Top best fashion games on mobile (2021 edition)

By | September 17, 2021

Google Play Store, App Store has many fashion games for all ages. In the middle of the “sea” of games like that, how to choose the best, quality and best game for you? If you are wondering that, immediately refer to the list of the top best fashion games on mobile below. For more information and news, checkout our website at APK-LIVE.

Top best fashion games on mobile (2021 edition)

Super Stylist

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Super Stylist is one of the best fashion games on the App Store and Google Play. It really takes the gameplay of the genre to a whole new level. Although the graphics are not too outstanding, if you like fashion, you will love this game.

Super Stylist gameplay

In Super Stylist, you play the role of a young woman who wants to open a fashion store. From designing outfits for your customers, competing with others and buying new items, you will gradually reach the top level of style.

Highlights of Super Stylist

When you start playing the game, you will style the character from head to toe.

The game is developed by creators who are knowledgeable about culture and creative trends. You can even post pictures of characters to create a virtual social page in the game and get likes, shares, and comments from others.

Super Stylist has leaderboards that show you current ranking compared to other players.

Currency in the game is cash and Gem. You can own Gem by watching ads or win challenges.

Link download: iOS, Android

Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is one of the best fashion games on mobile with lots of interesting music options. Basically, if you like country music and are looking for a storytelling game with loads of beautiful dresses, then this is definitely the mobile fashion game for you. Fashion Fantasy is free to play but includes purchase packages.

Fashion Fantasy content:

Hundreds of years ago, a war for the crown of fashion ravaged the fairyland. The crown comes with a curse that can only be broken by the power of true beauty and the ability to overcome evil.

In modern times, the battle for the crown has been forgotten. You play the role of a rich girl named Lizzy, living in a magnificent mansion. You are deeply loved by your brother Lucas and considered as a “muse” inspired by fashion design.

Try to overcome a series of quests to help your character climb to the highest fashion rankings, get opportunities to travel the world, try new outfits and receive the best crown. You can do this by collecting gems and coins through fascinating fashion competitions.

Link download: iOS, Android

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is the leading fashion game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You easily understand why from the first play. The player’s task in Covet Fashion is to match models with different measurements, body shapes and skin colors. Of course, you can customize their hairstyle, makeup, and clothes. The outstanding advantage of Covet Fashion is to use costumes and accessories from real fashion brands. So, if you are a fashionista, you will definitely love this game.

Covet Fashion offers a variety of multi-themed challenges with special dress requirements. If you win, you will receive gaming money and rare fashion items. Player votes in each challenge are the deciding factor in who wins. You can join the Fashion Houses to socialize, make friends with other players and win rare or special prizes. The game has a rich amount of clothes, adding new daily and seasonal changes 4 times / year.

Link download: iOS, Android

Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen

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Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen is a fairly new game in the app market. However, its English version – Miracle Nikki is really popular in Asia. The game revolves around the task of shaping the main character Nikki with a lot of interesting customization.

In addition to the main storyline experience, players can freely coordinate, participate in special competitions or arenas to compete with other opponents around the world. Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen has a wide range of shops for shopping, perfecting Nikki’s large wardrobe and special limited-time events, which run for only a few weeks.

Link download: iOS, Android

Stardoll Stylist

Stardoll Stylista is the mobile version of the famous fashion web game, Stardoll. This game is similar to other fashion games, giving the challenge of creating dress styles for beautiful dolls. Not only that, players also have to show their makeup skills. The game has its own special makeup and hair salon.

Stardoll Stylista stands out in the ability to customize hair & makeup. Players can choose each lipstick color, eyeshadow, eyeliner … Multi-style outfits. The player even has many options to change the doll’s face from shape, nose, eyebrows … The doll’s body shape is the same. You can change their stance on the catwalk.

Link download: Android

Star Girl

best fashion games

Star Girl is an interesting simulation game. Here, players will create an avatar and play an ambitious celebrity. The main tasks in the game include getting jobs (model, singer, actor or all three), buying clothes, dating other celebrities. A list of stylish, beautiful and splendid clothes will make players want to quickly own them all.

Celebrating dating is really fun without too much trouble behind. Star Girl has some famous “parody” names (e.g. Will Smith is called Bill Smythe but the avatar is identical to the actor). You will receive a home celebrity dating call. They will give you 3 gifts – usually rare costumes.

If that is not fun, you can join the mini game. They are a way to make money and collect more costumes. The mini game includes matching pictures like Bejeweled / Candy Crush or spin the luck.

Link download: iOS, Android

Fashion Star Boutique

If you like more fashion design, Fashion Star Boutique is exactly born for you. The game puts players in the position of designer of a brand new fashion. Your mission is to please your customers, including celebrities, by designing the clothes they want for a red carpet event or a special party.

The game allows players to choose from a variety of costumes, patterns, decals, buttons, zippers, colors, sequins … You can also sell designs in the virtual store. If you are passionate about fashion design, love creativity, you will find the game extremely attractive.

Link download: iOS