in many battles, bringing the feeling of large-scale battles, bringing in many different levels of emotions. Mixing with the eye-catching combat phase will make you never forget the intense heat, the madness that comes from the gameplay of MIR 4.

8. Ghosts of War: WW2 Shooting games

The game revolves around the context of World War 2, and is also a first-person shooter game. Bringing fierce, fiery battles with super beautiful and realistic graphics even as a game for mobile platforms. You will stand in one of the two front lines, full of weapons from the war era, diverse and massive, as well as bring a lot of specific weapon parameters.

The game also blends role-playing so you can collect gold coins and train levels, upgrade weapons and equipment to overcome the difficulty levels later. Be free in your own style of play. Collect things caught on the battlefield, or can find a certain location to cover. The game promises to bring high competition to players with each other.

Link download: Android

9. Legend of Glory

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Currently in China, this is probably the Moba game that is gaining a lot of attention when competing with League of Legends. Fans of mobile games now have another choice for themselves. That is not to mention the game also has the Anime Moba style similar to the game Arena of Valor, including real and fictional characters from China.

You will feel the game is very similar to Arena of Valon from the lobby interface, to the general equipment, or the maps that divide the bushes, forests and different models. General skills in the game are quite diverse, but also borrowed a lot from famous Moba games like League of Legends. The most obvious difference here is probably anime character style and cool. Currently, this game is only aimed at the Chinese mainland market, so it is not clear whether an English version will ever appear.